The Best Balance Bike

Best balance bike

The growing demand for balance bikes made us wonder what the market offers? And we went on a search for the best balance bike on the market. The huge variety and so many deceptive features might trap you, that’s what we felt. After an extensive and independent compilation, we are suggesting the best balance bike based on their features, durability and prices. 

Are you in a hurry? You can view the summary of the best balance bike with critical specs and latest prices.

ProductMaterialRecommended weight Weight of the bikePrice
Kinderkraft wooden balance bikeWood and eva foam 35 kg3.34 kgCheck price
Banana Bike LTMetal and eva foam25 kg2.9 kgCheck price
KORIMEFA 3 in 1 balance bikeCarbon steel and eva foam30 kg3.72 kgCheck price
Bammax balance bikeCarbon steel, PU leather, Eva15 kg1.8 kgCheck price
Y Velo Twista baby balance bikeCarbon steel and eva foam20 kg3.7 kgCheck price
Kinderkraft Space balance bikeAluminium, eva foam30 kg3.5 kgCheck price

From walking to a traditional bike riding, there is an intermediate phase of learning the reflexes of balance on a bike seat. A balance bike is a bike with no pedals but a balanced construction of the wheels and handles to offer support for the new babies to learn the art of riding. The flat bikes are meant for the core purpose of growing riding reflexes and maintaining the balance to avoid injuries, which in the case of traditional bikes are pretty much on the cards. 

We have seen parents waiting for their kids to grow enough for a bike ride, but they ignore the basic science of biking, which significantly depends on early training and build of reflex movements. According to a study based in Germany, children who had no experience of early age riding a balance bike were poor biking marathon. In contrast, the group of same age kids who have had the experience of balance bikes from the very early stage of childhood were merely outstanding in biking the traditional bikes. 

best balance bike

Why a balance bike?

Safe way to learn

If you want your child to get loaded with all the fantastic skills like cycling before he grows up, a balance bike is a safe and effective way to learn. It helps the child to learn the balancing, which will be helpful for him in the future when he shifts to a bigger bike. Not only that but the balance bike is also beneficial for building the legs muscles of your child because of the continuous use of the feet required to push the bike. 

If you are looking for a balance bike for a toddler who can not stand or walk without support, there are many balance bikes designed for the age which are generous support for your kid while he learns to walk. 

Building confidence

Balance bikes are not just to help children learn balance and biking skills. They build confidence and encourage them to learn fast at their own pace. With being able to ride a balance bike, a child will be confident to walk and stand without support. With all the control of a bike given to a child will boost his confidence and will urge them to learn more things.

Eye to hand coordination 

Eye-hand coordination is the control of eye movement with coordination to hands and the process of converting visual inputs into action using hands. This is the idea which little kids do not know about, and there are a lot of ways to teach them. One of them is a balance bike.

Beneficial to health 

Back in our days, we did not have all these electronic devices available, or we can say the abundance of electronic devices, which made us do more healthy activities and learn a lot of skills while playing outdoors. A balance bike is an excellent way in today’s time to keep your child active and provide a healthy start to their life.

 A daily ride indoors or outdoors will be great for the sake of the child’s health as well as they will develop leg strength. And if the child is made familiar with a healthy lifestyle, there is an excellent chance that they will lead to a healthy life ahead. 

More economical 

The balance bikes fulfil the need for a tricycle and training wheels. Some bikes come with 3 in 1 mode and let your kid learn step by step. You won’t have to buy a separate bike once your child grows up because the bike can be adjustable and you just have to lift the seat and handlebar according to the child’s height. Your child is good to go on the same bike.  

Quality time 

Balance bikes are not only for learning and learning. They are a great way of fun for the kids too. It is a great way to spend family time on picnic trips where you can have all the fun without carrying your child with you. He can ride a bike all he wants while you can enjoy the beauty of nature (with keeping an eye on your kid of course).

best balance bike

Our Top Pick

Kinderkraft Wooden Balance BikeClick this link to check the latest price

A perfect balance bike for your child to learn balancing skills while enjoying the ride. With its sturdy build, it can withstand weight up to 35 kgs. The sporty design of the bike encourages the child to play and learn at the same time. 


The handle of the bike is made out of one piece with which the front wheel is fitted. The limited lock movement does not let the handle to move very much to prevent your child from falling over by a sudden turn. The 38 cm lengthened handle is suitable for children ageing 3 to 5 years. 

The handlebars are coated with non-slip rubber which provides a firm grip to the hands. Extra rubber layers on the edges of the handlebars make sure that if the bike falls, handles do not get damaged by the shock.


The frame of the bike is made completely with birch wood from sustainably managed forests except for tires. The frame is tested for safety by an independent laboratory Intertek and designed under the latest standard EN 71-1. The wooden design makes this bike neat and makes it look like a toy. It is helpful to attract children to play more and learn more. 


12’’ sturdy ball-bearing wheels are provided with the bike. The tires are made of EVA foam which makes them suitable for riding the bike indoors as well as outdoors. The tires have an original trace leaving tread with a specific pattern. EVA foam tires are safe and provide a good amount of grip to prevent slipping on a smooth surface. 

