The Best Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier

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The best baby carrier is one of the traditional child care gears that aren’t going out of the trend, and the reason might be its bondage between the child and parent, which makes both parent and child feel more secure and comfortable. With good quality baby carriers, you can have a walk around the garden or travel on long routes with equal comfort and physical security. It keeps your child under your eyes for every second, and in winter this is the best way to keep them warm while travelling or going to the supermarket in a hurry. 

We have summarised the best baby carriers in the following table. Check out the key specs and latest prices.   

ProductMaterialMax Weight Item weightLatest Prices
ErgobabyPolyester 3D air mesh15 kg700 gCheck price
Infantino Fabric polyester3.6 – 14 kg600 gCheck price
Viedouce Pure cotton and polyester20 kg680 gCheck price
Lillebaby comp airflow Polyester – Airmesh20 kg 1 kgCheck price
Boba wrap Cotton15 kg680 gCheck price
Lillebaby Polyester, mesh20 kg1 kgCheck price

Biodynamically, a baby carrier uses shoulder, hip and core muscles to distribute the weight and avoid muscle strain. In addition to that, the ergonomics are set according to the child’s needs and care to ensure the comfort of the baby and safety as well. Scientifically, babies love to be hugged by mums all the time, which has a significant influence on their hormonal balance and overall health.

The best baby carrier is defined in many ways, e.g. the manufacturing, straps setup, Padding, ergonomics, overall design and construction, etc.. Still, the likes and dislikes of a parent for a particular type of the baby carrier can make it worse or best for them. So, before we review the features of different baby carriers, we will briefly introduce types of baby carriers, their advantages and disadvantages. 

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Types Of Baby Carriers 

There are four common types of baby carriers available on the market, and each one of them comes with its pros and cons. When you are looking for one, keep in mind that all the babies do not have the same needs and if one carrier is best for someone, does not mean it will be suitable for you and your baby. Just know what you and your baby needs and then look for the one which suits you best. 

Newborns often like to stay close to their mother or father while toddlers want to stretch their legs and explore the world by observing. 

Some families opt for two carriers according to the age of the baby. One at the newborn stage and another soft structured carrier for older babies. It is not necessary to go for two carriers, as some of them provide the best experience for all stages. 


The baby wrap is a traditional way of carrying a baby which has been used for centuries. The design and style have evolved, though, but the main idea is still the same. A wrap is a massive piece of soft fabric, cotton in most of the cases, that you wrap around your body over the shoulders. Then you put the baby in the wrap and tie a knot on the front or side as you like. 

A wrap is mostly used and preferred by the new moms as the newborns like to keep close to their mommy’s chest and feels comfortable and safe. The wrap is also the first option for the moms when it comes to nursing or breastfeeding the baby discreetly. 

A wrap should be the priority for you if you have a newborn who can not control the neck and likes to be close. The wrap does not have a specific headrest designed, but since the wrap is made out of cotton, you can stretch the fabric to create one. 

As we said before, everything is not for everyone. You should always consider all the aspects to make sure the baby’s security, comfort and likings. If the weather, where you live, stays hot for most of the time, then the wrap could be a wrong choice. You can wear the baby in a wrap for short periods, but for more extended periods, the baby will be uncomfortable due to the heat and sweat. 


  • The swaddle design is loved by newborns as they like to keep close to their mother. 
  • One-size-fits all and can be adjusted according to different body types. 
  • Mothers can nurse the babies with ease and discreetly. 


  • Not suitable for toddlers as they might find it tight because of their weight. 
  • Taking the wrap on and off can be time-consuming. 
  • Learning how to correctly wear the wrap might take some time. 

Ring Slings

Slings are also made out of one piece of fabulous fabric that is worn like a wrap. The only difference between the wrap and the sling is that slings have rings on your shoulders. With the slings, you can carry the baby face-in and face-out positions. 

The slings are only to carry your baby in front of you, not on the back. They come with adjustment rings which are padded in some cases but not all the time. The slings also offer the same benefits as the wraps as mothers can easily nurse the baby. However, the slings are little looser than the wraps and allow some air to flow through. The slings are also suitable for newborns and not toddlers.

The number of fabrics used to make the slings may overwhelm you as it becomes difficult to handle, especially for petite mothers. And since the slings go over one shoulder only, many mothers complain about the lack of comfortability. If the weight of your baby is more than 5 kg, then we recommend not to go for the sling. Because it does not distribute the weight evenly, instead puts it all on your one shoulder. 

Overall, a good choice for the initial stages of your baby. It allows more airflow than the wraps and offers more than one carrying position.


  • A better option than wraps for hotter climates as it allows more airflow. 
  • Simple to use. 
  • Offer various carrying positions.


  • They do not evenly distribute the weight of the baby and puts all pressure on your one shoulder. 
  • Most of the slings can not be machine washed. 
best baby carrier

Soft-structured Baby Carriers  

Soft-structured baby carriers are very differently designed from wraps and slings. They have a defined seat for a baby and properly padded straps and waist belts for the parents or guardians. The straps are adjustable for different body types with buckles. These carriers are compatible with infants as well as toddlers (depends on the carriers model). Infants are worn with their legs tucked inside the carrier and as the baby grows, their legs can be tucked outside in M position through the leg holes. 

Structured carriers offer more ergonomic support to both babies and parents with their unique design. The weight of the baby is evenly distributed through your body because of shoulder straps and waist belts. Some of the carriers provide great lumbar support too by providing a padded panel which fits on the lower side of your back. Weight limit of the structured-carriers is often more than the wraps and sling carriers. 

