Best Compact Pushchair From Birth

Best Compact Pushchair From Birth

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With a newborn baby, the primary concern to manage, as the main priority, is that infants should be in a lying position for the first half-year to help with lung and spine development. Thus, you will need a pram that accompanies a carrycot attachment, or one that leans back completely.

Purchasing the best compact pushchair from birth for a newborn can be as overwhelming, tedious, and, at times, as costly as purchasing a used vehicle. In a perfect world, whichever one you pick you will additionally have the option to change over into a seat sometime in the future. A few carrycots are reasonable for overnight sleeping, which implies you will not need to fork out for a different travel cot in the early months.

Beyond that, your choice will to a great extent be dictated by your budget and way of life. Make sure to check the measurements to guarantee it fits into your car boot and house.

In a hurry? The following is the list of our recommended best compact pushchair for newborns.

Graco Duo Pushchair·   Dual seats.·   Adjustable.·   swivel lock wheels.·   Added security.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-3years.Buy on Amazon
Silver Cross Pop Star Pushchair·   Padded bumper bar.·   UPF 50+ hood.·   Added security.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-6years.Buy on Amazon
Chicco Passeggini Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Compact.·   Adjustable seat.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-2years.Buy on Amazon
Baby Jogger Travel Pushchair·   Compact·   Lightweight·   Added security.·   Auto-lock.·   Adjustable seat.·   Durable tires.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-5years.Buy on Amazon
Maxi Cosi Laika Pushchair·   Ultra-compact.·   Flexible set.·   Easy to use.·   Added security.·   Storage basket.·   Rain cover.0-3.5years.Buy on Amazon

Best Compact Pushchair From Birth

Graco Duo Pushchair

To make life easier with babies, this pushchair is designed for the comfort of your child so you can carry out your daily errands with ease. This stroller is a dual pushchair for twins or parents with two young kids. The back seat is suitable for babies but the front seat is advised to be used for children over the age of 6 months


The seats are padded, soft, and comfortable so your baby feels at ease. The backseat is reclined so the baby is in a lying position, as advised. However, the seat can be reclined or brought up to a sitting position as well. It has 4 different seat settings that allow the user to adjust settings according to their child’s growth. The stroller is easy to fold, using only one hand, and has an auto-lock to keep the stroller packed. The front seat of the stroller can also be removed if there is no need and set aside for future use.

The stroller features a large storage basket for storing the child’s belongings or shopping bags. The stroller also has a rain cover to protect the child from rain or harsh sun. The handle has foam pads so the parent can comfortably push the stroller around. Moreover, cup holders and a small tray are added for refreshments. The stroller has lockable swivel wheels. They are durable and run smoothly. There are also 3-point security straps to keep the child safe and secure.

Customer Verdict

A perfect product that is compact, foldable, and easy to store. With great, accommodating features, parents can’t help but recommend it to others. However, the brakes of the wheels are not as ideal.

Best Compact Pushchair From Birth

Silver Cross Pop Star Pushchair

Designed for comfort, this stroller is ideal for babies since it provides many great features that ensure the baby’s safety and ease. It’s ideal help for busy parents.


Intended for comfort and accommodation with a padded guard bar and a cushioned 5-point saddle, the Silver Cross pop star pushchair is intended to keep your little one comfortable on each outing.

Suitable from birth, this pushchair has a reclined seat which is ideal for new-born. Older kids can decide to rest or sit up and watch the world pass by. It has been designed with a strong chassis, a spacious seat, and a higher seat back to support growing kids easily and there is additionally a customizable leg rest to help little legs. The seat has a 5-point safety strap and a padded handlebar so your child remains secure and strapped in.

Additional highlights for your little one’s comfort include a completely broadened, and ventilated hood which offers SPF 50+ assurance on sunny days, and a ventilated rain cover to help ensure your youngster is safe and shielded during rain or heavy winds.

At the point when not being used, this stroller will fold effectively. With the guard bar connected for convenient storage, and the carry handle on the case helps while lifting or carrying the folded carriage.

Customer Verdict

This great quality pushchair is a must-have for many parents. The comfortable stroller is easy to manoeuvre and store. It has some great features such as the added security, sunroof, rain cover, which more than protect the child and keep them comfortable. However, just like with the previous model, this stroller needs improvement on its brakes as well.

Chicco Passeggini Pushchair

For the ease of parents and the comfort of the kids, the Chicco Passeggini pushchair is the ideal choice.


This stroller is lightweight and compact. With a single hand, it can be folded and locked for easy storage. It can also be placed in the trunk of your car when travelling.

The seat is comfortable and has two reclining positions so the child can take a nap or be relaxed while out and about. The seat comes with a 5-point security strap that keeps your child secure and strapped in. A padded handle is also added in the front of the seat for added security.

The wheels of the pushchair are durable and solid and ensure that the child does not experience a lot of bumps when in the pushchair. They also ensure smooth manoeuvrability. The stroller also has a rain cover to protect from rain or heavy winds. It also has a storage basket for personal belongings or shopping bags.

Customer Verdict

Lightweight, compact, and smooth movement, this stroller is ideal for parents and kids. It is comfortable and has added security for the safety of the child. It is perfect for travelling or daily use since it can be folded and stored in the car easily.


Newborn babies tend to spend their entire days sleeping. Hence, it is ideal to settle for a comfortable pushchair, smooth moving, and one that provides great security and protection. The strollers reviewed above are some of the best compact pushchairs from birth, up to weight 20-25 kg. 

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