The fact that the tires are made of EVA foam makes them shock absorbent so your child can learn the art of balance with ease. The issue with the material used is that they are perfect and will be long-lasting unless they are used on smooth surfaces (indoors). But if the bike is used on rough surfaces like pavements or trails, then tires might wear out after a certain time. 


Kinderkraft Wooden Bike comes with a saddle-type seat which is comfortable up to some extent but not very much for sitting for a longer period. The support of the seat is also made with wood so any sudden pressure or overweight can result in snapping of the seat. 

The seat is adjustable from 37 to 44 cm which is a bit of relief. The adjustment of the seat allows your child to be in a correct posture and comfortable while riding. 


As we have mentioned that the seat can be adjusted from the range of 37 to 44 cm but the handle is not adjustable which could have been a handy feature. The children of the targeted age grow rapidly with time and the bike should be growing with the child too. It’s a shame that the handle can not be adjusted. 


Portability is an important feature in any product which is related to your child. Because you have to carry the bike when it is not in the use of your child, Kinderkraft provides a carrying handle. Cutouts in the frame allow parents to carry the bike easily and comfortably. The bike weighs 3-4 kg and can be carried easily with one hand. 


The bike comes with a little bag attached to a handle which comes handy to store little things like a bottle of water to get the child hydrated, toys or anything small. A bell also comes with a bike’s handle which might be a favourite part of the bike for children. These small accessories add great value to the bike and increase the attractiveness for children to play more with it.

What We Like 

We like the simple design of the bike which makes it look like a toy and children like toys better. The wooden frame makes it more lightweight and easy to ride and handle for children. The limited movement of the handle to prevent the child from falling over is also an impressive feature. 

The added accessories like ring bell and a bag on the handlebar make this bike a complete fun for a child while he/she learns to balance themselves on the bike.  

What We Don’t Like

The list of this bike’s cons is not very long but nothing can be perfect and this bike is no exception. Firstly, we would like it a lot more if the footrest was provided on the bike. Without the pedals, it is difficult for a child to make his/her feet comfortable so it would have been a good addition to the bike. 

The wooden frame is unsuitable for damp conditions and you have to protect it from water. So if your child wants to go out with the bike after or during the rain, you might have to say no. And hand brakes should have been provided too, for the safety of the children. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 3.34 kg
  • Recommended user’s weight: 35 kg
  • Frame: Birchwood
  • Handle length: 38 cm
  • Tire: 12 inches
  • Tire Material: EVA Foam 
  • Accessories: Ring bell, Bag on the handlebar

Things to consider while operating 

  • Make sure that your child’s weight is well within the range of weight limit. 
  • Try not to use the bike on rough terrains. 
  • The handle’s movement is limited and can be damaged if pushed off the limits. 
  • Keep the bike away from water to protect the wood. 
  • The handbrake is not provided so keep a close eye on your little one that he does not get himself hurt while riding. 

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The Runner up 

Bammax Balance BikeClick this link to check the latest price

If you have a kid who is just ready to walk and learn how to balance, this is the bike you need. The ride-on toy is suitable for a one-year-old baby, helping them to learn how to ride and gain confidence. The bike does not have pedals which means kids have to use their legs to move the bike back and forth resulting in muscles and bones development. 


 Anti-slip EVA handlebar comes with a Bammax balance bike which is easy to grip with the stoppings provided at the edges. Since the bike is made for kids ageing 1 year, the handle comes with a 135 degrees steering limit to prevent the baby from accidentally falling. With this steering limit, no matter in which direction kids handle, there is secure protection. 


The Bammax balance bike is built with sturdy carbon steel which makes it durable and lightweight as well. Only 1.8 kg of weight tells you how light it is for a one-year-old kid to move the bike with their legs without tiring. 


As of now, we know that the balance bikes come with the tires made with EVA materials. And rightly so because they prevent slipping and are also wear-resistant. Long-lasting EVA tires are designed wider for a safe ride and to provide more control to the rider. The tires are suitable for your floor and do not leave any scratches. 


The seat of the Bammax bike is soft and comfortable thanks to the PU leather material used. It provides comfort which your little one would love considering the age. Although the seat is not adjustable it can support any kid from 10 to 20 months in normal circumstances. We would have liked it more if the seat was adjustable for the babies who are taller than their age. 


Unfortunately, this bike does not provide any adjustment feature as the seat and handle are fixed and made to be used as they are. The bike can become useless once your baby starts to grow and you will have to go for a new one. The babies touching the mark of 18 months can find it difficult to ride. 


The weight of the bike is just 1.8 kg. It is easy for parents to lift but not too easy for kids which makes it a secure option. Although you can lift the bike from its handle, providing a carrying strap would be nicer from the manufacturers. 

What We Like 

The seat of the bike is designed keeping the target age in mind which is the most likeable part of this bike. We also like the robust carbon steel structure frame that is long-lasting and very lightweight. Extra widened wheels of the bike offer a more stable and less risky ride for the kids. Overall, we have concluded that this bike has what it takes for parents to allow their one-year-old to ride this bike without any fear. 