These carriers provide various options to carry the baby (in some cases up to six). More carrying options allow you to carry the baby of different age stages from infants to toddlers. Soft-structured carriers are ideal for long walks and shopping trips. 

The fabric used in these carriers ensure better ventilation and a good amount of airflow on warm days. Some of the models have a mesh panel on the front of the carrier which can be used as a pocket when zipped and as a vent when opened. Additional features like a hood add more value to these carriers.

This is one of the widely used types of carriers which provide better safety, more comfort and versatile design. 


  • Ergonomic and comfortable for both parents and babies. 
  • Suitable for the longevity of use. 
  • It offers various carrying positions.
  • Ideal for infants as well as for older babies. 


  • With these carriers, you can not keep the babies as close as wraps and slings which might not be suitable for newborns in some cases.
  • Soft-structured carriers are difficult to pack in a bag because of its bulkiness. 
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Framed Carriers

Framed carriers, also called solid-structured carriers, are built on a strong aluminium frame. It provides comprehensive support and can be worn only on the back. These are very durable and robust carriers suitable for parents who like hiking or camping. 

Framed carriers include additional buckles and straps for proper safety because they are heavier and need to be secured. It may be suitable for some, but not everyone. If you want a carrier only for your home then going for this carrier is not an ideal option. It is heavy and takes a lot of effort to put on and off. 

These carriers include several pockets, pouches and room for storing your things. We appreciate its strong build but it is not suitable for parents who want to use the carrier daily. If you are into camping, hiking and sightseeing and want to take our baby with you, these are the best carriers you can go for. 


  • These carriers are extremely durable.
  • The number of pockets and storing space makes it handy while on a hiking trip. 
  • Most of these carriers can withstand more weight due to its structural support system. 


  • Solid-structured carriers are bulkier and heavier than other types of carriers. 
  • Difficult to take off and on. 
  • Takes a lot of space to store.bvv 

These are the four main types of baby carriers, now let’s review the best baby carriers in the UK market.

Best Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Baby Carrier for ToddlerClick this link to check the latest price

If you are looking to run some household errands which can not be possible with holding your baby in your hands, you are looking right at a solution. Ergobaby carrier makes sure the baby stays comfortable while in the carrier as well as your comfortability is also considered. Let’s break down this fine piece of product in detail. 

Body Support   

For the comfort of your baby and yourself, the weight must be equally distributed. Ergobaby provides a padded interior for baby’s comfort and lumbar support. The structured bucket seat of this carrier supports keeping your baby in a correct position. It offers a frog-leg position while facing front and padded neck support for your baby when facing the parent. The seat is adjustable as well and can be adjusted according to the size of the baby for her utmost comfort and ease. 


When your baby is front-facing then your chest can work as a headrest for the baby. And when the baby is facing in your direction, Ergobaby provides adjustable head support. This carrier is ideal for toddlers who have developed neck control but can be used for infants with an infant insert. 

Carry Positions

This carrier provides 360 all positions. Front carry for newborns for extra safety and keeping the baby close to your body. Front carry with baby facing outwards for babies older than 5 months. Hip carry and back carry is also suitable for babies older than 6 months because newborns do not have head control and it can be uncomfortable for babies’ necks. 

Shoulder Straps

When we talk about the baby’s comfort and easiness, parents comfortability is also very important. The Ergobaby carrier provides extremely comfortable padded straps so you don’t feel strain in your shoulders. The straps are adjustable as well according to your height or liking. The straps can be adjusted from 28 to 46 inches.

The shoulder straps’ inner material is excellent for ventilation and you won’t have all sweaty shoulders while carrying your little one and performing daily tasks. 

Lumbar support/Waist Belt

As we have mentioned before that this baby carrier is ideal for toddlers which means, you will be carrying more weight. Bearing weight can be stressful for your lower back but with this carrier, you won’t have to worry about that. Ergobaby provides a waist belt with lumbar support which can be worn lower or higher to support lower back for optimum comfort for your back. 

The waist belt is adjustable for different sizes of waists and can be adjusted from 26 to 52 inches. 


100% polyester and 3D cool air mesh materials are used to make this carrier breathable and provides excellent ventilation in summers. The baby gets uncomfortable after a while if the fabric is not able to keep the baby cool. But It maintains the optimal temperature to keep your baby cool on warm days. 

A breathable mesh panel on the front of the carrier is an additional feature to make this carrier more breathable. A privacy hood with 50+ UV sun protection is also provided to keep the baby protected from glazing sun. 


For the security prospect, locks are the most important part to talk about. The locks bear all the weight of the baby and keep the straps and belts tight. In this carrier, buckles are used as the locks for waist-belts. Well, we will not say that it is the best system any carrier can have but it can do the job. Although we encountered some cases where the buckle just snapped with the baby being in the carrier.

Buckle lock and its material can be improved to make sure there is no room for any risk. There is nothing more important than your baby’s safety, right? 

What We Like 

This 360 all positions carrier comes with a supportive waistband which offers incredible comfort and ergonomy in all carry positions. The padded waist belt provides exceptional support and keeps your back from strain.  

100% premium quality polyester is used along with 3D air mesh which makes this carrier ideal for the summer season. It keeps the temperature cool so the baby does not feel hot and uncomfortable. Also, it can be washed in a washing machine without any worry. 

Adjustability for the seat, headrest, straps and waist belt makes this carrier more versatile and handy in use. 

What We Don’t Like

With all the great features there are always some flaws in the product and can be improved and we will not let you go unaware of them. 

