Best Lightweight Travel Pushchair

Best Lightweight Travel Pushchair

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An excessively lightweight pushchair can significantly affect when you are doing various daily errands, placing your stroller in the trunk and taking it out multiple times, and even shifting your child from the car seat to the stroller is a hassle. Hence, the best lightweight travel pushchair that can fit a carrycot will be the ideal product to look for

In case you are in a hurry,  check out the following table where we have summarized some of the best lightweight travel pushchair

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.·   Added security.·   Adjustable.0-3.5years.Buy on Amazon
Bersy Lightweight Pushchair·   Foldable.·   Lightweight.·   Compact.·   Lockable wheels.·   Reclining seat.·   Adjustable.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-2years.Buy on Amazon.
Silver Cross Travel System·   Lightweight.·   Compact.·   Foldable.·   Added security.·   Lockable wheels.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-2years.Buy on Amazon.
Graco Breaze Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Swivel wheels.·   Removable bumper bar.·   Compact.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-3years.Buy on Amazon.
My Babiie Billie Faiers Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Adjustable.·   Added security.·   Foldable.·   Rain cover.·   Storage basket.0-2years.Buy on Amazon.
Best Lightweight Travel Pushchair

Best Lightweight Travel Pushchair

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Pushchair

Maxi Cosi has been a major brand providing safe and comfortable products for youngsters. They ensure that their products have quality and durability.


The Zelia is a 2-in-1 pushchair ideal for cool, relaxed city living. It is the most instinctive from-birth, 2-in-1, foldable buggy available, with top tier comfort for infants.

This stroller easily converts from a stroller to a bassinet, making it comfortable for the baby to lay down and nap. It can be turned into a bassinet with a single move. The wheels of the stroller are tough and durable. They ensure smooth manoeuvrability.

It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry around and can be stored in a car trunk. The stroller has a 5-point harness which provides security and helps ensure that your child stays strapped in. The seat also has a foam-covered handlebar which further ensures security.

The stroller also features a hood and rain cover for protection against the rain, sun, or heavy winds. Moreover, it has a storage basket that can store the child’s belongings or shopping bags.

The stroller also features a one-click removable seat which can be removed and placed in the car or removed from the car and placed on the stroller, making it extremely easy for the parent to shift their child.

Customer Verdict

Parents love this stroller. It’s easy assembly and compact design are ideal for daily use. Its lightweight feature allows it to be carried easily. Comfortable and robust, this stroller is a must-have. However, its durability is a downside that can surely be improved.

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Bersy Lightweight Pushchair

An ideal partner for daily use, this pushchair is designed with great features that accommodate the child and parent.


This foldable stroller is an ideal daily partner. It is extremely light and compact and ideal for errands and outings, as it tends to be effortlessly put away in the baggage rack of the aeroplane, the car trunk, or the train.

The pushchair is tested and endorsed by wellbeing standard EN 1888: 2012. The 5-point safety belts are with smart straps, so your child has greater security in the evenings. It also has a foam-covered handlebar for further safety. When your infant grows up, additional seat strap catches for greater security and can be adjusted according to the child’s growth.

The stool, backrest, and sun shelter are movable like a flash, so your kid can sit and rest easily. They ensure that the child is shielded from rain, harsh sun rays, or heavy winds, just for the comfort of your loved child. Both wheels are 360 degrees turning and make the manoeuvrability easy. On back tires there are brakes, so the parent can stop the stroller whenever they feel the need. The stroller can also be put on parking mode so it doesn’t move when put in a place.  

The lightweight pushchair is outfitted with a storage basket for storing the child’s belongings or shopping bags. It also has foam-covered handles for the easy use of the parents. It also comes with a 1-year warranty that can be used for the replacement of parts.

Customer Verdict

Parents love this buggy for travelling purposes. It is lightweight, foldable, and compact. It has great features that ensure security, is durable and has an excellent build.

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Silver Cross Travel System

Going out and about and running errands with your baby has never been as easy. This lightweight design is durable, sturdy, and full of accommodating features.


Appropriate from birth up to the age of two, this stroller comes with a higher seat position that leans back to lay-level, so your child can rest or take a nap if needed. It also ensures that newborn babies remain laid down for proper growth.

The stroller moves smoothly and ensures that bumps are not felt as much by the child. It also comes with brakes so the parent can stop or park the stroller when needed.

The stroller also features a 5-point harness which ensures security and keeps your child strapped in. It also has a handlebar that is covered in foam for added security and stability.

This lightweight and compact buggy fold-down are effective for easy storage in the car or aeroplane. It can also be stored in an overhead cabin on the plane.  

Updated for 2020, this stroller weighs simply 6.2 kg and has another ergonomic seat design for better comfort, improved wheels, and suspension.

The stroller also features a storage basket for your child’s belongings or shopping bags. It also has a rain-cover to protect your child from rain, heavy winds, or harsh sun rays.

Customer Verdict

Great design and lightweight, the stroller is a recommendation of many parents. With great features, it ensures security and durability. The only downside is that some parents have complained that it could have been more stable.

No matter what the need be, in the end, the most ideal choice is always the one that ensures your child’s security and comfort. 

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To hunt the best lightweight travel pushchair, you need to consider some features such as easy folding, square-space folding, storage bag, lightweight material and a few straps on the back to lift. However, you still can’t compromise on features durability and robust design and high ergonomics.

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