Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old UK

Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old UK

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Stuck in the unenviable situation of choosing a perfect balance bike for little tykes? Probably it will be the first-ever bicycle of your toddler, so the stakes and expectations will be much higher than ever. So, you cannot afford any mistake in this one. Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you related to find best balance bike for 3 year old UK market is offering and all these bikes are the perfect choice for all toddlers and for any childhood scenario.

Product NameRecommended AgeSeat HeightBike WeightTire Materials
Kidzmotion Balance Bike2 years to five years34cm, 36cm and 38cm4.5kgRubber with inner tubes
RideStar Balance Bike2 years to five years32cm to 40cm4.2kgEVA Foam Rubber Tires
Kazam Kids Balance Bike2 years to five years34cm to 42cm5.72kgAir-filled Tires Plastic
BIKESTAR Running Balance Bike3 years and above35 to 42 cm4.8kgAir-filled Tires Rubber
Micro Scooter 2In1 Chopper Balance Bike2 years and above360mm-420mm2.45kgPolyurethane Tires

Now words from our experts: the correct age for a kid to ride a bike is between three to six; hence proper teaching and training from parents is necessary. However, even kids are as young as 18 months, you can start teaching them via the balance bike – a two-wheeled training bike that comes without pedals and delivers many valuables such as safety, developing confidence, and it is a relatively light-weight bike that kids will definitely love.

According to our experts, the most challenging part of riding is not pedaling but the art of balancing. And the best balance bikes address this aspect in the most appropriate way. Therefore, there is no need for training wheels, and the bike itself will teach your kids how to stay stable during their ride. And shortly after, they will be able to use and ride a regular bike with pedals easily.

So, now all said and done, let’s move on to the reviews of the best balance bikes for a three old kid in UK. Continue reading to learn more about the balance bikes.

Best Balance Bike For 3 year Old UK

Kidzmotion Jiggy Wooden Balance Bike

  • It features a beautiful and durable Birch plywood frame with an exceptional retro design.
  • The bike offers ideal fitting for all kids aged between 2 to 5 years old.
  • It comes with durable rubber tires and inner tubes.
  • The assembling of the unit is easy.
  • The bike has soft and comfortable, and height is fully adjustable up to (34cm, 36cm, and 38cm)
  • The unit measures around 80 x 37 x 54cm (LxWxH).

Kidzmotion Jiggy wooden balance bike features an attractive retro design, and perhaps it is one of the main selling points of this balance bike. Overall, build quality is highly durable and made up of high-quality materials. To be precise, the bike’s frame features the finest birch plywood that can survive rugged uses.

Further, it comes with high-quality rubber tires with inner tubes that glide smoothly on all types of surfaces. The bike’s seat is also super comfortable and keeps your child stable when riding on uneven terrains.

Moreover, you can quickly adjust the seat’s height, and there are three different settings. These adjustment settings are 34, 36, and 38cm. The bike is appropriate for kids aged between two to three years at the minimum height, whereas the higher seat level is suitable for kids aged between four to five years.

Another prominent and handy features of the bike include the wooden infill on the wheels, which protects your kid’s feet from getting caught in the wheels. The Kidzmotion Jiggy bike also features steering with limited control that allows the kid to return to their original position.

Lastly, the included handgrips of the bike come with safety ends that prevent the child’s hands from sliding off.

To conclude, this wooden bike features solid construction, looks stunning, and offers high value for your bucks.


  • Highly durable and reliable construction.
  • It comes loaded with many handy features.
  • Seat height has three adjustment levels according to the age of the child.
  • Handgrips feel soft and nice.


  • The unit’s weight is on the higher side.
  •  A bit expensive as compared to the others.

