Top 5 Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK of 2021- [Guide & Reviews]

What can be a superior feeling than the delicate feel of your infant, close to you Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK? The infant smell, or the fulfilling cuddles of a baby. What about the opportunity of growth for your child while you get errands done? Or on the other hand, alleviating a fussy baby? Assisting your inquisitive little one with exploring the world while they are close to you?

Babywearing is an incredible method to get every one of these things done, see the world, bond, finish errands, all from the comfort of mom’s belly or back.

Here is your manual for the various kinds of baby carriers that are ideal for plus size parents.

Top 5 Pick up Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK  in 2021

Baby Steps Baby Carrier ·   Ergonomic·   Multiple seating positions·   Secure·   Comfortable·   Back and neck support·   Divided weight·   Hip seat 3 months-3 years Check Price here
Ergobaby Omni 360 ·   Suitable for newborn·   Hip healthy·   Comfortable·   Breathable fabric·   UPF 50+ sun protection·   Covering for breastfeeding and naps·   Easy to use 3 months-4 years Check Price here
Boba Baby Carrier ·   Sun hood·   Comfortable·   Secure·   Adjustable straps·   Adjustable waistband·   Multiple sitting positions 0-4 years Check Price here
Boba X Baby Carrier ·   Maximum support·   Breathable fabric·   Machine washable·   Adjustable·   Hip-healthy·   Comfortable·   Safe 3 months-4 years Check Price here
Nuby Baby Carrier ·   Adjustable·   Hip-healthy·   Ergonomic·   Multiple carrying positions·   Padded shoulder strap·   Padded waistband·   Comfortable·   Secure·   Rain cover 0-2 years Check Price here

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1. Baby Steps Baby Carrier

Baby Steps is well-known for its efforts towards producing products that fulfil the needs of all parents.

Baby Steps Baby Carrier


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BabySteps baby carrier permits you to carry your newborn child in any position that suits your requirements. There are 2 front positions, 2 back positions, and a hip seat. The belt is adjustable to fit any parent. Appropriate to be worn by all heights for carrying your infant from 3 months to three years. Underlying ergonomic designed hip seat permits the child to be in a characteristic sitting position and equitably divide the weight between the parent’s hip and shoulders. This ensures that the parent does not suffer from bodily pain. The hip seat transporter is furnished with back support and foldable head support to guarantee the infant’s smooth breathing when confronting outward. The support also helps ensure that the child’s growth is ideal Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK.

The natural cotton and delicate polyester texture make this transporter breathable and reasonable for any season. Delicate material guarantees no grating against the child’s legs. The removable breeze-safe hood shields the child from cold breezes, while there is a 3D cross-section in the front zipper pocket keeping your infant cool in hot seasons. The simple snappy tie clasp is easy to work and makes it simple to place the child in or remove the infant from the carrier easily and without stress.

2. Ergobaby Omni 360

Ergobaby is one of the top choices of many parents when it comes to buying products for their little ones. The company is trustworthy and high-quality Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK.

Ergobaby Omni 360


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Adjusts to your growing child from birth to baby. The baby carrier has 4 carrying positions which include front-internal, back, hip, and front-outward. A Baby hood for sun security (UPF 50+) is available and covering for resting or breastfeeding is included. Extraordinary lower back comfort with cushioned back support waist belt and extra cushioned shoulder ties are added to ensure that the weight is distributed and the parents are comfortable as well. It also comes with the alternative to be worn in 2 different ways which include crossed or backpack style. The waist belt can be worn high or low to augment comfort.

The Cool Air Mesh baby carrier is made with a delicate and tough cross-section texture that offers the prestigious ergonomic support for the infant while considering extreme breathability and wind protection. Simple, one-push slider change permits you to rapidly shift the child to look in or out to the world. Recognized as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Customizable bucket seats uphold infants in an ergonomic regular “M” position in all carrying positions.

3. Boba Baby Carrier

An intuitive design that is built to last for a long time, this company is all about comfort and security. With great features and outstanding quality, they have made their reputation in the industry.Boba Baby Carrier


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Made with 100% Cotton, this Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK is machine washable and extremely durable. It is exceptionally comfortable, easy to clean in case of mishaps, and is long-lasting. It also includes a separable integrated infant insert! The baby insert has two setups: Stage One for babies as little as 7 lbs. And, Stage Two for children beginning at 10 lbs. The Insert goes about as a promoter seat and keeps up the ergonomic “froggy” and “M” places that infants normally assume. It also features a separate hood for protection against the sun or when breastfeeding your little one.

The waist belt and padded shoulder straps ensure that the weight is equally divided so that the parent does not have to suffer from pain. They are also extendable included in the package for the waistband and shoulder straps. Various pockets are included for when you are in a hurry. The pockets are great for storing personal belongings such as phone, wallet, keys. The hood pocket is extensive with sufficient space for a pacifier/binky, as well!

Customer Verdict

For plus-size parents, the main feature to notice besides comfort and security is adjustable products. So both parents can set the baby carrier according to their body whenever in use. Another feature that is appreciated is all the additional ones which mean, sun visors, storage pockets, covers, and more.

With the products reviewed above, the requirements of the parents are fulfilled. These baby carriers are incredibly safe. They provide hip seats with multiple seating positions for added comfort, change, and distributed weight so you do not have to deal with bodily pains. Moreover, sun visors with UPF protection are also available to protect your child against harmful sun rays or cold winds. Including pockets was another great addition to the whole package. With hip-healthy certifications, these baby carriers are easy to trust and rely on.


In conclusion, it is always the best decision to buy Best Baby Carrier For Plus Size UK after trying them out for plus size parents. That way you can figure out which will be the best fit for you and your baby.

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