The security of the baby is the most important and concerning point for every parent. This carrier has a buckle lock for that purpose. But the problem with the buckle locks is that they are a bit flimsy. They can not bear too much weight and are prone to be snapped. We would have liked this carrier even more if it had a more sturdy buckle or any other lock system which can make sure 100% security of the baby.

Key Features 

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 5.5 Kilograms
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 15 Kilograms
  • Style: Cool Air Mesh
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Fabric: Polyester and 3D air mesh
  • Colour: Cool Air Carbon Grey

Things To Consider While Operating

  • The first thing to consider while operating this carrier is that this is made especially for toddlers and if you are planning to use it for your infant, then consider buying a baby insert too.  
  • Also, consider the minimum and maximum weight that this carrier can withstand i.e. 5.5 – 15 kg (from 3.2 – 5.5 kg with Infant Insert).
  • It has the adjustable straps and waist belt which can be adjusted from 73-119 cm and 66-140 cm respectively. 
  • It is a machine-washable carrier. So feel free to wash it without the fabric getting affected. 
  • If your baby weighs more than 10 kg and you are planning for a long walk or running, even though this carrier can withstand this weight, you might want to use a stroller rather than the carrier. 
  • Be careful with the buckle and properly check that it is locked or not. And keep a check on the buckle as the plastic wears off with the time. 

The Runner up

Infantino Flip AdvancedClick this link to check the latest price

Infantino offers this model of a carrier for those with a budget and the ones who are looking for a carrier to use it occasionally to perform some tasks. It provides a good value according to its price but there are also many aspects which can bother you. Let’s take a detailed look at this product. 

Body Support 

Infantino carrier provide exceptional support to your waist thanks to its padded waist belt. Extra padded shoulder straps are soft and make sure that with the baby’s movement, straps do not get slipped from shoulders. The design of the carrier is ideal to evenly distribute the weight of the child which is key to a parent’s comfort. 

Our previous product needed an infant insert to make it compatible for infants but not in this case. With this carrier, you can narrow the seat to make it comfortable for the infants so their hips are not stretched into an uncomfortable position.  


As we mentioned this carrier is compatible with infants which means the babies who have not developed the neck control. Infantino carrier come with a soft and comfortable headrest. The front part of the carrier is extended a little above the head of the baby to support her head. 

Interestingly, the headrest can be folded while the baby is positioned front-facing and a wonderful cover bib can be attached. It is a clever piece of design to keep the carrier clean from spit-up and drools. In addition to its functionality, it also provides a fun pop of fashion. 

Carry Positions 

Infantino Flip Advanced carrier allows 4-way to carry your baby. Facing-in with a narrow seat for infants to keep their hips and head in the right posture. Facing-in wide seat for the baby older than 5 months. Facing-out and back carry positions for the toddlers who have developed neck control. We would not recommend using these positions for infants or babies younger than 4 months. 

Shoulder Straps 

Comfortable and soft shoulder straps are essential for parents to have a comfortable experience while carrying a baby and running errands. Infantino provides extra padded shoulder straps for extreme comfort of the parents. 

The straps are designed to be adjustable too, to make it a comfortable fit for parents of all body types.

Lumbar Support/Waist Belt

Adjustable waist belt allows even distribution of the weight. The carrier has a soft padded belt which keeps you comfortable and refrains any backache. Although the belt padded from the front and back the straps which come from under your armpit are not very soft and can cause discomfort to you. 


Cotton and synthetics used in the carrier to make it more weather friendly especially in summers. The baby needs proper ventilation which is made sure with this fabric and also keeps the baby cool and comfortable.


Babes weighing 3.5 kg to 14.5 kg are suitable for this carrier. Buckle locks are used to make it a secure option for parents. Sturdy plastic is used to build the buckles which are not going to snap. 

What We Like 

We like the fabric used to make this carrier as it provides a cool and comfortable experience to both, baby and parent. Proper ventilation and airflow are considered while designing this baby carrier. 

Also the bonus feature, a headrest which can be converted into a wonderful cover bib by folding it (when facing front). It protects the carrier from spit-out and drooling. Washing the carrier in a washing machine does not harm it and it is another plus point we like to share with you. 

What We Don’t Like 

Although the mentioned weight limit for the babies is between 3.5 kg to 14.5 kg many parents did complain about the carrier being uncomfortable for the babies weighing even under the weight limit. Shoulder straps are also not very strong and pull the weight down.

What we have concluded is that this carrier is great for infants with very less weight but would be very uncomfortable when used for toddlers. It can cause strain in your shoulder and discomfort to the baby as well. 

Key Features 

  • Weight Range: 8-32 lbs / 3.6-14.5 kgs
  • Weight Belt Length: 24-47 inches / 60.96-119.38 cm
  • Carrying Positions: Facing In, Facing Out, Backpack
  • Additional Benefits: Wonder Cover Bib
  • Weight: 600 g

Things To Consider While Operating 

  • The wonder cover bib is a bit flimsy and gets detached frequently as its velcro is not big enough. 
  • We recommend using this carrier just for infants weighing less than 6 to 7 kg because with the more weight it can cause discomfort and stops the blood flow of your arms. 
  • Headrest seems to be okay and functional until the baby falls asleep. 

Best Baby Carrier – Budget-wise

Viedouce Baby CarrierClick this link to check the latest price

Made from pure cotton, the Viedouce carrier offers multiple positions to carry your baby including face forward, horizontal, on your back and more. 

The soft and padded straps and waist belt can be adjusted according to your comfort and are suitable if you are planning to wear it for longer periods. 

