Best Balance Bike for Tall 3 Year Old

Best Balance Bike for Tall 3 Year Old

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The most frustrating thing (for most of us) about children is that they quickly get too big for their toys! Though one exemption to this rule is a balance bike, these offer hours of fun and excitement with the opportunity to discover the neighbourhood. Still, balance bikes also help kids develop vital skills such as balance, motor riding skills, and overall coordination.

Best Balance Bike For Tall 3 Year Old

Product NameRecommended Age RangeSeat HeightTire TypeBike Weight
Yvolution Y Velo Balance BikeThree to six years oldAdjustable up to 43 cmRubber Tires4.5kg
Zeroall Balance BikeTwo to six years31 inches to 45 inchesRubber pneumatic tires 3.4kg
Chipmunk RoyalBaby Balance BikeTwo to five years oldAdjustable up to 41cmEVA Foam tires 2.70kg
Hornit AIRO Balance Bike18 months to 5 year old83 to 109 cmAir filled Rubber Tires2.95kg
Chillafish BMXie 2 Balance BikeTwo to Five years old32 cm to 39 cmAirless Rubber Tires5.48lbs

Teaching your kid how to ride a bike can be a bit challenging but rewarding as well. And the balance bikes help you break down the process into learning the balancing and later pedalling, and eventually, your little one will learn to perch on top of a bicycle.

As balance bikes are pedal-less, your little biker can develop how to maintain the upright posture while sitting on the bike and move forward by using their feet, and they can enjoy their ride by gliding.

Having said, if you have kids and they are demanding with puppy dog eyes every time you are near to a bike store and pleading for a balance bike. You should think about fulfilling these demands of your cute one (and there are many reasons to do this).

So, here’s our guide that includes the best balance bike for tall 3 year old kids along with detailed reviews that will assist you in your purchase.

Let’s get on with it!

Best Balance Bike for Tall 3 Year Old

Best balance bike for tall 3 year old

Yvolution Y Velo Senior Balance Bike for Kids

Product Features

  • The Y Velo Senior helps to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills for all kids.
  • The bike’s seat height and handlebar height is fully adjustable and evolves with your kids. The bike is well-suited for 3 to 6 years old and supports up to 55 lbs. 
  • You can adjust the seat height between 13.3 inches to 18-inches.
  • It comes with large wheels and high ground clearance for enhanced safety and smooth riding on uneven and rough terrains. Further, the bike comes with durable rubber puncture-proof wheels.
  • Available in multiple color options.

For the top pick, we’ve chosen the Y Velo Senior by Yvolution. The bikes are quite popular among the kids and parents due to its vibrant colors and top-notch build quality. The bike is suitable for tall kids aged between 3 and 6.

This Y Velo innovative balance bike offers a smooth riding experience and comes loaded with features that will keep your child safe and comfortable while they are riding. Moreover, while riding, the kid’s leg can easily reach the ground, and they can glide by using their feet. The bike features durable tires and large wheels that offer a comfortable ride in all types of terrains.

This bike is ideal for all little ones who are learning how to ride. Moreover, you can quickly and easily adjust the seat and handlebars height, and both will grow with your child and will not outgrow any soon. The weight capacity is also impressive, and it can support up to 55 pounds.

For superb comfort, it comes with ergonomic handlebar grips and puncture-resistant wheels. You will also find an accessory slot to carry water bottles and other belongings.

Lastly, the bike’s frame features sturdy materials, the wheels are robust, and overall it is worthy of your money. With unique color combinations, this can be the best balance bike for kids aged between 3 to 6 years.


  • It comes with ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip.
  • The wheels are large and puncture-proof. Suitable for all terrains.
  • Features light-weight and child-Friendly frame; easy to handle.
  • The seat and handlebar are fully adjustable.


  • Tires slide a bit on wet terrains.

Zeroall 12” Balance Bike for Kids of 2-6 Years

Product Features:

  • This bike can be an ideal bike for young riders. Suitable for all kids between the age of 2 to 6 years.
  • The soft PU seat is padded, ergonomically designed, and you can adjust the height without using any tools. A perfect design that grows with your child.
  • The Zeroall balance bike features a light-weight design and ideal for kids weighs around 3.4kg. Even young kids can handle it effortlessly. The weight capacity of this balance bike is 50kg.
  • The Zeroall balance bike features a hydraulic integrated frame, so it is safe for kids, and there are no sharp edges on the bike’s frame and prevents the kids from being scratched. 
  • Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials that are approved by SGS.
  • You will get a 240-day exchange or money-back guarantee.