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RideStar Balance Bike

  • The unit resembles an iconic BMX design and comes in various color options.
  • Encourages and promotes self-confidence in toddlers.
  • The RideStar balance bikes are ideal for all kids aged between 2 to 4 years.
  • RideStar balance bikes feature an elegant pedal-free design with a low-slung frame and comfortable seat. This unique design allows kids to place their feet evenly on the ground and safely ride on.
  • The balance bike comes with a robust tubular steel frame, which is light in weight and simple to handle even for young kids.
  • The bike includes 12” wheels with EVA foam tires. These are puncture-proof tires and perfect for all surfaces such as grass, gravel, and concrete.
  • The balance bike features a fully adjustable seat and handlebars. Adjustments are simple, and you can quickly adjust the height from a height of 32cm to 40cm high.
  • This classic balance bike from RideStar comes with soft-grip handles for a comfortable grip and a padded seat for optimum comfort.

If affordability is your top-most concern, then we will advise you to consider this RideStar balance bike for your three old kids. The unit ticks many boxes, and it will not cost you a fortune to get this thing.

The bike features a sturdy tubular steel frame and available in multiple color options. The stylish yet durable design offers the perfect balance and encourages self-confidence in kids. The durable frame can withstand harsh and rough use; at the same time, it is light enough to carry around for easy portability. The unit can be stored, carried, and travel with you with ease.

The seat height is also adjustable from 32cm to 40cm, and the handlebar height is flexible as well. The 11-inch wheels are suitable for all types of surfaces and feature EVA foam tires. Further, the tires are resistant to punctures.

Another thing that we loved about this balance bike is that it resembles the iconic BMX design. This unique pedal-less design allows for great stability and a low-lying seat. This enables young kids to place their feet on the ground comfortably and safely scoot along.

Lastly, as you will find in all other RideStar balance bikes, this one too comes with clear instructions and required parts for quick and easy assembling. Once correctly built, it can support up to 20kg of weight. The handlebars are well-padded and feature soft grips to keep your child safe and sound.


  • The durable steel frame is light enough to carry and store.
  • Affordable balance bike in the UK.
  • EVA tires are puncture-proof.
  • Weight capacity is decent.


Not suitable for grassy surfaces.

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Kazam Kids’ KZ3 Pedal Balance Bike-Green, 2-5 Years

  • Best-selling brand.
  • The bike features air-filled tires, a quick-release system, and adjustable handlebars.
  • You will also find a kid-friendly footplate on the bike.
  • Kazam Kids Balance Bike is EU approved includes many safety features.
  • The bike’s frame comes powder painted for optimal durability and scratch resistance.

Our next pick, the KAZAM kids pedal balance bike, looks different than the other balance bikes on the UK market. The most discrete aspect of this balance bike is its unique design.

Kazam Kids Balance Bike comes with a foot resting footplate. This comes in handy when kids want to place their feet on the ground while riding (in the middle) and this foot resting plate will not come in the way of their stride. The footrest also helps the rider to find the center of gravity and improve stability.

Furthermore, the Kazam Balance Bike comes with pneumatic tires, so it is well-suited for rougher tracks and uneven terrains. Besides, you can also use it on other surfaces such as grass, pathways, concrete, and in your garden without any problem.

The bike’s handlebar is adjustable and quite broad, so it is a nice thing for all growing kids. However, most children and parents prefer narrower handlebars as they allow much easier control over the bike, but as the kids will age, the broad handlebars will provide more comfort during a ride.

Moreover, you can also adjust the seat’s height without using any tools. The adjustment of seat height can be made from 34cm to 42cm, which is a perfect range for most 3-year-old kids.

The padded and comfortable seat and soft handlebar grips are perfect and keep your kids safe and easy while they enjoy their ride. Lastly, the unit is simple to control as it weighs only 5.72 Kg.


  • It comes with an adjustable saddle and soft handlebar grips.
  • The bike’s frame features a powered-coated finish; hence it will remain safe from rust and corrosion.
  • The air-filled tires are perfect for all types of terrains.
  • It comes with a wide handlebar that grows with your child.
  • EU approved a balance bike.


The wheels are too small.