What We Don’t Like

This bike has nothing that we don’t like but little things like adding a ring bell, which the kids love to play with, would add more to this fine product. We understand that the bell creates noise which some parents don’t want but they can be made detachable too. Other small things like no grab handle or strap make a lot of difference to some parents. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Suitable age: 10 to 24 months
  • Steering limit: 135 degrees
  • Frame material: carbon steel
  • Seat: PU leather
  • Tires: EVA foam

Things to consider while operating 

  • Since the bike is for kids of the early stage of their age, keep an eye on them while they enjoy. 
  • Make sure the safety precautions are taken if needed such as a helmet. 
  • Don’t leave your kid with the bike alone.
  • In the start, supporting your child while they ride would be more effective. 

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Best Budget-wise

Banana Bike LTClick this link to check the latest price

This balance bike is shaped like a banana, hence the name; Banana Bike. It is more fun for children to ride a bike shaped like a banana but that is not the only reason to design this bike like a fruit. With its shape, it has a low centre of gravity and more stability to a rider that makes the learning quicker. Let’s have a closer look at its other amazing features. 


The handles of the Banana Bike come with comfortable premium safety grips. Which prevents the child’s palms from getting tired. Little holes designed on the handles make sure that children make a firm grip. The bar-ends are cushioned with extra layers of rubber to avoid slipping of hands from the handle. 

The height of the handlebar is not adjustable. But with the help of a tamper-proof aluminium hex clamp, you can lock the handlebar if you don’t want your kid to move the handle. It is a handy feature while talking about safety. You won’t have to use your tools for locking the handlebar either. Adding to that, the joints of the handlebar sealed bearings for smooth steering. The handle part of the bike pretty much ticks every feature that a perfect balance bike should have.


The banana-shaped frame of the bike makes it unique. With that, the frame is also durable and can withstand weight up to 25 kg which is suitable for kids between 2 to 4 years old (depending upon their weight). 

The design of the frame is not just to attract the kids more to the bike but it has its perks. The banana design frame makes it easier for your kid to get on and off without lifting the leg over the seat. And the fact that the frame is designed to offer a low centre of gravity for more stability and less risk of falling, makes the design more thoughtful and impressive. 


11’’ tires made with EVA foam makes the ride safe and smooth for your kid. EVA foam is widely used material for balance bikes’ tires. The reason behind using them is that they are lightweight and provide a smooth experience. The tires are designed with the popped out rubber pattern which makes the traction improved and minimizes the risk of slipping. 

Another good thing about the EVA foam tires is that you won’t have to worry about the air of the tires. They are puncture proof but if your kid hits something edgy with the bike, unfortunately, the tire might get torn. To avoid any such scenarios, always choose for a safe surface to let your kid ride.    


The Banana Bike comes with the extra padded ergonomically shaped seat which is ultra-comfortable for the rider. The seat is specifically shaped to provide the comfort needed to the buttocks while riding. It can be called a proper seat and not saddle-alike-seat. Where it provides comfort, it is also durable.

A quick release clamp can be used to adjust the height of the seat from 31 to 40 cm (12.2’’ to 15.7’’). Clamps are easy and quick to adjust without any tools required but are prone to break too. Additionally, there is a grab handle under the seat for the parents to provide support to their kids. And there are no exposed staples or screws under the seat so don’t worry about hurting your hands. 


In terms of adjustability, the Banana Bike is also limited. It provides you with the adjustable seat but not the handle. Although the handle is of a standard size and could be suitable for all still the flexibility to adjust the handle would be nice. 


Portability of this bike is made amazingly easy because of its weight. This bike weighs only 22.9 kg. Yes! You read that right. It is that light. It is easy to transport when it comes to its weight but can be difficult to grip as the bike does not include any carrying handle or any straps that can be used to lift the bike. But still, you can always carry it from the frame.

What We Like 

We love the design and the thought put into the design to make it more attractive for kids and provide so much value at the same time. The design that makes it easy to get on and off, the tires with improved traction and the comfortable seat along with the grab handle, makes this a great balance bike for the kids to play with. 

What We Don’t Like 

First thing first, we did not like the fact that the bike comes without any accessories. A small ring bell on the handlebar would have made the bike more loveable by the kids. Other than that, an adjustable handlebar is not available with this model which is a kind of a setback if you want to grow the bike with your kid’s age. 


  • Recommended age: 24 months and up
  • Suggested Maximum Weight: 25 Kgs
  • Seat height range: 31 cm to 40 cm
  • Wheel size: 11 inches
  • Bike weight: 2.9 kgs

Things to consider while operating

  • Make sure the bike is assembled properly before taking your kid for a ride. 
  • After adjusting the seat, check that the clamp is tightened correctly or not. 
  • Make sure the seat is adjusted in a way that the jacket of the child does not get stuck in the rear wheel. 
  • Avoid taking the bike on rough surfaces. 

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KORIMEFA 3 IN 1 Kids TrikeClick this link to check the latest price

Having a balance bike for your kid is a nice way to help him learn essential bike skills but what about having a bike which can be used as a tricycle as well as a balance bike? Yes! Korimefa offers a bike which can be used three ways to help your kid learn to balance step by step. The bike can be used as a pedal tricycle, sliding tricycle (without pedals) and as a balance bike. It is suitable for boys and girls ageing 1 to 3 years old so you won’t have to buy a new one when the kid gets used to it, you just have to fold the rear wheels. We will tell you how.  