Body Support 

This carrier is uniquely designed to make sure it is more ergonomic. It has an extended arc stool so there is no pressure on the baby’s thighs. Frog-leg design allows the knees of the baby 

to be a little higher than the buttocks as it makes the posture more correct and comfortable. 

The area near the abdomen of the carrier is filled with a soft and thick material to reduce the strain on the abdomen and provides extreme comfort to you and your baby. It will keep your baby comfy without affecting bone development. 


Adjustable headrest which can be folded is provided in this carrier. If your baby has developed head control then headrest can work fine (the baby won’t be needing one in the first place). But if you are planning to buy it for your newborn or a baby younger than 6 months, then this headrest would not be enough for the baby as it is far away from the baby when unfolded. 

But if you like other features and economic price of this carrier and want to go for it, then you can rely on the removable hood. When the hood is attached, it can give support to your little one’s head while protecting from sunlight. 

Carry Positions 

Unlike the previous carriers with 4-way carry positions, Viedouce provides 6 ways to carry your baby depending upon the weight, age and needs of the baby and your preference of course. 

The cradle hold position is ideal for babies ageing between 3 to 6 months as both shoulder straps go around one shoulder and bear the weight of the baby. But you have to keep your hands under the baby to avoid any mishap.

Sit period is for babies older than 6 months and younger than 12 months. You can carry the baby front faced or the opposite, the baby will be comfortable and will not disturb you while you do your tasks freely. 

As this carrier is compatible with babies older than 48 months, you can use it for them too. But you won’t be able to fit the baby that old in the carrier so you have to remove the straps and use hipseat only while supporting the baby with your hands. 

Shoulder Straps 

Viedouce baby carrier has 7.8 cm thick and, padded with soft material, straps to relieve the pressure from the shoulders. With its thickness, it makes sure that the straps do not feel like penetrating through your shoulder. The length of the straps is 119 cm which is suitable for any average-sized parent. 

The straps are adjustable and are compatible with many parents but if you are extra tall then we would recommend buying the product after testing by putting it on with a baby. 

Lumbar Support/Waist Belt

This carrier provides extra lumbar support to you. Ergonomic waist belt can be adjusted according to your waist to get a perfect fit. The length of the belt is 134 cm so make sure to measure your waist correctly to avoid any problems. 

Finally, someone came up with the idea of adding pockets on the sides of the waist belt. It was a much needed and most demanded feature. In this carrier on the left side, a zipped pocket is provided in which you can store anything like mobile, car keys or other baby gears. And on the right side of the belt, a feeder holder is provided which is a very cool feature as you do not have to carry a separate bag for these small things.


The baby carrier is made with high quality and pure cotton fabric with a blend of polyester. The 3D breathable mesh allows a good airflow into the carrier and keeps the baby cool in warm summer days. 

The detachable hood and a cap, make sure the baby’s head is not exposed to the sunlight. If you plan to go to a market or a walk in a park, don’t forget to attach the sun visor. 

The carrier is also easy to disassemble and clean.


A standard buckle lock is provided with the carrier. The straps buckles seem very sturdy and can withstand the weight without snapping. It makes sure the safe and sound experience for you so you can perform household errands while your baby enjoys the comfy. 

What We Like

There are a lot more to like in this baby carrier than to unlike. The colour and the design this carrier comes with is amazing and provides an elegant look. And the fact that you can carry your baby in 6 different directions makes it more likeable. 

The most impressive feature of this carrier is the hipseat which comes with the product. It is a very innovative idea considering the baby’s comfort. It keeps the hips of the baby in the right posture without any effect on bone development. 

There are other features as well like the pockets added on the sides of the carrier which is quite clever and handy. The sun visor is also one of them.

What We don’t Like 

Firstly we are not satisfied with the headrest like many other carriers. It does not support the infants with no neck control. It works fine with the toddlers though. Also, this carrier is quite difficult to take on and off because of its tight-fitting. You need someone’s help for that purpose. 

Key Features 

  • Seat length: 16 Centimetres
  • Seat Width: 21 Centimetres
  • Material Type: Pure cotton and polyester
  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 3 Kilograms
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 20 Kilograms
  • Suitable for older children: 3-48 months
  • Adjustable waist belt: Max 134cm

Things To Consider While Operating

  • We recommend not using it for infants younger than 8 months as it does not have a proper headrest. 
  • Be careful while using the carrier without straps for older babies. 
  • Using this carrier with positioning the baby frontward will put the baby’s weight on your chest because the hipseat is inclined in one direction. 
  • It can be machine washed but that can result in shrinking the fabric. Best way to clean the carrier is to disassemble and wipe with a piece of cloth. 

LÍLLÉbaby Complete AirflowClick this link to check the latest price

The Lillebaby Complete Airflow baby carrier might be the carrier you need if you are looking for a carrier compatible with all ages from infants to toddlers. And the number of positions you can comfortably carry your baby is another reason to go for it. 

Body Support 

The most prominent feature of this carrier is its ability to distribute baby’s weight and it is very comfortable to experience. We love its lumbar support (see details below) which is a defining point when it comes to the comfort of your back. 

The adjustable seat keeps your baby’s hips and legs in the right posture in a highly comfortable “M” position. Which allows a proper hip development at all ages.


The headrest is the part where most of the carriers fail to provide quality. But with this carrier, we are almost satisfied as the headrest is adjustable. It can be adjusted according to the baby’s age and comfort. This feature is ideal for infants because they do not have neck control and fit headrest can give great support to the baby. 

Carry Positions 

This carrier allows you to carry your baby 6 different ways including fetal, infant inward, ergonomic outward, toddler inward, hip and back without the help of infant insert. It is a fantastic feature for your little one’s comfort and security as well.