As we know that a balance bike is a smooth transition to a standard pedal bike. This Zeroall 12” inch balance bike can do the same for your kids. Further, this cool balance bike for kids can be the best gift for all children.

The bike features eye-catching reflective stickers that look cool and make riding safer at night. These durable reflective stickers are wear-resistant, water-proof, and definitely catch the attention of your kids.

Furthermore, the balance bike comes with rubber pneumatic tires that you can use on various complex terrains. Moreover, the bike also features a reliable shock absorption system that works perfectly and keeps your kids comfortable and safe while riding on rough and bumpy terrains.

Another thing that we loved about this Zeroall balance bike is the bike’s frame. You will be surprised how light it is. The bike’s frame features a light-weight yet highly durable aluminum alloy. So, there will be no handling issues, and even young kids can control the bike with ease.

Lastly, the bike’s saddle is made of PU soft rubber and keeps the child comfortable throughout the ride. Further, the saddle’s material is also breathable.


  • Reflective stickers are cool.
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar.
  • A money-back guarantee is useful.
  • Light-weight and sturdy frame.
  • Rubber tires are large and suitable for all terrains.


Not suitable for grassy areas.   

Chipmunk RoyalBaby kids children balance bike for 2 to 5 years.

Product Features:

  • The balance bike comes with a magnesium frame with a sturdy aluminum alloy fork. The light-weight frame weighs only 2.7kg, simple for kids to control and ride.
  • It comes with 12-inch wheels with high-quality plastic rims and EVA foam puncture-proof tires.
  • The bike is suitable for all tall kids age between 2 to 5 years.
  • It comes with all tools required for quick and easy assembling. Further, installation instructions are also included in the pack. 
  • It features the quick release seat-post for easy and quick adjustments.
  • The Chipmunk balance bike for kids comes with a head tube protector that guards little riders. The 4-millimeter head tube features polyester fabric with an SBR rubber interlayer. All materials are safe and eco-friendly.
  • Steering damper limits excessive steering movements and makes the riding attempts of kids safer and easier.

The Chipmunk Royal Baby balance bike includes an ideal blend of quality and style. This running and balance bike for tall kids is a great teacher and teaches your kids the balancing art. To make things easier for kids, it comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars. Hence it can comfortably accommodate all the kids aged between 2 to 5 years.

RoyalBaby has designed this balance bike, keeping in mind the needs and demands of all kids, and they ensure that kids can ride comfortably on this bike. Hence the bike has everything that you will need. It features a magnesium frame that weighs only 5.7lbs. The light-weight frame is robust, and kids can handle it well. This light-weight design allows kids to handle, ride, and control the kids with ease.

Furthermore, the seat height is also adjustable, and it is well-suited for kids aged between 2 to 5 years. Making the riding more comfortable for cuties comes with soft cushioned grips and a nicely padded seat. So, your kids will not get uncomfortable when riding on the rough terrains.

For better safety, the bike comes with a steering damper that restricts the steering movements that keep them safe. Further, it is handy for beginners. Lastly, you will also find a removable head tube protector in this balance bike.


  • Pedal-less balance bike with a light-weight magnesium frame.
  • Simple to assemble as it comes with instructions.
  • 12-inch wheels with plastic rims are puncture-proof and suitable for almost all surfaces.
  • The steering limiter is handy for young kids.


  • Instructions are not clear.
  • Plastic rims are flimsy.

Hornit AIRO | Super Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Balance Bike | Ages 18 months to 5 Years

Product Features:

  • It features a super light, ultra-hard magnesium alloy frame and weighs only 2.95kg.
  • The bike is available in multiple colors with a bold and fiery gloss finish. So, it is the best-looking bike in the UK!
  • The bikes include grip taped footrests that are perfectly contoured into the bike frame for simple freewheeling. 
  • It features air-filled tires for a smoother ride and a well-padded stem for added protection.
  • The Hornit Airo balance bike is simple to assemble and adjust. Due to the adjustable seat, it is suitable for kids with an inside leg measurement of 30-54cm.
  • This Hornit AIRO is the best balance bike for tall three-year old kids and comes with a free lifetime warranty on the frame and forks.