26 cm of handlebar made with advanced EVA materials which provide a non-slip grip to your kid. The soft handle grips allow a firm grip while ensuring safety and comfort to the kids. The 120 degrees steering limit allows your baby to be safe and prevent him from falling over. The length of the handlebar is quite short which makes it a little bit difficult to control. 


The frame of this bike is made with carbon steel, which makes it very sturdy. The frame of the bike is safe and straightforward for kids to enjoy the ride and learn without getting themselves hurt. There are no screws exposed on any part of the bike. With its firm built, it will not be damaging any time soon. As we have mentioned before that this bike has 3 ways to use, let’s get into the details. 

Three-wheel sliding mode

In this mode, the bike’s pedals are detached and used as a tricycle. This mode is ideal for toddlers from 10 to 24 months because they don’t have a good balance ability and the pedals might not be reachable for them. 

Pedal tricycle mode

When the baby starts growing, attach the pedals again to make the bike tricycle with pedals. It will help your baby to learn balance along with developing legs strength. Keep in mind that pedals might require a little bit of force to move and some babies will have difficulties with them too.  

Two-wheel balance bike mode 

At last, when you feel that your kid is ready for a balance bike without the pedals and three wheels, detach the pedals and fold the rear wheels to get a two-wheeled balance bike. The removed pedals can be placed on the pedal fixture provided on the front of the frame. 


The tires of this bike are also made from EVA foam materials. The front wheel is a little bigger than the rear one to offer a more stable and controlled ride. They are non-slip and offer great traction that is required for the babies to ride safely. The wheels are fully enclosed and no edges are left while finishing to ensure that the kids do not get hurt while pedalling. The tires are most suitable for indoor riding or on the driveway.  


A comfortable PU leather seat comes with the bike. The shape of the seat is well-designed which ensures that your baby won’t fall off. The soft material used in the seat is comfortable enough for your kid to ride the bike for a long time without hurting the bottom. 


The Korimefa bike offers a wide range of adjustability. Pretty much every part of the bike is adjustable. The seat can be adjusted from 11.8 to 14.2 inches. The handlebar is not height adjustable, however, the angle of the handle can be adjusted. It has a normal angle of 35 degrees and can be angled 90 degrees forward and 90 degrees backward. 


The fact that this bike weighs around 4 kg, makes it easy to carry and transport. If you are heading towards the park and the road is not smooth, you can carry the bike easily. But it would have been easier if there was some kind of carrying handle or at least a strap provided. 

What We Like 

There are a lot of features to be liked in this bike. First off, it offers 3 riding modes for different ages and experiences which makes this bike unique. Its big wide seat with suitable adjustability and the ergonomic handle adds more value to the product. The robust built of the bike with the use of carbon steel makes it robust and lightweight at the same time.

Overall, this bike is designed to meet all the needs of the babies from age 1 to 3 years with the price which is affordable for everyone. 

What We Don’t Like 

The handle of the bikes seems to be big in terms of diameter and the babies can not get a hold of. And there is nothing specific handle or cut out available in the bike for parents to carry it which is a bit of a letdown. 


  • Weight: 3.72 kgs
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Seat material: PU leather
  • Seat height range: 11.8 – 14.2 inches
  • Tires type: EVA foam

Things to consider while operating

  • When converting the tricycle into a two-wheeled bike, make sure the rear wheels are locked properly.
  • Check carefully that the pedals are not stiff and do not require a lot of force. 

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Y Velo Twista Baby Balance BikeClick this link to check the latest price

Don’t let the difficult name distract you from the fact that this bike is super easy and comfortable to use for kids older than 18 months. This 2 in 1 bike offers 2 different modes for 2 different learning stages. This bike acts just like another toy for your little one while he can learn how to balance and eye-hand coordination. 


The handles of the bike are made with the plastic unlike other bikes of the same category. The handles provide a good grip and kids can grab the handle fully. But there are some downsides of using plastic for making handles. The plastic heats up on a sunny day making the bike uncomfortable to handle. The handlebar is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the child’s height and comfort. 


The toy-alike frame of the bike makes it more attractive and kids love to ride the bike and learn the skills while they enjoy their ride. The frame seems pretty sturdy and bolts are neatly covered so the kid’s leg does not get hurt while riding. 

This bike comes with 2 learning modes for kids. The width of the rear wheels can be adjusted according to the child’s confidence and age. The weight limit which the bike can bear easily is around 20 kg which is very limited when it comes to children aged 18 months to 4 years. 


Three foam rubber tires are designed in a way that they provide a smooth ride with shock-absorbing technology. The shock-absorbing feature was a missing feature for a long time in balance bikes which is now available in this bike. The tires are puncture-proof too so you will not have to worry about the air of the tires.

The rear wheels can operate in two modes. You can spread the rear wheels wide apart to make the bike more balanced and stable for your toddler in initial stages of learning. When you feel that the kid is gaining confidence and has developed balancing skills, then you can switch to two-wheeled balance bike mode. 


The seat of the bike is adjustable with the help of a simple knob placed under the seat. Although the seat has a padded surface on the top it has a lot of plastic on the sides of the seat which can become uncomfortable for some kids after sitting on it for a while. 

The seat can be adjusted from 10.3” – 13.39’’, which is compatible with the kids ageing from 18 months to 4 years. 