Shoulder Straps 

We specifically like this product for out of the box thinking while designing it. Shoulder straps are nicely padded and are wide enough to fit all sizes. Don’t worry! They are adjustable and can fit almost every parent. 

The best part about the straps is that they can be worn in an X position behind your back. It is an impressive technique as well as it helps to distribute the weight more effectively.  


The airflow panel is made of 3d mesh (polyester). The straps and waistband are made with cotton. The panel unzips and allows excellent airflow to keep the temperature of the carrier stable. On the panel, there is a small pocket which can be used to keep keys, mobile phone and other small things. But when the panel is opened, to get better airflow, you lose the pocket. We would like it more if there was an alternate to this problem. 

Overall, the fabric is great to keep your baby from overheating on hot summer days.

What We Like 

The unique idea of making the carrier wearable with an X shape in the back is the most mesmerizing thing we found about this carrier. The straps are also very nicely padded from shoulders and under the armpits too. The waist belt is also padded to give comfortable support to your back.  

Another feature which caught our eyes was the mesh panel of the carrier. The pocket in front of the carrier can be fully unzipped to make it a ventilation panel for greater airflow to keep the baby cool. A removable hood is also available which can be attached outside the pocket and can be folded or removed when not in use. 

What We Don’t Like 

This baby carrier is cumbersome and difficult to understand. And changing the position of the baby requires so many steps which makes the process complicated. 

Key Features 

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 45 Pounds
  • 6 carrying positions
  • Two-way adjustable straps

Things To Consider While Operating

  • You have to buy a nursery pad to fit infants in this carrier.
  • Taking the carrier off and on needs someone’s help.
  • Be careful while changing the positions of the baby.
  • Don’t wash the carrier in a washing machine as it will shrink. Just disassemble it and wipe with a cloth. 

Boba Wrap Baby CarrierClick this link to check the latest price

Are you facing problems with packing the carrier in your bag while going on a trip? You must need a carrier which is compact when folded and fits in your bag, right? We have a solution to this problem of your; Boba Wrap baby carrier. 

This wrap does not only fits in your bags easily but it evenly distributes the baby’s weight across your body. It is made with soft materials like French Terry Cotton without any buckles or hard parts and it makes it super comfortable, especially for your newborn.

Body Support

The Boba Wrap is ideal for the first two months of the baby. But contrary to it being advertised to be used for babies up to 35 pounds, it is not possible to carry a 30-pound baby in this wrap.  Because walking with this much weight will result in a backache.

It works perfectly fine for the infants, thanks to the cosy fabric providing all the comfort to your baby. It also keeps your baby too close to your body that the baby feels very safe and you can easily nurse them discreetly. 


The headrest can not be specifically designed with this wrap but it does not mean your baby will be without any support. In fact, with this wrap, you can develop a headrest for your baby on your own. Just stretch the fabric from behind the baby and make support for your little one. The fabric is soft and stretchy so it won’t hurt the baby’s head at all.

Carry Positions

Unlike the other baby carriers, this carrier only allows one position for your baby; facing in. That would be a problem for some parents as their babies like to explore but some of them feel comfortable while facing their mama and papa. Make sure what your baby likes and if she will be comfortable facing you all the time or not. 

Shoulder Straps

There are no shoulder straps in this wrap, at least not the traditional ones with padded straps and buckles. Since the wrap is made 100% out of fabric there can not be any straps with buckles. There are just 2 ends which go back over your shoulders to form an X shape on the back, Crossed in the front under the Panel and then tied on the front (or side).

It is pretty easy once you read the instructions but again, it is not suitable with the babies heavier than 20 pounds. 

Lumbar Support

As we mentioned above, there are no straps in this wrap and no waist belt also. It can be a bit painful to your back with the lack of support from padded straps but it depends on the weight of the baby and the duration you are going to wear the wrap. Ends of fabric tied on front or side act as a waist belt. 


The Boba Wrap is made out of 95% high-quality French Terry Cotton. It is safe, very comfortable and breathable for your baby. The 5% spandex is used to make sure that it keeps its shape to provide an excellent ergonomic seat for the next use. The perfect combination of cotton and spandex gives a soft and comfortable finish for your baby as well as yourself.

What We Like 

There is no feature to like more than the fact that babies love this wrap. It gives a soft and cosy feel to your baby. The fabric used in this wrap can be tied in more than one way if you learn how to do that. The wrap is also stretchable so it does not feel very tight and painful.

The fact that mothers can nurse the babies with this wrap is quite amazing which is not possible with other baby carriers. Since it is a cotton fabric, it can be easily packed in your bag and washed in a washing machine too. 

What We Don’t Like 

A lot of fabric used in this wrap overwhelms you (16 feet to be precise). And with this much fabric, it is difficult to find the centre. And when you do, tying it is a tricky task. But it is not much of a big deal as the instructions come with the purchase and you will be able to tie it perfectly after one or two tries. 

Key Features 

  • Material Type: Cotton
  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 3.3 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation:35 Pounds
  • Available in more than 20 different colours and designs
  • One size fits all

Things To Consider While Operating 

  • As we have mentioned that this wrap does not have adjustable straps, you have to tie the wrap with manual adjustments which require care.
  • If you have problems like backache or anything like that, the wrap may cause some discomfort. 
  • Make sure the knot is tied properly to ensure the safety of the baby. 

