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best balance bike uk

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Want to buy the best balance bike UK market has to offer? We have done some research for you to find out the best balance bikes for your kids. After checking many models and checking the reviews of countless parents and reading other technical details, we think that Bammax Balance Bike is the best balance bike you can buy for your little one. This balance bike is an ideal choice if your child is between 1 to 2 years old. It is not only lightweight, but it is secure also.

With just 1.8 Kg of weight, this simple designed balance bike teaches your kid how to bike on three wheels without any pedal.

Your kid learns how to swiftly and easily tranisition to a pedal based cycle while learning to ride on this balance bike

Easy installation and modular design make this balance bike an ideal choice for someone who wants the first bike for their 1 to 2 years old kids. With a 16-inch frame size and 11-inch wheel size, this balance bike comes with two years of manufacturer’s warranty. We have tested the assembly time and found out that it can be assembled within just three minutes without the requirements of any tools. If your kid is growing up, this is an excellent accessory to improve the mobility skills of your child.

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike

This is our second choice. It is Ultralight and adjustable. It is also ideal first balance bike for overweight kids.

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike is an ideal first bike for your kid. Ultralight with adjustable handles and seat makes it easier for your child to maintain balance while riding this bike. With 16 inch frame and 11-inch wheel size, this balance bike comes with two years of warranty also. Suitable for ages from 2 to 5, this is a quality two-wheel start for your child to improve mobility and balance while transitioning to a pedal-based bike.

Everything We Recommend

Bammax Balance Bike

The Bammax Balance Bike is ideal first choice for your kid to learn and improve mobility skills. This is our choice as best balance bike uk.

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike

This is our second best choice due to its larger frame and suitability for higher age kids. An excellent alternative to our first choice.

Why You Should Trust Us

I have written about and extensively researched the products which are needed by parents, especially first-time parents. During my research for finding the best balance bike available, I have tested and checked a lot of models. I have also read through the product manuals, technical specifications of different balance bikes models. Besides, I have read through reviews and user experience of many parents who have bought balance bikes for their kids.

Our balance bike guides benefit from the expert advice also. They help us figure out what to look for when buying a balance bike. Our evaluation process is comprehensive and intensive. We always recommend the best products available.

Why Buy Best Balance Bike UK

A balance bike is also called a run bike or no pedal bike. The single most important reason parents buy this bike for their kids is to help them learn balance and steering. With no foot pedals and chains and gears, balance bikes allow kids to learn how to navigate while maintaining their body balance during the bike ride.

If you buy a properly fitted bike, it can help your kid to learn how to balance on two or three wheels and learn to speed up their cycles at really great speeds. Children as young as 18 months old can easily steer this type of bike and build the required skills.

Most of the manufacturers of balance bikes suggest that they are necessary as children learn to bicycle at faster speeds. They also learn to countersteer and balance before using the pedal cycles. Balance bikes, therefore, help kids to learn the necessary skills of cycling without increasing the chances of injury.

Gone are the days when children used to learn cycling through training wheels. Training wheels do not offer the same level of skill-building as a balance bike can. Balance biking is now considered as the first step towards learning cycling and is a critical activity your kid must learn while growing up.

Children often get scared to use bikes on rough terrain and need a little bit of parent support to get them started. While growing up, if they have not used any toy cars or trikes, etc., it may be difficult for them to use balance bikes. Many parents often complain that their kids do not use balance bikes out of fear. The preference of many children is mostly for a trike or scooters.

Naturally, athletic kids prefer balance bikes, and they do great on them. For such kids, balance bikes can be a great tool to learn to ride and develop mobility skills.

Balance biking gives small children a chance to build their skills in coordination, balance, developing confidence and above building leg muscles they will ultimately need to ride on pedal bikes.

One of the critical advantages of riding a balance bicycle is that it can’t get stuck on rough terrain. Whether your kid is riding it inside the home or in your backyard, it provides a smooth ride. Unlike pedal bikes, balance bikes are powered by the leg power of the running kid. So it is usually an intense activity for the kid to engage in.

Few parents have also suggested that balance bikes have offered their kids a choice and independence. Before learning to ride the pedal bikes, kids using balance bikes tend to build the skills and the muscles to ride the pedal bikes easily. This is a lot of leverage over other types of cycles which do not offer the same level of intensity, activity and the independence to the children while learning cycling.