Y Velo Twista bike provides a range of adjustability from handle to rear wheels. The height of the handle is adjustable and so is the seat. The rear wheels are also designed to be adjusted in two ways for two different learning stages. 

As we have mentioned that the seat of the bike is adjustable but with the age limit this bike offers, the height offered is not suitable. So after your kid starts growing and gets older than 3 years, seats and handles are going to be shorter for him/her. 


The weight of this balance bike is 3.7 kg, making it a little heavier than compared to the other balance bikes. But it would not be a problem for you to carry. Carrying the bike could have one downside that the tires can touch your clothes and make them dirty because of the fact this bike does not have any grab handle. 


Y Velo Twista baby balance bikes do not come with any accessories which can make the bike more loveable by the children. But it does come with an assembly kit which makes it likeable for parents at least. 

What We Like

We like the design and the frame of the bike which is made with considering every aspect of children’s learning. It is sturdy and safe with its 2 training modes for different learning stages. The bolts are neatly covered so that nothing edgy is left behind to hurt the kids. We like it because toddlers love this bike. The style and the control it provides makes the kids more confident about their balancing skills.  

What We Don’t Like 

The handle is a crucial part of the balance bike in terms of learning and gaining confidence for the toddlers. In this bike, plastic handles are used rather than the common EVA foam handles. Plastic is not heat-resistant and can heat up. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Seat height: 25.5 cm – 34 cm
  • Maximum recommended weight: 20 kg
  • “Twist and Click” wheel adjustment

Things to consider while operating 

  • Make sure that your kid is well protected when riding the bike. 
  • Adjust the seat properly for your kid to enjoy the ride comfortably. 
  • The handle and seat of the bike grow with the baby’s age but also consider the weight of the baby as the weight limit is just 20 kgs. 

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Kinderkraft Space Balance BikeClick this link to check the latest price

Now, this is what we can call a complete balance bike which develops a child’s ability to maintain balance. It is a bike, just like others but with a whole lot of features like handbrake, footrest to provide a more secure ride and other accessories like ring bells to attract the children. The age limit for this balance bike is 3 to 5 years because of its big frame. 


The handles are designed ergonomically to provide the utmost comfort to the child’s hands. The rubber grips provided on the handles make a good grip and keeps the child’s hands from slipping off the handlebars. 

We found the lockable feature of the handle very impressive which allows you to lock the handle to prevent the excessive movement and protect your kid from falling over. 


The frame of the bike is made with aluminium which provides a robust finish along with the stylish and shiny look. The frame is designed in a way so that the children can get on and off easily while developing motor skills. It is neatly finished and no bolts are left uncovered for the safety of children’s legs. 

The footrest added on the frame makes this bike unique from all the other balance bikes. It helps the child to rest their foot before pushing the bike with their other foot. The footrest does not disturb the leg movement of the child either. It was a much-needed feature that most of the bikes were missing. 


The tires of the Kinderkraft space bike are made out of durable foam and are ideal to provide high traction and no slipping. The rear wheel is somewhat bigger than a front one for ensuring a super-balanced ride. 

The foam used to make the tires are firm and puncture-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the tire being flat when your kid wants a ride. The fact that the bike does come with a safe handbrake mounted on the right side of the handlebar makes this bike more valuable, the brake allows the child to stop the bike with the brake and not with dragging the feet on the ground.


A big saddle-like seat is designed for big kids according to their needs. The soft saddle ensures a comfortable and easy ride for your child. With this seat, your kid is not going to be very soon. The seat of the bike is height adjustable too and can be adjusted according to the needs and comfortability of the child. 


If your toddler is taller than his age, there is no reason to not let him ride the bike. Because this bike offers a good amount of adjustability with its handlebar and seat. The adjustments can be made with the metal clamps provided on the seat and handlebar without using any tools. 


The portability of the bike is made super easy with the weight of 3.1 kg. The light weight makes the bike easy to carry if you want to store it or put it in the boot of the car while going on a picnic. 


After reviewing so many balance bikes, we have finally found a bike which comes with accessories. A little textile bag mounted on the handlebar is a great way to carry your child’s favourite toys or a bottle of water. Kids always love the bells and Kinderkraft realized the need and included a bell, mounted on the left side of the handlebar. So the children can warn the people on a pedestrian like an old man. 

What We Like 

There are a lot of features on this bike which we like but the most likeable is the footrest. The footrest is much needed for any balance bike since there are no pedals on them on which the kids can rest their feet. It prevents unnecessary dragging of the feet on the ground and kids can rest their feet once they get momentum. The footrest also comes with a non-slip element on them to avoid any sudden slip of the feet. 

The other features to like are the accessories, of course. Little kids love the ring bells and a carry bag to take their favourite toy along with them for a ride. 

What We Don’t Like  

Being honest, there is not much to dislike about this product except that the carry strap does not come with the purchase as it is shown in an advert video. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 3-4 kg
  • User’s recommended weight: up to 35 kg
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Age range: 3 to 5 years
  • Size: 84 x 59 x 36

Things to consider while operating 

  • Before letting your child use this bike, make sure the drum brakes are not too stiff.
  • Keep the seat a little higher than the default adjustment so the clothes of the child do not get stuck in the rear wheel. 
  • Do not let the kid ride the bike on a wet surface because, without a mudguard, the clothes of the child will get messy. 

