Best Balance Bike Reviews UK

Best Balance Bike Reviews UK

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Biking is an exciting and healthy activity for kids and develops confidence in them, keeps them fit, and gives a healthy break from mobiles, TV, and screens for some time. You can influence young children more easily because kids between the ages of 1 and 6 are in the early years of life. A balance bike will develop the interest of your child from a very young age. So, the purpose of this post is to present the best balance bike reviews UK market is offering.

To be precise, a child can ride on a balance bike at the age of 18 months and encourages your child to adopt a healthy activity i.e. cycling from an early age.

It can be somewhat tricky and time consuming for most people to figure out the best balance bikes for kids because the market is full of bikes, and there is an abundance of brands to choose from.

If you’re caught up between Frog Bikes, Isla bikes, or any other thing in between when buying the finest balance bikes for your little one, don’t worry. We are here for you! So we’ve interviewed some bike experts to share their experience and knowledge about the balance bikes to get your kid on the street to loving life on two-wheelers.

Product NameBike WeightRecommended Age RangeSeat HeightTire Material
Banana Balance Bike LT2.9 kgTwo to four years31 cm to 40 cmEVA tires
Strider Sport 12″ Balance Bike2.9 kg18 months to five years27 cm to 48 cmEVA Polymer tires
Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike2.7 kgTwo to five years33 cm to 38 cmEVA tires
Puky Learner Bike LR 4.5 kgTwo to five years30 cm to 43 cmPlastic tires
Early Rider Lite3.3 kgTwenty months to four years29.5 cm to 34 cmEVA tires

What is a balance bike?

Balance bikes are two-legged scooters, and your young one can quickly move the bike with their feet instead of pedals, and they’ll feel like a grown up kid once they find how simple it is to balance the bike. These light-weight mini bikes are ideal for the school run, too, and you can use them for many other purposes. Balance bikes:

Are simple to use: You will not find any tricky pedals or problematical brakes to ride on this thing.

Are simple to control: Kids can only ride according to their ability and strength.

Promote confidence in kids: It is a physical and healthy activity and improves toddlers’ balance so they will not need any stabilizers.

Teach new skills: These bikes are intelligently made to help young kids learn the art of balancing and steering.

Promote road sense: It also promotes road sense in kids, and they will learn respect for walkers and vehicles, and they will learn to spot dangers timely.

Best Balance Bike Reviews UK

Best Balance Bike Reviews UK

Banana Balance Bike LT

Product Features

  • The unit features a Banana-shaped frame with low gravity and a simple step-through frame design.
  • The unit is light-weight, weighs around 2.9 Kg, and is the perfect training balance bike for 2, 3, 4, or 5-year-old kids to have fun.
  • The new LT Version of this banana bike features a premium, ultra-comfy, durable seat, with safe and soft grips that includes wide cushioned bar-ends.
  • It features a quick-release clamp for simple adjustment of the seat.
  • The bike tires are light-weight and puncture-proof EVA wheels with enhanced traction.

Our first and perhaps the best balance bike in the UK market, the Banana Balance Bike LT features an attractive and simple design. The unit is light-weight, and it comes with excellent ergonomics. A Banana LT is a no-pedal bike and much better than the scooters, tricycles, or starter pedal bikes that come with stabilizers. The bike is suitable for both young boys and girls. Handling is simple as well, and young kids can travel to further distances, and there is no need to worry that your kids will put it down.

The Banana balance bike LT is the first choice of many parents, and there are several reasons for this. The unit features an easy quick-release mechanism, and it comes with an adjustable seat height that you can adjust between 31cm up to 40cm. This wide range will allow most kids to use it for many years.

Further, you will not need any special tools to adjust the seat height; it is an easy job, and you can do it in a couple of minutes. The Banana bike is also light-weight and straightforward to steer. The signature curved banana design of the frame offers stylish looks and smooth access to young kids.

Lastly, steering and handling this unit is also simple for young kids as it comes with wide handlebars. The soft rubber grips on the handlebars also protect in case of a fall.


  • Highly durable frame.
  • Attractive and stylish design.
  • Grips are soft and smooth.
  • No sharp edges.


  • Weight is on the higher side for young kids.

Strider Sport 12″ Balance Bike

Product Features

  • The Strider Sport Balance Bike for kids features a footrest and a comfortable padded seat to provide a comfortable riding experience to young children. 
  • The bike is perfect for kids that are 18 months to 5 years old.
  • The mini handlebars and soft grips are perfect for little hands, and a race pad looks cool and provides additional protection.
  • It comes with quick-release clamps with adjustable seat & handlebar height. And your kids will use it for many years.
  • It also features Strider’s own maintenance-free light-weight tires with cartridge sealed bearings and puncture-proof tires that smooth glide on all surfaces.
  • The unit weighs only 2.9 kg, so there will be no handling issues even for young kids.

The best-selling Strider Sports balance bike for kids comes with an integrated footrest that allows your kids to learn the balancing art and encourages the correct sitting position.

Another prominent feature of this Strider Balance bike is its adjustable seat height. The minimum seat height is 28cm means that the bike is well-suited even for the youngest kids that are only 18 months old. And you can raise the seat’s height right up to 40cm, so it will grow as your child grows, and kids can use it for many years.

Another notable feature of this balance bike is its classy design, EVA polymer soft, and puncture-proof tires. The bike is light in weight and weighs only 2.9kg. The strider has a lot to feature, and you cannot go wrong with this balance bike.

You can also purchase an extra seat post if you want to use it for more years.

This Strider sport balance bike features the same classic design, but the primary difference comes with an extension seat height and cushioned bike seat. This Strider’s balance bike is suitable for small as well as for taller kids.

Lastly, some of you might argue over its high price, but with the fully adjustable handlebars and seat, your kids will use it for many years, and it’s worth the investment.


