The Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old

Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old

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Typically balance bikes are for children up to two years old, but a lot of new models are on the market which caters to the kids of over two also. If your kid is three years old and you are looking for the best balance bike for 3 year-old, this review will help you to choose the right model for your child.

There are a lot of models available in the market. Whether you want a Chicco Balance Bike or Banana or Strider and countless other models available online. The models mentioned here are just a few options, and in this guide, we are considering some of the hottest selling best balance bike for 3 years old available online.

Based on our research, we think that Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike is the best model you can buy right now. This ultralight balance bike is an excellent choice because it can help your kid to develop balance on a two-wheel bike. With reliable wheels and sturdy body, Chicco Red Bullet is the choice of thousands of parents in the UK.

Best Balance Bike for 3 year old

Are you a parent or a grandparent looking to buy a nice gift for your little one? If you want to want to search a balance bike which lasts longer and help your growing kid to learn the basics of cycling than you are in the right place.

The market is full of new models and various options- making it difficult for the parents to find the right balance bike for their kids. There are a lot of things to check before one decides to buy.

So to help you make a right decision to buy, we have done some research for you and compared some of the best models available online so that you can save time and money in searching the best balance bike for 3-year-old child of yours. You can always trust us because we suggest the best products available online.

The balance bikes we are going to discuss here are not discussed or ranked in any particular order. It is also possible that the ones we are recommending here may not be your choices even. But what we want is that you understand the basic features of a good quality balance bike and what to look for when making a decision.

In the last part of this review guide, you will also read six essential things which you must know before buying a balance bike. But before you read that, here are our detailed reviews of some of the best balance bikes for three years old available in the market.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is the absolute best product you can buy right now. You will get an ultralight balance bike which is suitable for kids between the age of 2 to 5. So, if your kid is growing up, you won’t need to buy another bike till she reaches the age of 5.

Its price is generally in the range of £25 to £30, and for this price, it is one of the best value for money bike you can find online. Though it is made of metal, it is ultralight and straightforward to put to use. You can assemble it within minutes, and your kid will be happy to ride it so quickly. With the glossy metal finish, it is more than it costs.

Seat adjustment is an essential element of any balance bike. If the seat is not adjustable, it makes little sense to buy such a balance bike as it will of no use for a growing kid. But the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike has an adjustable seat which adjusts to the height of your child. You can easily change the size to make it appropriate for your kid to ride the bike safely.

Though it does not have hard rubber tyres, the included rubber tyres are good enough. Even intense use of this bike will not wear them out quickly. During our testing, we found out that the tyres are excellent, sturdy and good enough to last for at least 2 to 3 years under regular use.

Best Balance Bike For 3 Year Old

Banana Bike LT – Lightweight Balance Bike

With a recommended age of 24 months and up, this Banana Bike Lt is an ideal bike for a three-year-old kid. What else you need than a balance bike which is shaped with a banana-like a frame, ultra-comfortable seat, extra safe grips and best bar ends.

If you look at the tyres, they are made from puncture-proof foam and are lightweight. You won’t need to inflate them air as no air is required for the wheels.

The seat is adjustable too with minimum adjustable height of 31 cm and a maximum height of 40 cm. The cycle, therefore, grows with your child and adjusts to the size. The seat is also ergonomically made with extra pads added to it making it more durable than most of the other models available. While using this bike, you will even notice that the underside covered seat is adjusted with a grab handle and is not exposed to any staples making it safe to use. The seat also has a high-quality aluminium quick release. This makes the whole seat adjustment process a breeze. Your child can easily adjust the height even during the ride.

While checking on with other parents, I found out most parents like this balance bike because it is ultralight. Most parents are happy because their kids can easily manage this bike on their own. Children can easily pick this bike up when they fall and do not require parent support or presence while using this bike.

Highlights :

  • Dimesions : 85 x 46 x 60 cm
  • Wheel diameter : 12″
  • Max Weight : 85 x 46 x 60 cm
  • Seat Height : 31 – 40 cm

Stream 12″ Balance Bike

This model is again an excellent choice for kids aged between 2 to 6 years old. Like other models, this balance bike also offers a lot of variety, options and an excellent utility for parents to have a balance bike which can provide all the joy for growing kids also.