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Buyer’s Guide For Best Balance Bike 

A balance bike also called a Training Bicycle, is a great way for children to learn balancing and steering skills. It comes without any pedals which means the children have to push the bike with their feet. It helps the children to develop leg strength and bone development. In the start, you will have to provide support with your hands to prevent your child from falling and boost the confidence of the child. With time, the child will start feeling confident and will be able to push the bike with the feet and control the bike. 

A balanced bike enables your child to master the necessary skills and build the motor reflexes while growing up on it from the very initial stage of childhood. Later on, when you provide a traditional bike, your kid’s legs won’t shake due to nervousness. In addition to that, this cycling from the early stage makes his legs muscle strong and overall body workout helps in growth and muscles development. If your toddler is up for walking at the age of over 1- 1.5 years, you can buy a balanced bike and help him explore his limb’s reflexes. 

Many of the parents let their children grow old and then think of buying a bike for them but little do they know the balance bikes are made for every age of children starting from 10 months onwards. There are so many reasons for you to go for a balance bike that you will start wondering “why doesn’t everyone get one for their child?”. But the good thing is, you are here looking for the best balance bike for your child and we will guide you through every aspect that the best balance bike should have. By the end of the guide, you will be certain about what you need for your little warrior. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Balance Bike 

Is your kid ready for a bike? 

Your kid must be ready for a balance bike. To determine that, make sure that your child can get both of their feet flat on the floor while sitting on a bike. So don’t rush in to buy one before the kid is not ready.

The common size in which the bikes come is 12’’ wheels. But all balance bikes are different in terms of their frame and insider measurement. So make sure to measure your child’s inside measurement and even better if you make them stand over the bike while looking for a bike.

Do you want a bike with or without brakes?

Keep in mind that most of the balance bikes do not come equipped with handbrakes. Every parent wants to make sure the bike is secure and safe for their child before giving all the control to the child and hand brakes make the bikes safer. But there is also the fact that the children from 1 to 3 years are unlikely to have a reaction time or response time to operate the brakes even if they are provided.

Some parents want the brakes in a balance bike to get their child familiar with the concept of using brakes before moving on to the bike with pedals. Not having a handbrake means your kid will have to stop the bike using their feet which is not preferred by some parents. So keep in mind what you want before buying the balance bike.

How heavy the bike should be? 

Considering the age of the child you are looking for a balance bike, the weight of the bike is crucial. A very heavy bike built with steel will be difficult for a child to handle. You should always look for a lighter one while not compromising on the quality and durability. And the lightweight bike is not convenient for kids only but the parents too. You have to carry the bike to store it or to put it in the car trunk when leaving for a family trip.

Where are you going to use the bike? 

The choice of bikes varies with the fact that which kind of surface you are going to use the bike. If you want a bike indoors then a bike with common EVA foam tires will be ideal as they are anti-puncture and provide a great amount of traction on a slippery floor. These tires provide a smooth and steady ride. 

EVA foam tires can be used on paved surfaces as well unless there are no rough patches which could damage the tires. 

Why is the frame important? 

The frame of the balance bike should be designed with sturdy and durable materials and yet lightweight. The frame of the bike endures all the weight of the child and has to be strong. Also, the maximum weight a bike can bear depends upon the frame’s material and design. 

The frames should be designed in a way that a child does not have to lift their leg to get on the bike. Lower the frame of the bike is, lower the centre of gravity. It helps kids to maintain balance and prevent falling over. 

Will the bike grow with your kid? 

Adjustability is an essential feature that every bike should have but many of the balance bikes do not come with it. In the early age, the child grows at rapid speed. The bikes which do not offer a seat and handle adjustment option, are likely to be useless and you don’t want your investment to be in vain after a while. 

Some models provide an option to lower or raise the handlebar as well as the seat. Make sure the default size of the bike is perfect for your child. So when the child starts growing, you can raise the seat and handlebar with them to use the bike through the early stages of the child. 

Choosing The Perfect Balance Bike 

Choosing a perfect balance bike for your kid is a simple task when you know the details of what is necessary. They are simpler than pedal bikes, small and easy to operate while costing far less. But do not get distracted as there are many things you still want to consider before making a choice. Here are the deciding factors which play a key role in providing the best experience for your child. 


Size is the first thing you should consider when buying a balance bike. They are not the same as the pair of pants, the bike has to be fit for the child in coming months too. 

If you get a bike which is too big to get the feet of the child on ground or too small can make your kid feel uncomfortable. If the child is not happy with the bike, they won’t want to ride it. 

The common size of the balance bike is 12’’ or 14’’ which is the size of tires. Although tires size can be used to measure it is not indicative of the frame size. And when you are measuring the bike with the tires, make sure to check the seat height as well. 

These questions can be helpful to figure out if the size is right for your child or not:

  • Is your child able to stand over the bike easily?
  • Are the handlebars reachable for a child while sitting?
  • Is the seat adjustable or not?
  • Is the child able to place the feet on the ground easily while sitting? 


A seat is a crucial element for the comfort of your child. Seat height can vary largely and independent of the size of bike and tires. 