  • Stainless steel is highly robust and durable.
  • The balance bike is suitable for short as well as taller kids.
  • It comes with fully adjustable seat height and handlebars.
  • The footrest enables kids to learn the art of balancing.


  • A bit pricey as compared to the others.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Product Features

  • The bike has ultra-lightweight, so it is simple for kids to handle and balance the bike.
  • It develops the art of balancing in your child, and overall it is a fun and healthy activity for kids.
  • The bike comes with an adjustable seat height from 33 cm up to 38 cm in height.
  • This balance bike is the best for kids aged between 2 to 5 years.
  • With the pack, you will also get full instructions regarding assembling.
  • The unit is light-weight, only 2.7 kg.

You will find many types of Balance bikes, and these bikes have a different budget. So, there is something for everyone. And when talking about the budget and price of balance bikes, the Chicco Red Bullet Balance bike is one of the most affordable balance bikes in the UK.

The Chicco balance bike features a red metallic frame that looks stylish and amazing. The adjustable seat height starts from 32cm. Overall, this Chicco balance bike offers excellent value for your bucks, and you will not face any issue in getting your child ride on the saddle!

The Chicco bullet balance bike is well-suited for the kids that are between 2 to 5 years. However, please don’t use this balance bike for kids that are younger than two years. Furthermore, the minimum seat height of this bike is very high as compared to the others.

As mentioned above, the least seat height is up to 33cm. The kids can easily put their feet flat on the ground so they can sit and come down on their own without anyone’s help and propel themselves by using their feet. The maximum seat height is up to 38cm, which is not as high as you will find in the other balance bikes.

The balance bike is light-weight and weighs around 2.7kg, so it’s easy to move and carry around. Further, young kids can easily control and handle the bike. This is a bike that young kids can quickly and easily master. Lastly, the Chicco Bullet balance bike can bear up to 25kg comfortably.


  • The red frame is highly durable, and build-quality is up to the standards.
  • The light-weight balance bike makes the handling effortless.
  • Seat height is fully adjustable.
  • The unit is simple to assemble without any special tools.


  • The maximum seat height is low as compared to the others.

Puky Learner Bike LR M 2014 In Various Color Children Impeller

Product Features

  • The PUKY LRM is the first choice for any kid in the UK, and it is simple for kids to ride on this bike. 
  • Kids can learn balancing as well as coordinated movements of the lower body.
  • The unit features a sturdy frame with a low step-through and platform.
  • It comes with a handy crash pad along with a learner bike saddle and soft foam tires.
  • You can also adjust the seat’s height and the height of the handlebar.
  • You will also find a reliable stand, mudguard, and bell in this unit.
  • Bike’s assembling is simple.

The Puky learner bike is ideal for kids that are two years old, but we recommend this balance bike for kids that size at least 85cm. Overall, the bike is reliable and comes with a low step-through and platform, so young kids will not have any problem getting on and off this bike.

​The bike seat height ranges from 29cm to 40cm. However, we will advise you to get a child’s inseam measurement as it will ensure that the seat is placed at the right height as per your kid’s size.

Furthermore, the bike comes with soft, foam tires, and there is no need to worry about punctures. Moreover, these durable tires are suitable for all surfaces and glide smoothly across pavements, grass, and paths.

You will also find a special learner bike saddle and comfortable handlebar grips in this unit. The built-in footrests are also there, and your kids can comfortably place their legs while they’re riding on this thing.

Lastly, after reading the best balance bike reviews of the UK, we can safely say that it is the best balance bike in the UK that you can get at an affordable price.


  • The handlebars and seat height is adjustable.
  • Tires work smoothly on all surfaces.
  • The tires are puncture-proof.
  • Assembling is easy.


  • Frame quality is not up to the mark.

Early Rider Lite 12 20+ months

Product Features

  • The wooden balance bikes feature a short wheelbase and slim tires that make it a light-weight bike for kids.
  • The balance bike is perfect for kids aged between 1.5 to 3.5 years.
  • The bike comes with 12-inch pneumatic wheels.
  • The minimum height of the seat is 29.5 cm.
  • The unit is EN71 approved for kids that are 18 months old.
  • It has a weatherproof marine birch ply and approved by FSC.
  • The handy dual steering system limits controls and allows for simple handling.

This Early Rider Lite wooden balance bike is suitable for kids aged between 1.5 to 3 years. The bike’s lowest seat height is up to 29.5cm, so it is best suited for the kids that have an inside leg measurement of up to 33cm.

The wooden balance bike in the UK features marine birch ply construction, which is FSC approved. So, you can rest assured that the wood comes from a viable source and is entirely weather-proof.

Furthermore, the 12-inch pneumatic tires allow for a smooth ride and smoothly glide on all types of surfaces. The tires also work great on grassy surfaces and uneven terrains. These EVA foam tires are puncture-proof as well. In this way, the kids are not restricted to the pavement only.

Overall, the wooden bike is extremely light in weight and weighs around 3.25kg. So, young kids can ride on it comfortably.


  • The seat is adjustable as well as highly comfortable.
  • The wooden frame is robust and survives rough usage.
  • EVA tires are puncture-proof.
  • The tires also work flawlessly on grassy surfaces.
  • The soft and cushioned grip feels nice.


  • Little heavier for a two-year-old kid.


In the end, keep in mind that a balance bike is an ancestor of a real, paddled bicycle. In simple words, your child is still in the developing and learning phases, so you must ensure that kids remain safe and free of trouble.

Before taking your kids outdoors for their balance bike training, you need to adopt all the safety measures such as a bicycle helmet and other protective gear.

Lastly, all the products that are mentioned in this read are listed after thoroughly reading the best balance bike reviews UK, and we hope that our effort will help in your purchase.

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