Best Running Buggy

Best Running Buggy

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Due to a busy personal life and hectic job routine, spare time to run and take care of your health is often hard. And after the arrival of your little one, it becomes nearly impossible. But nearly impossible does not mean “Impossible”! 

The market is full of the latest running buggies that will allow you to maintain your fitness without the help of a babysitter. Keep in mind that these strollers are not recommended for infants that haven’t developed head control yet. However, some models support newborns.

There are many models out there, but finding the best running buggy can take a lot of time. As these running buggies are pretty expensive, you would want to take a good look at their features.

Here are the models to choose as your best running buggy:

Check out the features of best runnig buggy you want to buy

Running BuggiesKey SpecsRecommended weight/agePrice 

Baby Jogger Summit X3
3 air-filled tires Hand-operated brakeWeight: 14.6 kg
From 6 months up to 22 kg

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Thule Glide 2.0Twist handbrake 3 air-filled rubber tires Weight: 14.2 kg
From 12 months up to 32 kg

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Mountain Buggy TerrainOne-handed foldForward-facingWeight: 12.92 kg
From 12 months up to 32.5 kg

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Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double V4Double seatsLockable swivel front wheelWeight: 12.8 kg
From birth to 4 years 

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Hauck Rapid
5-point safety harnessInclinable backrest Weight: 9.4 kg   

From birth up to 22 kg

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Best Running Buggy

Baby Jogger Summit X3

This running buggy includes all the features that you would want in a buggy to put your little one in and go for running. It comes with 3 big wheels to provide optimum balance while at a fair speed. You can use it on any kind of terrain you like and it will not let you down. 


Coming down to its features, it has rubber air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension for a great running experience. Since the tires are air-filled and there is a possibility of them being flat but any other material would wither out while you jog with the buggy. 

With a running buggy, obviously, you will be pushing it at a certain speed that using brakes with your foot is impossible. That’s why a remote wheel lock at the handlebar can be used to stop the buggy immediately. Also, the remote wheel lock on the handlebar can be used to switch the front wheel between swivel or locked mode. 

The folding mechanism of the Summit X3 works smoothly and quickly. You just have to lift the strap and it will fold in no time. However, because of its wheel size (16 inches), it is not very compact and might not fit in some of the car boots. So, keep that in mind while buying. 

Thule Glide 2.0

A running buggy with 16 inches of huge wheels to offer more balance and easy manoeuvrability is an ideal choice for running. It has a comfortable seat made with breathable material to allow the airflow. A unique handbrake and sturdy built, this running buggy is perfect for toddlers. 


Unlike the Summit X3, this buggy does not have an option of swivel mode for the front wheel and it is locked. But that certainly does not cause any problem while running unless you have to take a sudden turn. It is a high-performance running stroller that is lightweight (comparatively) and aerodynamically designed. 

It has an efficient handbrake that can stop the front wheel immediately just with a little twist on the handlebar. Rear wheels have a separate lock that works as a parking brake and applied by foot. 

The seat is incredibly comfortable, but it does not have a bumper, so it’s not for children less than 12 months old. It is recommended for toddlers as they will find it more exciting and can sit tight.  

The folding mechanism of Thule Glide 2.0 is pretty unique and very useful. The wheels go one above another when folded so when you put it in the car boot, you won’t have to deal with the muddy interior. 

Mountain Buggy Terrain

If you are looking for a more compact and lightweight running buggy without compromising on sturdiness, Mountain Buggy is the best option for you. It gives you maximum control while running or if you want to stop or reverse. With its smaller wheels, it’s easy to store in small car boots as well. 


Running buggies are often bulky but with 12.9 kg of weight, it is one of the lightest you can get with the recommended weight of 32.5 kg. So if your child is older than 3 years old, you can use this buggy without any problem. 

It has 3 wheels, same as all the other running buggies but pretty smaller comparatively. But the size of its wheels does not cause any problem while running and what it does is, take a very small space when folded. 

With a reclinable seat, shopping basket under the buggy, bottle holder on the handlebar, it has all the features that any parent would want. 

Best Running Buggy

Customer Impression

90% of the customers loved these running buggy with a five-star rating. They are easy to assemble, use and fold. Also, the wheels are easy to come off for cleaning. These running buggies work perfectly in gravel paths, fields and pothole pavements. Some of the customers found an issue regarding the big size and bulkiness of the mountain buggy but many liked the very same feature, so depends on your choice and likes.  Works perfectly on and off the roads.

Most of the customers love these running buggies because of their more balanced suspension and bigger wheels than the other buggies. The adjustable handlebar, handbrakes and extendable ventilated canopy are other features that were liked the most. However, as the buggy’s front wheel gets fixed, it is suitable if you are running straight but there is no way to go into turns. What you would prefer? Ofc, safety.  


After deeply discussing all of the features that made our list of the best running buggies, Baby Jogger Summit is the best of all. But that does not mean others are not considerable. Every one of these running buggies can be used but the decision is up to you considering your budget, preference and likings. 

Good Luck with getting what’s best for you! 

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