The seat height of the balance bikes starts from 10’’ and can go up to adult-sized seats; 40’’. The best way to figure out that if it is suitable for your little one is to measure their inseam. An easier way is to get them to stand over it. 

After determining the size, make sure the seat is ergonomically designed and comfortable to sit for your child. Some bikes use a lot of plastics on the seat which makes the bottom of the child sweaty and uncomfortable. 


Tires of the balance bikes come in different forms such as solid foam, pneumatic (A tire inflated with air), honeycomb, rubber and plastic. Most of the bikes use solid foam or in some cases, pneumatic. 


These tires are commonly used in bikes for older children because they are a little heavy. Pneumatic tires provide a smooth and cushioned ride. Plus, they come in various tread patterns which are great for traction. In some cases, they are either knobby similar to mountain bike tires and sometimes a standard tread pattern. 

The tread pattern can make a big difference when it comes to a terrain where your child will be riding the bike. Choose the best pattern according to the terrain you will allow your child to ride a bike. 

There are some downsides of the pneumatic tires along with all the good things. They are not suitable for riding indoors. They are also prone to puncture. Any pointy thing on a pavement can flat the tire while your child is riding. Although sealant can be used to prevent these situations, it can still be dangerous when the tire gets flat because the bike can get out of control. 

EVA foam tires 

This type of tires is widely used in balance bikes especially which are made for toddlers thanks to their lightweight, traction and low maintenance. These tires do not provide the optimal cushioning or grip that other tires do, but they are anti-puncture and they do not need air to be filled. They are ideal for indoor use as well as paved surfaces. 

Frame Material 

The material used to build the frame of the balance bikes varies according to the price. Here are the most common materials which are used for balance bikes. 


Steel balance bikes have a huge edge over other materials used in the balance bikes which is called “Durability”. There are not many materials which can stand up to the viciousness of the kids. 

As we know everything comes at a cost, the steel frames tend to be heavier than the frames made with other materials. And in some cases, more expensive. The weight can be an issue for children smaller than 3 years as they will not be able to balance the bike or lift it from the ground. Rust is another issue if the bike is left unused for some time. in all weather conditions.


Aluminium is used widely in the balance bikes to make them lightweight and durable side by side. The aluminium is mostly used in bikes which are made for adults or older children. The bikes made with aluminium are long-lasting, rust-proof and lightweight but can be more expensive than other bikes. 


Plastic is not the material which many of the parents would want but they are still used for cheaper balance bikes. Plastic is usually not as sturdy as the steel or aluminium bikes but it is lightweight and easy for kids to play with.

But keep in mind that every plastic is not fragile. Some manufacturers produce bikes using strong glass-reinforced plastic which is highly durable and lightweight too. But then, they are not cheap either. 


Wooden framed balance bikes are not very common but are available in the market and liked by many, thanks to the classic look it provides. They provide an affordable option while keeping the balance between cost, weight and durability. 

The concern with the wooden bike is that it will go to rack and ruin more rapidly than the other materials. 


Be careful about the weight of the balance bike while buying. The heavier the bike is, the harder it will be for your child to ride and control it. The harder it is to ride, the less child wants to ride it. 

The weight depends upon the material and tires of the bike. If the bike is made with steel, it will be definitely heavier and lightweight if the aluminium is used. As a rough idea, try to go for a bike that weighs 25% of your child’s weight. 

Weight is not only an issue for a child but parents too. There is a high possibility of mood swings of your kid while coming back from a park and he refuses to ride the bike. In that case, you will have to carry the bike all the way home if you are walking. So you don’t want the bike to be heavy. 


Usually, the balance bikes do not come with the brakes and children are most likely to stop the bike using their feet. And if they are going fast, it takes some time to gradually stop the bike.

Some of the balance bikes provide a handbrake or drum brake on the side of the handlebar. This can be a key learning aspect for your child to get used to a brake’s phenomenon. And that might actually stop them from using their feet to stop and messing up their shoes. 

The hand brake requires strength to operate so you have to keep in mind your child’s physical ability as well as confidence. Also, check the brakes before buying that they are not stiff and easily reachable to your child while sitting. 

Turning Limiters

Turning limiter feature is used in balance bikes to keep the toddlers’ steering movement limited. The basic idea to limit the handle is to provide a safer and straightforward ride to children preventing any sharp turns which might result in an accident. 

The limiter does not disturb the steering of the front wheel, however, the child won’t be able to turn the handle completely which could lead to a crash or falling over. 

If you want your child to move freely and learn how to take turns, then you can also disable the lock by yourself. 


A footrest is not an essential part of the balance bikes and is not very common among the bikes too. But it can provide a great convenience to children if they want to rest their feet or place one foot on the footrest to gain momentum with the other. 

Footrests are great for children that are confident and learnt to balance the bike without dragging their feet on the ground. They will also be useful when the child gains enough speed and wants to coast for a long period. 

While looking to buy a bike with footrests, make sure that they don’t hinder the movement of your child or have any edges which can cause any injury. Footrests with a non-slip surface are safer and provide sure-footing.


After choosing the right size, it comes to comfort. The grips and seat are the crucial points to be chosen carefully as they are only touchpoints of the bike. The grips greatly affect how the child will control the bike. 