LILLEbaby Complete Baby CarrierClick this link to check the latest price

As the name suggests, Lillebaby Complete, it is a complete carrier for your little one. It has 6 carrying positions which work for newborns until at least 3 to 4 years. With its cleverly designed features, it emphasises on the baby’s comfort as well as parents’.

If you are looking for an easy to fold, compact and the carrier which can be packed in a bag, it is not the one. This carrier is pretty bulky in size. 

Body Support

In terms of supporting the body, this carrier is ideal for infants up to 6 months and can be used for babies older than that but due to its fitting, it can be a bit difficult.  The carrier supports your baby in a frog-leg position and keeps it close to your chest (can be adjusted according to your preference). 


Foldable and adjustable headrest comes with the carrier. You can use a headrest for your baby if she is younger than 4 months old and has not developed neck control. It does not mean you can’t use it with toddlers but you have to fold it if you are positioning your baby front-facing. 

 The headrest can be adjusted according to the baby’s needs. If she likes to be close to you then you can tighten the straps of the headrest, if not then loosen them to let your baby enjoy freely. 

Carry Positions

The Lillebaby Carrier allows six different positions for you to carry your baby. Different positions can be used for different age and weight of the baby. Like fetal position for newborns (just a few weeks), facing-inward for infants up to 5 months, older baby facing-inward, hip carry, back carry and facing outward. 

All parents’ and babies’ preferences are not the same, that’s why various positions provide more options for you to choose what’s comfortable for you and your little one. 

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps of this carrier can also be worn crossed or X shaped on the back as well as the common way to wear straps. A great option to choose from according to one’s preference. The interesting part is that the straps are adjustable and can be adjusted ways. So you won’t need anyone to do that for you while you are wearing the carrier. Lastly, the straps are well-padded and provide a soft and comfortable feel to your shoulders. 

Lumbar Support/Waist Belt

Like the previous Lillebaby carrier we reviewed, this carrier also has a support panel. It is one of the best designed lumbar support in the carriers available. It is designed in a way that it perfectly sits on the middle of your lower back.

It has a big and strong waist belt that wraps around your waist. The belt is firm and with padded straps, it provides a comfortable experience without a strain. 


Polyester is used to make this carrier which is easy to wash and yet durable. Mesh panel is also added for the baby to feel cool on warm days. What you have to do is just open the zipped pocket and fold it down and voilà! You have discovered a mesh panel. It makes the airflow easy. 


Very sturdy and high-quality plastic is used to make the buckles which will not be snapping any time soon. You can trust the security of this carrier but still, make sure that the buckles are properly locked or not. 

What We Like 

The feature we like the most is the lumbar support of this carrier as it provides the comfort you need. The shoulder straps can be worn in a cross shape on the back makes it more versatile to use because parents have their preferences. 

The other part we like is the convenience of washing the carrier in a washing machine. Wiping with a cloth consumes time and energy and I am sure no one wants that.  

What We Don’t Like

The only potential negative we have observed from this carrier is that it is not easy to switch positions. When the baby is facing outwards, her position needs to be changed after a while. But turning her face inward is difficult and you have to take off the carrier and then change the position.

Key Features 

  • Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 45 Pounds
  • Weight: 1.07 kg
  • Machine Wash
  • Orientation: Front, Back, Hip

Things To Consider While Operating 

  • This carrier is bulkier than the other carriers available in the group. 
  • Due to its big size, it is difficult to fit for a petite frame. 
  • It is not easy to put it on your own so you have to take someone’s help to make sure the buckles are properly locked. 
  • Avoid going for a long walk with the baby in this carrier if the weather is too warm. 

Best Baby Carrier Buying Guide 

Running household errands with carrying your baby in your hands seems like an impossible task and yet you can not leave your baby? You do not have to choose between the two as you can always go for a baby carrier. It keeps your baby snuggled close to you while your hands are free to do whatever task you need to perform. 

Baby carriers are super-trendy in the world right now but it is not a new concept. For centuries, moms have been using baby carriers in one way or another. Papooses, wraps, mei-tais and other ways to keep the baby close while working. If you are toting your baby along on walks, there is no better way to keep your baby that close to you without carrying her in hands. 

There are a lot of reasons you might want to use baby carriers and if you are here, you might have already decided to go for one. But, here comes the main part; which baby carrier and why? We will take you through the process of research by the end of which you will be able to decide what is best for you and your baby as well. 

Why A Baby Carrier? 

First, we need to go through the importance of baby carriers in the life of parents so you can get a clear picture of what needs a baby carrier meets and why you should invest in it. Many parents say it is an essential part of their baby gear. And why is that? Let’s take a look:

  • With the baby carrier, your arms and hands get a necessary break from carrying the baby around all day. 
  • You can always run errands while keeping your baby close to you.  
  • Your baby feels safe and creates a stronger bond when you make physical contact with her. 
  • You can skip lifting the stroller in and out of the car boot if you have one. 
  • A baby carrier is easier to go with than a bulky stroller if you use public transit. 
  • You can easily navigate through a rush by carrying a baby rather than pushing a stroller. 
  • The most important reason to use a baby carrier is that research shows that the babies who are carried around three hours a day cry less than 43% overall and 54% less during the evening. 
  • Mothers love the option to nurse while wearing the baby. Although it is an easy option for fabric carriers you can always nurse in other carriers too depending on baby’s size and your comfortability. 

For newborn moms

If you are a new mom to your newborn baby, the most suitable baby carrier for you is a wrap baby carrier. It is a conventional method of carrying the baby. The soft wraps of cotton are considered very comfortable for the baby. In addition to baby’s comfort, the lightweight and easy construction of a wrap baby carrier makes it one of the best baby carriers to choose for a newborn baby till age 6 months.  