Weighing only 2.95kg, this Hornit Airo is an incredibly light-weight balance bike for kids. Thanks to its light-weight and hard-wearing magnesium alloy frame, all kids can effortlessly ride along.

There’s no doubt that this Hornit Airo features the best-looking design in the UK market. At first glance, you and your little one will surely love the attractive RED frame. Further, the cool design is backed by the latest features and top-notch performance. It’s lovely to look at, and every part of this balance bike feels great.

Apart from a brightly colored frame, it also features bouncy air-filled tires, and excellent neoprene padding at the stem that prevents in case of a fall, and perfectly molded footrests enclosed in grip tape. All in all, it offers the impression of a high-quality and durable bike.

The AIRO balance bikes come with air-filled, durable rubber tires with aluminum rims that allow the kids to ride on all terrains and offers a smooth free-wheeling experience. The neoprene padded stem provides extra safety, whereas the adjustable seat makes it ideal for tall and short kids aged 18 months to 5 years. Moreover, the perfectly sealed bearings protect the wheels from road debris and other similar road elements.

All things considered, this Hornit Airo is surprisingly light-weight, so kids can manage on their own but still sturdy enough that it can survive the beating that kids will give it!


  • The magnesium alloy frame is light-weight and highly durable.
  • It comes with large pneumatic rubber tires with aluminum rims.
  • Ground clearance is high.
  • Neoprene-covered stem for better safety.
  • It comes fully assembled, and you will have to tighten the screws.
  • Tested product and fully compliant with EU safety law EN-71.


Relatively new brand in the UK market.

Chillafish CPMX02 BMXie 2 with Integrated Footrest and Footbrake BMX Styled Balance Bike

Product Features:

  • This Chillafish balance bicycle for tall kids improves balance and coordination skills.
  • The seat height is adjustable from 12.5 to 15.3 inches / 32 to 39cm—no tools needed for adjustments.
  • There are a footbrake and a footrest that all kids can use and stow away without much trouble.
  • The Chillafish balance bike has a light-weight but powerful frame with thick and large tubing.
  • It includes airless 12-inch rubber tires perfect for almost all terrains and no need to inflate the tires every so often.
  • There is a removable number plate with beautiful stickers that your kids will love.

Chillafish, a leading and most trusted brand of activity kid’s toys and specialist in balance bikes. This Chillafish balance bike is designed with the highest quality standards and offers fantastic value for your money.

The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is one of the most durable and stylish balance bikes in the market. The BMX-styled frame with large tubing makes riding and sliding extremely easy for tall and short kids. The bikes work on balance and coordination skills and provide the kids with a sense of independence.

This BMXie 2 by Chillafish features reinforced plastics; hence it is incredibly light-weight. The reinforced plastic frame allows you to carry it around with ease, and kids can handle it on their own. The airless 12-inch rubber tires are highly durable, and there is no need to inflate it frequently. Further, the tires offer a firm grip on almost all surfaces. So, from now on, only fun!

Another useful feature of this BMXie 2 is its adjustable seat. You can adjust the seat height without using any tools from 12.6 to 15.3 inches (32 to 39cm). Thus, the balance bike can accommodate short and tall kids with ease. Moreover, it is suitable for kids aged between 2 to 5 years or having a height of 34 to 43 inches.

Lastly, you will love the built-in footrest and footbrake for fun, and if you are thinking, what’s more? A removable number plate with beautiful stickers for customization. All in all, this is the best balance bike for taller kids.


  • The Chillafish balance bike features built-in footrest, footbrake & rubber tires.
  • The frame is light-weight yet durable.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • The handlebar grip is soft and comfortable.
  • 12-inch wheels are perfect for all surfaces.


The handlebar stem is flimsy.

In Summary

With that, we are at the end of this review post about the best balance bikes for tall 3 year old kids. Remember, these are our recommendations for your kids, and you will find many other options in the market. But before finalizing your decision, keep in mind the kid’s needs and never compromise on comfort and safety features.

Lastly, we hope that this post will make the process a bit easier for you, and soon you will see your little one playing around with his/her new balance bike!

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