Make sure the grips are ergonomically designed and not too big. To provide extra protection and prevent slipping of the hands, look for grips that have layers of rubber at the edges of the grips. It also protects the handle as well as the floor from scratches, in case the bike falls. They will also protect your child’s hand from hitting the ground if they fall off. 

Covered Bolts 

The bolts of the wheels, handle and footrests are usually covered neatly but still make sure that no bolt is left exposed. If the bolts are left uncovered, they are a potential threat of injury if your kid brushes up against them. Check closely if all the bolts are or if the rounded bolts are used.


After buying the balance bike, you will surely want it to last longer. Here are some basic things you can do to increase the bike’s life. 

Tyres: if you have inflatable tires, ensure tires are pumped up fully to their specified pressure and any dirt removed. The tires with less pressure will require extra energy of your child and are prone to get flat easily. 

But, if you have EVA foam tires, just make sure to clean them once after a while and keep a check if there is any cut in the tires.

Bearing: bearings do not need oiling very often but give it a check after some time. If the handle, wheels and brakes feel stiff or squeaky, then use a lubricant to get rid of it.

Cleaning: make sure the bike is clean and dry especially if they are made with steel or wood. Because these materials are prone to rust or degradation. Keep the bike indoors when not in use. 

Essentials for safety 

Now you have a great idea of what a perfect balance bike looks like, it’s time to talk about the essentials your child needs before riding a bike. There is nothing more important to parents than the child’s safety and here is what you can do to provide your child with a safe ride. 

Helmet: when buying a balance bike, do not forget to buy a helmet for your child too. Keep in mind that the helmet should not be a surprise and bought after trying and testing on your child. 

Wearing a helmet also develops a good habit of taking safety precautions later in your child’s life when they start operating bigger things. 

Safety Pads: although it is not necessary to use safety pads for knee and elbow, you can always use them if you are taking your child with you outside 

e. Having extra safety in the shape of pads will make the child feel safer and more makes them willing to take small risks and learn without any fear. 

As soon as the child becomes an expert and when you feel their skills are enough to ride safely, you can allow them to ride without pads.

FAQ about balanced bike

  • What Age is Best for a Balanced bike?

Generally, they can sit and ride a balanced bike at the age of 18-20 months. In a few cases of slow growth and late walking of the child due to overweight or low bone functioning, they may start riding a balanced bike after two years of age. They can keep riding a balanced bike at the age of 5-6 years and then you can shift them to a small pedal bike to see how much balanced and control they have developed over this period. 

  • What is better? Balance bike or tricycle?

Honestly, both of them. The science of balance involved in tricycles is the balance coming from the trio-wheel setup from the base which is quite satisfying from the look. In tricycles, the pedals aren’t great to focus on balancing skills, rather they enjoy the pedalling.  On the other hand, a balanced bike emphasizes more on the balancing and motor skills development. You can have any of these two without any hesitation, as far as the safety of the child is concerned. 

  • Can you use a regular bike as a balance bike?

Surely, you can by removing the cranks, chain and pedals. But we don’t recommend this due to the seat inability to adjust, the height issue and thin structure of the wheels. Also, not as safe as a typical balance bike, so why to risk your child safety?

  • What’s the benefit of a balanced bike?

The first and foremost is the safety of the child. Parents simply can’t afford to handover the pedal big bikes to their kids without any prior training. And what time could be the best time than early childhood to train young toddlers. It also boosts the confidence level of the child. Furthermore, the motor reflexes such as hand-eye coordination get better and better over this training phase. Apart from training and muscle coordination, biking at the early stage of childhood helps in muscle development and good functioning of bones formation. It is an economical exercise tool, that can provide quality time fun and healthier activity to the child. 

  • How do you transition from balance bike to pedals bike?

Normally, the balanced bike is given at the age of 2 years of age but sometimes, even earlier. While at the age of  5-6 years, you can test the ability of balance and motor activity of your child by providing a pedal bike. Some parents do rush to provide a pedal bike which isn’t wise at all. Not all kids are equally good at building strong reflexes, some take extra time, let them do their training phase for longer and when you feel confident enough, provide them with a pedal bike. 

  • How high a balanced bike seat should be?

Height of the seat can vary from bike to bike but one thing should be kept in mind that your kid should easily sit and eat and touch the ground while pushing off. Seat height varies in bw 10’’ for young kids and upto 40’’ for adults, so it is independent of the size of tyres and length of the cycle. 

In other ways to understand the height of the balance bike, it should be 1’’ to 1.5’’ less than the child’s inseam. All these modern bikes have adjustable seats and you can set it up according to the ease and comfort  of the rider. 


A best balance bike is the first step for a toddler to learn riding a bike and build the reflexes of motor reflexes. Furthermore, It has other benefits such as muscular growth, mental health, bone formation etc. In order to hunt the best balance bike, we went on a journey of search and huge filtration/compilation of the balanced bikes and brought you the top-rated balance bikes available in the market. 

The market has a huge variety so after reviewing the 6 best balance bikes, we have gone further to provide you with the detailed buyer’s guide and FAQ. We do recommend cross check the features of a bike with your needs, such as child weight, the surface of riding, seat adjustability etc. We hope you will hunt the best balance bike for your baby.

Good luck with buying it.

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