Best Holiday Buggy

Best Holiday Buggy

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The holiday season is around the corner and if you have a new member in your family, you would want a buggy that can be carried whether you are travelling by plane, train or car. There should be something quick and easy to use without any hassle during your holiday trip, right?  You need to buy the best holiday buggy this season.

That’s why many parents feel the need for a holiday buggy that can be folded and opened quickly and there are a lot more reasons to invest in one too. Here, we have compiled a list of the best holiday buggies that will make your trip easy peasy.  

Check out the following table where we have summarized the five best holiday buggies that you can buy in the UK. 

Products Key featuresRecommended weight/agePrice 

Familidoo Air
Five-point safety harnessCarbon fibre frameOne-handed fold
From birth to 3 years(15 kg)

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Britax Römer
Double unit seatsFlat-free tiresMesh panels
From 6 months and older(15 kg)

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Kinderkraft Stroller PILOTOne-hand fold5-point harnessCentral brake
From birth onwards(15 kg)

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Roma Capsule
Lightweight Compact foldComplete lie-back seat 
From newborn to 15 kg

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Silver Cross Pop StarUPF 50+ sun hood5-point harness with padded strapsOne-handed fold 

Suitable from birth up to toddlers (25 kg) 

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Best Holiday Buggy

Familidoo Air Buggy

Europe based brand, Familidoo, originally manufactured double seat strollers but with experience, they are now designing pushchairs which are super lightweight and compact as well. It has a superb fold that will allow you to fit it in your car boot and even in the luggage cabin of the plane. Perfect buggy for parents looking for a sturdy build and lightweight as well. 


The Familidoo Air comes with all the features that any parent would want in a stroller to put their little one in it. It is incredibly lightweight with 7.1 kg of weight and super-compact when folded. You have to simply slide the lever on the handlebar and with a slight push forward, the buggy will be folded to be stored anywhere. 

It has a fully reclinable seat that can be positioned according to the baby’s requirements. It can be held in an upright position or reclined fully flat, just by toggling the straps at the back of the pushchair. 

With its 5-point padded harness, your little one will be safe as well as comfortable in the straps. Talking of security, its all-round front and rear wheel suspension will make sure a smooth ride without disturbing the baby. 

Familidoo Air contains rain cover as well as carrying bags in the box which come in very handy. The buggy will be completely assembled beforehand, you just have to open the box and take your little one for a ride.  

Customer Impressions

Most of the customers who bought this product were happy and loved its lightweight and compactness. It has a classic design, steers well and is easy to fold and open. Since it is a buggy, best for holidays, customers appreciated it being easily fittable in car boots. 

However, the only reservation from the customers was that the seat of this buggy is not fully upright and if your baby is older than somewhat 12 months, they might feel uncomfortable in it.  

Best Holiday Buggy

Britax Römer Buggy

The Britax Holiday Double buggy is the best choice if you have two babies or if luckily twins. It makes travelling with your babies easy and simple if you are on holidays or just getting around in cities. The ease offered with folding and its compactness is out of this world and it’s also lightweight so you can carry it when not in use. 


Britax Römer makes your child incredibly comfortable on their journey and with its reclining backrest, which can be reclined independently, provides a relaxing sleeping position as well as upright position. 

It has a cosy and breathable seat with mesh panels included to prevent sweating on hot days and keep the airflow and air circulation. The large sun hood to protect the babies from the scorching sun allows a relaxing stroll. The hoods are also independently adjustable. 

The adjustable 5-point safety harness is included the same as all the other buggies to keep your little one secure and comfy. The tires are flat-free so you won’t have to worry about them but they can wither out if continuously used on rough terrains. 

The most likeable feature of this holiday buggy, which is also one of the main reasons for it to get on the bests’ list, is its compactness and folding mechanism.

Customer Impressions

Most of the customers found this holiday buggy the best they have ever used. It is super easy to fold and open in no time and when it’s folded, it is tiny enough to fit in any car’s boot smoothly. When it’s up and running, it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

However, due to its double unit, some of the customers faced issues regarding its ability to hold weight.  

Kinderkraft Stroller PILOT

If you are in a search of a buggy that can be easily fitted in a car boot or a luggage compartment of a plane, this is the best option you can go for. This stroller will keep your baby comfortable while you enjoy your holidays without worrying about your little one. 


Kinderkraft Pilot weighs only 5.8 kg which is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry. It also becomes so compact when folded that you can easily fit it in your car when travelling. And the folding mechanism allows you to fold the buggy with just one hand.  

Its special feature that parents love is the special window for parents on the top of the hood so you don’t have to stop and move around the buggy to look at your little one. With a 5-point safety harness, your little pilot can move safely. 

The brake locks are easy to apply as only one lever can lock both of the rear wheels instead of locking them separately. EVA tires make the steering smooth and are also puncture-free. 

Customer Impressions

Just open the box and take your little one out for a ride, simple. Lightweight, compact, easy to fold and store, everything is just perfect according to the parents. 

Some of the customers were unsatisfied by the unfolding mechanism and found it hard to unfold the stroller. 


If you are looking for the best buggy that can be used on your holiday trip, these all contain pretty amazing features that can fulfil your need so the rest is up to you. If you have more than one child, then you should go for Britax Römer otherwise, all of them have their pros and cons so use your best judgement in buying the best holiday buggy.

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