When buying a balance bike, the first concern of any parent should be safety. The number one concern, before buying a balance bike, therefore must be to check whether the handlebar, grip, tyres and overall design of the balance bike are made with the safety of the child as the first consideration.

When we evaluate this balance bike on this criteria, we find that it has no sharp points, no pedals and the grip and tyres are made with the material which are anti-fall in nature.

The seat adjustment and the handle adjustments makes it easier for kids to adjust them according to their height. The adjustment mechanims is easy to manage and seat can adjust up to 80 cm providing child every seat height to adjust while growing up.

When you look at the frame of this balance bike, you will notice that it is made of steel. Steel frame is sturdy and durable as compared to anyother frame. Apart from this, the EVA tyres are considered as the best tyres for balance bikes. They do not require inflating and are durable and long lasting.


  • Dimesions : 83 x 58
  • Wheel diameter : 12″
  • Max Weight : 30 kg
  • Seat Height : 36 – 41 cm

Eezee Rider Sport 12 Inch Balance Bike 

While checking this bike, we noticed that it is extremely light and even the lowest saddle height is perfect for a three years old kid. Easy to assemble and really easy to operate also. A lot of parents feel that this bike has allowed their kids to ride it indepdently and can really free them up from carrying their three year old kids around.

This balance bike is ideal for both the girls and the boys and is designed in a very simple and lightweight manner. Any three years old kid can carry it also and operate it without any help.

Like most of other balance bikes, the EVA foam tyres are puncture proof and are sturdy enought to long laster. You won’t need to change them even within years.

If you look at the minimum and maximum seat adjustment seating, you will find that the minimum seat adjustment height is 34 cm with a maximum height of 46 cm. This flexibility in seat adjustment is a good feature as the bikes grow with the height of your kid.

Handles move at 360 degrees, so there is a very little chance of any injury from falling. Many parents buy balance bikes because they have 360-degree rotation handles and consider it as one of the safety measures built-in the balance bikes.

6 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Balance Bike

Before you read our full reviews of the best balance bike for 3 year old, you need to know a few things which are important to make a purchase decision.

Here are the 6 most important things you must know before buying a balance bike:

  • Balance Bikes are not costly: Most parents think that balance bikes are expensive. The matter of the fact is most balance bikes are cost-effective and long-lasting. You can easily find a model which fits your budget and model. Though expensive models have better features, you don’t need to buy an expensive one. Less Costly models also are good and can serve the purpose. What matters most is that you must understand the needs of your child and what skills you want her to develop right from the young age.
  • Age of Your Child Matters: It is a fact that little kids love to ride trikes instead of bikes. Bikes are for relatively older kids, and balance bikes are for kids who are neither older, i.e. elder than five years and below the age of 1 year. Usually, parents get the first balance bike for their when they are at the period of 14 or 15 months. Before buying a balance bike, make sure you understand that needs of your child will change as she grows so you need to buy for her something which can be used for years as she grows. Accordingly, a balance bike is considered as the most useful among various cycling options available.
  • Balance Bikes are better than stabilisers: Many parents believe that as a first bike, they need to buy a bike with stabilisers as it is considered more convenient than the balance bikes. This is not only a myth but inaccurate also as balance bike is now the most desirable first bike for any kid who wants to learn cycling.
  • Convenience: My personal experience of having balance bikes for kids suggests that balance bikes are convenient and easy to operate. Kids can handle them without any help. As a parent, it is more satisfying for me to have something which gives my child independence and ability to make choices on her own. Due to their weight and build, the convenience factor is probably one of the most significant factors to buying a balance bike.
  • Use on Different Surfaces: One of the key advantages of buying a balance bike is that it can be used on any surface. Typically, stabilisers and other bikes do not work smoothly on all type of terrain, but balance bike can work smoothly and without any hassle on any kind of surface. Whether your garden has solid concrete pavements or soil, balance bike can easily be used on such surfaces.
  • Saddle Height is Low: Normally, the saddle height of the balance bike is quite low, making it easier for the kids to use them. Low saddle height allows the child to have her feet on the floor and can therefore walk or run smoothly using the balance bike. This is probably one of the most significant benefits of the balance bikes for parents because low saddle height makes it easier for kids to involve their whole body and actively engage with the balance bike.


Balance Bike is a great first-time bike for your three-year-old kid. We hope that the review of the best balance bike for 3-year-old will help you to pick the right bike for your kid.

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