How we Choose

best balance bike UK

Choosing the best balance bike UK market is offering should not be a difficult task at all. But there are a lot of small details you need to know and understand before buying the right balance bike for your kid.

While selecting the best balance bikes, we looked into following factors:

  • Size: Balance bikes come in different sizes. Most of the original balance bikes have the 12-inch wheel size. Currently, most models come in 14 to 16-inch frame sizes and wheel sizes to cater to the market of older kids also. For young kids below the age of 2 years, 10-inch wheel size balance bikes are also made.
  • Type of Wheels: Most low grip tires on the balance bikes can make learning difficult. Due to their make, such tires can actually intimidate the children. Most manufacturers therefore now use hard plastic wheels in their balance bikes. Hard plastic wheels have a better road grip and make overall riding experience less scary.
  • Breaks: Old balance bikes do not have the breaks but the newer models come with at least one break. It is a good idea to have breaks as they provide a learning opportunity to understand something which is most essential for pedal bikes. The number of breaks increases as the size of the balance bike increase.
  • Height: Height is another ergonomic element which needs to be checked before buying the balance bike. While testing, we checked whether the height of the balance bike actually is in line with the requirements or not. Since balance bikes are powered through the baby legs, therefore, the ideal height of the bike must allow the child to bend knees and power the bike easily. If the thighs or knees of the child touch the steering, such balance bikes may not be of suitable height.

To check against these criteria, we combed through a lot of listings online. We carefully matched each model with the above-mentioned testing criteria and only selected those which fits into the above standards. Once we picked some models we then narrowed down our search and found above 2 models as the best balance bike UK market is offering.

Our Choice: Bammax Balance Bike

Probably the best features of this balance bike are that it has three wheels. Three wheels balance bikes are better than two wheels bikes as they are designed in a manner to allow kids to learn to steer and develop balance. With no pedals and excellent balance, many parents have reported that this is the best first balance bike which helped their kid to transition to pedal-based bikes easily.

When you buy a Bammax Bike, you are not just buying a bike but instead also a bike with the additional benefit of using it as a walker again. It can also serve as a ride on toys for children. If you want your child to learn walking, this bike can also do as an excellent first walker while at the same time allowing your child to develop balance and leg muscles to ride on bigger bicycles in future.

The steering limit of 135 degrees is another safety feature which ensures that kids remain safe while riding on this bike. This steering limit locks the steering of the bike and protect your child from falling accidentally. Regardless of how the child manoeuvres the bike, the steering limit will make sure that your kid never falls from the bike accidentally.

While testing this bike, we also observed that the handles are quite soft and the wheels are sturdy. Soft handles allow kids to have easy-grip without putting too much pressure on the fingers of the kid while sturdy wheels give this bike a necessary strength.

The colour and style combination is another plus point for this bike. The elegant and smart combination of the style, as well as the colour, is one of the key selling propositions of this bike. Many parents prefer this colour and style combination.

Due to its size, your kids can use it even inside the house. Easy storage is another plus point due to size as you can easily hide it even beneath the bed when it is not in use.

Easy assembly is another great feature which you will like as a parent. However, some parents find it a bit difficult to fit all parts of this bike easily.

Chicco Pink Arrow Balance Bike

Our second choice is Chicco Pink Arrow Balance bike which is extremely good and lightweight. It can be used as a first bike for your kid and comes with an adjustable seat and handles.

The adjustable handles and seat are suitable for a growing child. This bike is therefore ideal for the higher age children also (up to 5 years). Since this bike is made from the ultralight metal, therefore it is easy to manage during the ride.

Tyres are made with plastic, and there is no need for inflating these tyres as they are made with hard plastic. Plastic tyres are generally vulnerable to the wear and tear, but considering the sturdy nature of this bike and hard plastic used, replacement tyres are not required at least for two to three years.

The lightweight material used makes it easy for kids to even carry this bike on their shoulders.

Some people find it challenging to assemble, significantly tightening the nuts and bolts on the bike seem an issue for some parents. But if you can properly apply the right way to assemble this unit, it can quickly be done without any trouble.


Buying a best balance uk can be a difficult choice. You need to look into lot of things before you can choose what is best for your kid. Always try to focus on buying quality instead of spending your money on cheaper models.

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