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A right stroller can make a lot of difference for you as a parent. It makes life easier for you and your baby. But finding the best stroller may be a pain as there are a lot of factors which you have to look at before deciding to buy the right stroller for your kid.

If you are in a hurry and do not want to read our full & detailed review, below are the specs of the best stroller you can buy now on Amazon.

ProductWeightHarness typeMax weightCheck Price
Silver cross reflex stroller8.5 kg5 point padded harness25 kgCheck price
Sonarin Lightweight Stroller7 kg5 point harness15 kgCheck price
Silver cross zest stroller5.8 kg5 point Harness20-25 kgCheck price
Kinderkraft Lightweight stroller10.25 point S-belt15 kgCheck price
Britax Romer M stroller10 kgFF- 5 Point harness22 kgCheck price
Hauck Shopper Neo II8.85 point harness15 kgCheck price

A baby pushchair can be useful in different scenarios such as going to the mall, a park trip with your baby or on a long drive when the seats of your car may not suit them well in terms of security and comfort.

This is where we are carried away by the idea of having the best stroller that is most useful under different situations. Considering this problem, we tried to do some research on finding out the best stroller for the toddlers! Well, we will answer this at the end of this review in the Buyer’s guide that will give you a complete insight into all the features of a best stroller.

Before we jump into the reviews and the Buyer’s guide, it would be beneficial to get some overview of the different types and designs of the baby stroller that the market offers. 

Best Stroller
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What Are The Different Types Of Strollers?

We have done some research on best strollers available online. Since there are different types of strollers available in the market therefore to generalize, we have described different strollers as per their type. After learning more about types of strollers, you will be clear about what you need.

Standard Strollers 

If you are looking to invest in a stroller for a long-term that will accompany your baby through her initial years, a standard or traditional stroller is the one to go for. Many of them are compatible with sidewalks, paved surfaces, in parks and on the trails as well. Most of the strollers have fully reclinable seats that allow babies to ride or sleep comfortably. 

They are big and spacious and usually more durable than other strollers. Plus, many of the strollers come with a wide range of accessories that make your baby’s journey joyful but make your life easy as well. 


  • Sturdy and solid built 
  • Easy manoeuvrability 
  • Big, spacious and comfortable seat
  • Multi-option reclinable backrest 
  • Option to change the direction fro, rear-facing to front-facing
  • Big and expandable canopies 
  • Strong wheels with shock-absorbing technology
  • Big roomy shopping basket under the seat
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handlebar


  • Usually heavier than other types of strollers 
  • Not ideal if you take public transport or use stairways frequently
  • Some of the models might not fit for the infants (younger than six months)

Travel system 

The travel system consists of an infant car seat, a base for your car, and a stroller. Travel system strollers are trendy because of their user-friendly functionality. You can easily snap the car seat into the stroller without waking the baby up. If you travel in your car daily and have to take your baby with you, this type of stroller would be the best choice. 

Some of these strollers can recline nearly flat (90 degrees). It can be used with a baby six months old, and when she is ready to sit up on her own, it can be adjusted to a desired and comfortable position.


  •  Allows you to transfer the baby from car to stroller without waking the baby up
  • The backrest can be reclined nearly flat 
  • When the baby grows, you can use the toddler’s seat
  • Long-term companion of your baby 


  • Can be a bit heavy 
  • Some are smooth but some models can also be clunky 
best stroller

Umbrella Stroller

You might miss some of the features you found in a traditional stroller but an umbrella stroller can make it up to you if you are in search of a lightweight and easy-to-go stroller.

These strollers often weigh up to 15 pounds or less, designed specifically for those who need a lightweight and easy to carry strollers. These strollers are easy to fold which makes them easy to store in a car boot or even taking it to an aeroplane. Many of the strollers are equipped with handy features such as seat recline, expandable hood, shopping basket and cup holder. 

