Best Buggy For Toddler

Best Buggy For Toddler

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There are many things you have to bag when you are taking your baby or toddler for an outing, let alone on holiday, so choosing the best buggy for toddler that is compact and makes everything more manageable is essential. 

In recent years, there is a boom of lightweight buggies to make it compact and easy to carry but at the same time, their maximum weight limit is low which may not be suitable if you have a taller or heavier child. The best toddler buggies are those which are not compromised on comfort and design to make it less bulky. 

We have rounded up some of the best buggies for toddlers that have a fairly high weight limit with the prices that suit all the budgets. We have reviewed pushchairs offering a maximum weight limit up to 25 kg and can support the bigger kids. 

Check out the following table for the best buggy for a toddler. 

Toddler Buggies Key featuresRecommended weight/age Price 

Cosatto Woosh 2 Pushchair
Carbon fibre frame5-point safety harnessLockable swivel front wheels

From birth to 25 kg

Check price here

Hauck Duett 2 
Aluminium frameDouble seating unitRemovable lower seat

From birth  to 15 kg (each)

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Maydolly Baby Pushchair
Fully reclinable backrest Three wheelsExtendable canopy

From birth to toddler (20 kg) 

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Hauck Roadster Duo SLX
Aluminium frame Double seating unit 5-point safety harness 
From birth to 15 kg (each)

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Mychild Nimbus Single Buggy
One-handed foldLockable front swivel wheels Detachable hood with viewing window 

From birth to 15 kg

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Best Buggy For Toddler

Best Buggy For Toddler

Cosatto Woosh 2 Pushchair

Woosh 2 is a perfectly designed buggy for your toddler that can be used from birth to max weight of 25 kg. So investing in a new buggy when your little one gains weight is out of the question. 

It has a sturdy frame build with aluminium that makes it lightweight and durable as well. It also has a smooth folding mechanism and becomes very small when folded (L57 x W38 x D49cm) allowing you to fit in any car’s boot easily. It weighs just 7.2 kg and can be carried with ease when not in use. 

High-quality fabric used in this buggy is perfect to survive any kind of weather conditions with the help of the original Cosatto rain cover and a UPF100+ hood. A double-length sun visor is perfect to protect your child from damaging sun’s rays.

It has lockable swivel front wheels for quick manoeuvres and you can lock it if your route has not many turns. The seat is roomy and highly comfortable and the backrest can be reclined fully if you are using it for newborn. 

Lightweight buggy with waterproof ripstop on the seat, Woosh 2 comes with a storytelling pattern that kids love, all at an affordable price, it has it all that any parent would want to trust their little ones with. 

Hauck Duett 2 

If you have a baby and toddler or twins, you don’t have to buy separate buggies for them. Hauck Duett 2 is there to make things easy, simple and cheaper. And if your older child starts walking on his own and you are wondering would you still have to stroll around with a buggy with one seat empty, the answer is NO! 

The second seat can be removed easily and converted into a single stroller. Not just that, the upper seat can be installed in both directions and can be converted into a carrycot for newborns. The lower seat can be used for children older than 6 months. 

The weight of this toddler buggy is pretty heavy (16 kg) but thanks to its suspension, swivel front wheels and the rear wheels with protection, it is easy to push and steer on most of the terrains. The high-quality aluminium frame assures the maximum weight limit of 15 kg per seat and if you are using it as a single buggy, consider it 30 kg. The basket underneath the buggy can also withstand 6 kg of weight separately. 

Compactly foldable toddler buggy comes with a footmuff and two rain covers and it can also be converted into a carrycot for newborns so it surely saves you a lot of money.

Maydolly Baby Pushchair

This 3-wheeler toddler buggy is the essence of urban mobility. It is a lightweight, compact and robust buggy that will last for years. Its sleek and stylish design makes it a perfect pick for you and your toddler to enjoy the outings.  

The backrest and the footrest are adjustable into a flat position if the baby falls asleep. The handlebars are also adjustable according to the user’s height to make it more comfortable to handle for parents as well.  

The Maydolly pushchair has an easy and simple folding mechanic that allows you to fold the buggy in no time. Push the lever and press the button with one hand and the stroller will be easily folded making it easy for transportation and storing. 

Thanks to Maydolly’s three large wheels, it is suitable for all kinds of terrains with its swivelling lockable front wheel. Its EVA wheels adapt to a variety of terrains such as park paths, brick floors and even beaches. And if it interests you, this buggy can also be used as a running buggy. 

Customer Impression

The basic feature that every parent looks for in a buggy is how light it is. Because steering the buggy weighing more than 15 kg becomes pretty hard when you put your child in it. So the parents prefer a lightweight buggy but that does not mean a compromise on the durability of the buggy. Comfortable seats, lightweight, sturdy frame, high-quality tires and accessories make a buggy best for toddlers and parents too. 

The compactness of the buggy when folded is also a big concern for the parents as some have small car boot and big and bulky buggies won’t fit in it. So if you are up for buying one, do consider the buggy’s size when folded. 


All the features that any parent would want in a stroller are present in our list of best buggies for toddlers. Just that some have different uses and you have to decide what suits you the best. Double or a tandem buggy is an ideal option if you have two kids or if the second one is on its way.  A compact single buggy with super lightweight can be the one for you if you have a small car boot. It all just depends on what you need. 

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