With a wrap carrier, it is comparatively easier for a mom to nurse and feed the baby. Newborn babies have less control over their neck which makes it even better to assure their safety in the carrier. As we discussed earlier, not everything can fit a hole, you should consider your baby’s weight, your likes and dislikes of the types of straps to master the perfect purchase this time. Lastly, if you are living in hot weather areas, then these cotton straps may not suit you at all due to sweats but what else can stand against sweat than the rest and management. 

Your health and shoulder’s strength? 

If you have weak shoulders then sling baby carriers aren’t for you as they overload the shoulders rather than distributing the weight evenly. The pouch may push you forward and it causes shoulders sores more often. In such situations, the soft-structured baby carrier is the go-to option which has a defined seat for the toddler and has padded straps in all the directions that distribute the weight of the baby equally. Dynamically correct! That’s what you shouldn’t overlook when buying such weight lifting gears. 

Furthermore, the SSB carrier has better ventilation for the baby so you can have a higher threshold of tolerance when it comes to sweating and high humidity weather. 

What To Look in Baby carrier features? 

A correct fit is vital when you are buying a baby carrier because you don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable in it. You can try on your friend’s carrier if available or try different ones in the store to be satisfied with what is best for you.  Some features are essential for the comfort of your baby and you as well. 

  • Your preferences do matter

You have to decide which type of carrier you want based on your needs, likings and preferences. You may find some of the carriers suits you better than the other ones. If it is your first time or even if it is not, we recommend trying a few different types of carriers to find out what’s best for you. 

The type of carriers also depends on the age of the baby. If your little one is a newborn, you might want to try the wrap or sling. And if you have got a toddler, then you will most probably be comfortable with the soft-structured baby carriers. Solid-structured baby carriers are also an option if you are specifically looking for a carrier which can be used on hikes. 

  • Baby’s comfort

Baby’s comfort is undoubtedly the priority for any parent. Make sure the carrier you are choosing is comfortable enough for your baby or not. Look for padded leg holes that are soft and yet loose enough to not restrict the movement of the baby’s legs. 

Your baby will probably sleep in the carrier so want to make sure that the carrier comes with proper and comfortable headrest support so the baby’s head stays in the right position. 

Other aspects, such as airflow is also crucial if the weather in your area is warm. The carrier should have breathable fabric and a mesh panel available, so the baby does not get too sweaty. 

  • Fabric 

Backpack carriers are usually made of nylon and wraps and slings are made out of cotton fabric. The material used in your carrier must be sturdy, moisture-resistant and easy to clean either in a washing machine or by wiping with a cloth. 

Light-reflecting piping on the edges of the carrier can help drivers spotting you from far away when it gets dark. 

  • Paddings 

Always look for soft and firm padding rather than mushy. Since you will be carrying the weight of the baby, you have to take care of your shoulders and back as well. The padding is the only way to feel comfortable for a long period of time while carrying a baby. 

Keep in mind that the slings and wraps do not offer paddings but if you are going to use them for a newborn, you will be good to go.

  • Straps 

Straps are very crucial for the comfort of parents. Shoulder straps should be firm, wide and padded firmly. Also, the straps must be adjustable and easy to put on. The straps should be made in a way that they stay on your shoulders preventing chafing. Make sure the straps’ seam is robust enough to bear the weight of the baby easily.  

Some of the carriers come with a large cushion pad or a panel for supporting your lower back. The hip strap helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly from your hips and pelvic area while preventing strain on your lower back. 

  • Pockets/pouches 

You will not find any pockets on wraps and slings at all. However, structured carriers do come with storage space. Some of the carriers provide a pouch to hold the baby’s feeder and a zipped pocket on the front of the carrier which can be converted into a mesh panel when unzipped.

Backpack carriers come with a lot of pockets and pouches and rightly so. Because when you are carrying your baby in a heavy and bulky carrier, you don’t want your hands to be lifting the baby gear too. You can store all the accessories in those pockets and can use the camera with your free hands. 

  • Durability 

There is nothing more secure than a mother’s or father’s arm for a baby. But if you are going to put your baby in a carrier, you would want to make sure that it is secure and strong to withstand the weight of the baby. 

Before buying, make sure the buckles and straps are strong and fit well. Because the buckles are made with plastic and can be snapped. The straps are stitched inseam and are very strong but still, you should check them properly.  

  • Simple to use 

You definitely don’t want your carrier to be complicated to take on and off. And this does not mean that the complicated carriers are not good. It all depends on how far you are willing to go for your baby’s comfort. 

Wraps and slings are somewhat more difficult to use than the structured carriers. They have to be wrapped and tied perfectly every time you put it on. Same is not the case with structured carriers. But again, it’s all about your preferences. If your baby likes to be snuggled and keep close to you, then you might want to go for a wrap or a sling. For toddlers, structured carriers would be a suitable option as it gives you freedom from all the complications. 

  • Fasteners 

Carriers have a number of buckles and fasteners on the shoulder and waist straps for adults and babies. Buckles that are on the shoulder straps and waist belt should be easy to adjust. Make sure the buckles are made with sturdy material so they do not get loose while the baby is in the carrier. The buckles should be difficult for babies to unfasten. 

  • Nursing-friendly 

If you are a mother and plan to breastfeed the baby in a carrier, then you have to make sure that it is possible with the carrier before buying. Usually, wraps and slings make it easy to nurse your baby because of the fact that the baby is close to you. Structured carriers offer the nursing-friendly design too but often it is not easier because of the structure of the carrier. So if a nursing-friendly carrier is inevitable for you, then we recommend going for a wrap or sling.  