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BIKESTAR Running Balance Bike with side stand and brake for Kids age 3 year old

  • The BIKESTAR Running balance bike features a heavy-duty and stable steel tube frame, which is further protected with impact and scratch resistant paintwork.
  • The balance bike comes with a fully adjustable steering and steering limiter feature.
  • You can also adjust the balance bike saddle according to your kid’s height, between 35 to 42 cm.
  • The unit includes non-toxic safety steering handgrips that guard the kid’s hand.
  • The hand brake is easy to use and suitable for all kids.
  • The unit comes with 30.5cm (12 Inch) air-filled tires and robust painted rims.
  • There is also a side kickstand in the bike that gives kids a realistic feeling and comes in handy on many occasions.

The BikeStar running balance bike features air-filled tires. These durable tires glide smoothly on all types of terrains, and traction is also much better than the others. Further, it will keep your child comfortable while riding on bumps in the pavements, on the grass and uneven tracks, etc.

Apart from durable tires and wheel, this BikeStar balance bike comes with a fully adjustable seat. The cushioned seat and you can adjust the height between 35 to 42 cm. Furthermore, you can also change the handlebar’s size between 55 to 62 cm. Handlebars are wide and will grow with your kid. So, you will not look for a new bike as your kid ages.

The unit weighs around 4.8 kg, and it is among the lightest balance bike in the UK market. Moreover, the bike also features a hand brake that is simple to use and comes in handy for all kids.

Lastly, there is a built-in side kickstand in the bike that your little one use to park his/her bike in the parking without any problem.


  • The bike frame is robust and highly durable.
  • It comes with a handy side kickstand.
  • The hand brake is also included for added safety and better control.
  • Seat height and handlebar height are fully adjustable.
  • Tires are perfect for all surfaces.


Weight is on the heavier side.

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Micro Scooter 2In1 Chopper Balance Bike Blue

  • The Chopper is perfect for kids aged above two years.
  • This Micro Chopper comes with a fully adjustable seat.
  • You can also set the handlebar as per your preferences between 51 to 53.5cm.
  • The maximum weight capacity of the balance bike is up to 20kg.
  • The Micro Scooter balance bike is quite light in weight and weighs around 2.45kg only.

This Chopper style micro scooter features 2-in-1 light-weight design that your kids will love. For all 3-year old, this balance bike is a treat and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. But what differs this Micro Scooter from the rest it’s quality build quality, durability, and potential to last for many years.

Furthermore, the bike comes with a classic polyurethane wheel. So, the kids will not feel any vibrations even on rough terrains. Moreover, the unit is ideal for all types of terrains.

The included tires are puncture proof and perfect to use indoor and outdoor. The wheel’s size measure around 20cm in diameter and 3.5cm wide.

In this micro scooter, you can quickly adjust the handlebar’s height between 51 and 53.5cm. And the pack contains the needed Allen key to make this simple adjustment. Besides, you can also change the seat height as per your requirements and the kid’s height between 360mm-420mm from the ground.

All in all, this Micro Scooter and balance bike comes from a reputable brand and features high-quality materials. The unique and stylish design makes it unique, whereas the enhanced durability ensures that you will not look for a replacement any sooner.

Lastly, the Aluminum frame is sturdy yet light in weight, so there will be no handling issues.


  • Incredibly light-weight balance bike that is simple to control.
  • You can replace the back with two wheels if required.
  • Handlebar and seat height are simple to adjust according to your preferences.
  • Suitable to use indoor and outdoor locations.


  • Not that suitable for grassy surfaces.
  • Seat cushioning is thin.

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Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old UK

In the End

To conclude, we hope that you will find all these reviews of the best balance bikes for three old kids UK helpful, and after reviewing this post, you can decide which is the most suitable balance bike for your three old kids.

All these bikes feature an attractive design, best build quality, latest specs, and most importantly, these are quite affordable options in the UK market.

However, you still want to know anything, or we have missed out on anything related to the topic, please feel free to ask and suggest. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries, and your suggestions are always welcome!!

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