  • Weather-friendly 

If the climate where you live is hot then you have to choose the carrier more carefully. If you are going for a wrap or a sling, make sure the fabric is made out of cotton and is breathable. The carrier must allow air to flow through itself so the baby does not feel uncomfortable. 

But if you are looking for a better option than the wraps, a structured carrier could be the one. Due to their structured frame, they have a lot of space through which air can flow easily. And more than that, these carriers have mesh panels too so the ventilation can be enhanced. 

  • Safety Precautions 

Where the baby carriers offer so much convenience, it comes with a risk. And without proper safety precautions, it would be dangerous for you and your baby. Here are some safety notes that you must keep in mind while operating. 

  • If your baby was born prematurely or has any other problem, consult with your doctor first before buying a wrap.
  • Make sure that you keep an eye on the baby and the baby must not be very close to your chest or the fabric because it can restrict the baby’s breathing. 
  • Before buying a carrier, try to make sure that the head of the baby stays below your chin so you don’t unintentionally hurt the baby’s head. 
  • Keep a check on the baby’s breathing pattern. 
  • The carrier should be comfortable for the baby’s hips and it should not affect the bone development of the baby. 
  • Check for any damage or wear and tear daily before wearing the carrier.
  • Keep checking that the baby’s face is not touching the carrier’s fabric or your chest. 

FAQ about Baby Carriers

Can a baby carrier be bad for you or your baby? 

For baby 

If you are looking for a sling or wrap for your newborn then keep in mind that there are some risks that come with the benefits of these carriers. There is a risk of suffocation if the baby is not dealt with proper care and the cases like these are also reported. 

The risk is higher for premature babies or babies under the age of four months. Regardless of the type of carrier, you should always keep a check on the baby, avoid positioning the baby with their face pressed against your chest or a fabric. 

There is a condition called “Hip Dysplasia”. It is a condition in which the hip joint is deformed or misaligned. Serious cases are rare but mild cases are common as well. Usually, babies who have this condition are born with it. However, the condition can be caused by wrong positioning of the baby in the carrier. If hips are supported incorrectly or spread wider than they should be in the first few weeks of the baby, then the risk of this condition increases. 

Experts recommend that the knees of the baby can be kept apart in the carrier but not too wide. It is more appropriate to add infant insert in structured carriers to maintain the right posture of the baby. If you have any doubts or confusions, consult your doctor for more details. 

For you 

Your comfort and well being is as important as the baby. You should make sure the carrier you are buying or already bought, is not causing you any discomfort. Usually, the slings do cause a strain because it puts all the weight of the baby on your shoulder. If you have any condition then don’t go for the slings. If you have back problems then you can try well-padded carriers as they provide better lumbar support than the wraps and slings. 

If you have had a C-section, we recommend not to use any kind of baby carrier until you recover fully. 

Are Baby carriers safe for a newborn?

When used for an extended and continuous-time, these baby carriers and devices like it shape an unhealthy position of the hip. That being said, you can’t restrict it to baby carriers only but other such tools that don’t allow relaxation of the hip muscle and joints for the longer period should be avoided for newborn. 

Which is better? Baby wrap or carrier?

Baby wrap! and the reason for that is it grows your baby till 30lb and keeps the weight distributed unlike in slings. Slings may be good for a newborn due to their ideal positioning but as the weight grows, it becomes tough for most of the individual’s shoulders to bear weight. So why not a wrap? The easy and more comfortable way to carry the baby. 

Are front-facing baby carriers safe?

Safe? Yes! But not recommended. 

When your baby is in the position of front outward facing, you are cut off from him and he can’t have a better view of you all the time. It may push him into stress. It is recommended from the experts of child care that the baby should face the caregiver for better communication but nonetheless, if the baby is enjoying an evening walk by looking all around, it is not bad either but shouldn’t be on outward-facing all the time. 

How long can I keep the baby in the carrier?

As early as the first day in the hospital if he/she weighs more than 7 lb. There is this tradition in most of Europe and East Asia that a baby should be given the seat in the baby carrier after 5-6 weeks but that’s just tradition or mythological care. You can have them in your baby carrier from the day first and for early months, we recommend slings baby carriers. 

Can baby carriers cause hip dysplasia?

According to the international hip dysplasia institute, the short term use of baby carriers has no effect on hip development but as the parents make them spend more time in the barriers while working or travelling for long hours, it has a significant effect on the hip development and may cause hip dysplasia. 

In the womb, prior to birth the foetus stays shaped in a way that both hands and feet are bent into each other. In circumstances when infants are not in this shape in the mother womb, there is a huge chance of hip dislocation and hip dysplasia. 

Irrespective of the type of baby carrier, positioning is important. Make sure the things are supported and not hanged at all. In the sling mostly feet hang out which offer no support to the thing and hip joint, this risks the baby to a hip dislocation if used for a long time. Wraps baby carriers are considered more healthy and safer considering the hip dysplasia and dislocation. 


A baby carrier is the oldest tradition in the field of child care but modern sciences are dissecting the multi-aspects of its benefits and right use. More than any other benefits that we have discussed already, the bondage of love and affection that a baby carrier builts is amazing. We were wondering what the market of the UK offers in baby carriers and ended up on the best baby carriers list after extensive and detailed research and compilation. We hope the buyer’s guide and additional info about the baby carrier would give you a great insight into this subject and this would help you to hunt the best baby carrier for your toddler. 

Happy parenting and good luck! Read More Reviews on our home page.

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