If you are looking for a stroller to use for a newborn, then umbrella strollers might not be an ideal option. Some of the models can be useful for newborns with using car seat adapters but mostly these types of strollers are designed specifically for babies older than 6 months. 


  • Very lightweight and carryable 
  • Folds compactly and take very less space to store 
  • Ideal for quick trips with your little one
  • Partial seat recline 
  • Storage basket and the canopy is provided
  • Affordable price


  • Not appropriate for babies younger than 6 months
  • Canopy is not very big to cover the whole baby
  • Some of them have plastic wheels that are not very sturdy 

Seat carrier/stroller 

This is a car seat integrated with a stroller frame. It can be transformed from the infant seat to a stroller in seconds. The stroller frame can be folded under the seat, to make it a car seat and installed in a separate vehicle for car trips. 

Seat carrier strollers are very lightweight and compact in design. It allows an easy transition from car to stroller. With this type of stroller, one less thing you have to buy as your car seat is your stroller. 


  • Compact to store 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Easy transition from stroller to car seat 
  • No need to buy car seat and stroller separately 


  • Seat carriers tend to be for short term use 

Jogging Stroller

Your fitness and baby’s outing at the same time? Yes! That is possible with the jogging stroller. Its unique suspension allows you to walk or jog while keeping your baby comfortable. Many of the jogging strollers come with three wheels, two rear and one on the front, that can swivel and can also be fixed for more stability on the straighter tracks. 

Other features in jogging strollers are compatible with the car seat, multiple reclining seats, telescopic handlebar and spacious storage basket. Safety becomes more crucial while the stroller is going at high speed so make sure that five-point harness and wrist strap are included. 


  • Air-cushioned wheels offer a smooth ride and make the stroller easy to use
  • These strollers may have a longer life than traditional strollers
  • Jogging strollers can bear heavy children 


  • A jogging stroller can be a bit heavier
  • It can not be stored in tight spaces 
  • It can not be folded as quickly as an umbrella stroller

Double Stroller

If you have twins or a second baby on the way, then you might consider a double stroller. As it is clearly shown by the name, it comes in two formats. One, where two children sit behind each other and second, where the children sit side-by-side. 

There is also a convertible stroller available in this type. It can be converted into a travel system or pram and can be switched from single to double stroller as well. 


  • An ideal choice for more than one children 
  • Only one stroller has to be managed 
  • Flexibility 


  • These types of strollers are bigger and bulkier 
  • Heavyweight 
  • You have to measure the width (Does it fit through average doors and elevators)

The Best Stroller 

Silver Cross Reflex Stroller

In a stroller worth approximately £200, you expect certain features. You want it to be robust, compact and easy to use besides having top-quality material and elegant design. Although there is nothing more comforting than parents’ lap, you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible while in a stroller. 

Well, Silver Cross Reflex can surely live up to your standard as it provides all the features you want. It may look like an ordinary stroller but when you use it, you will realize that it is miles ahead in quality and functionality.


Starting with its handles, the front or inner side of the handle is laminated with a soft rubber while the back is made with plastic moulding. They feel good to the touch and provide a nice grip but it would be even nicer if the rubber covered all of the handles or may be crafted with the shape of fingers for extra strong grip and security. 

The handles have a base height of 100 cm but it can be extended by just pressing the button on the bottom of the handle from 100 to 107 cm. It is a little function but can make a big difference if both of you have different heights.  


Moving on to the wheels, Silver Cross designed very sturdy wheels. Measuring 16 cm, they are big and thick and will not be struck while rolling. The front wheels are lockable too as well as rear. There are eight wheels which can be a little tricky to clean especially the area between the wheels. 

The brakes on the wheels are easy to operate. Just press down for locking and use your toe to lift the brake for unlocking. Not ideal if you have open-toed shoes but as the brakes are very smooth, it will not cause any major problem. 


Coming to, without a doubt, the most important part of the stroller; seat. Ergonomic backrest design that provides a natural position for your baby while protecting their back and spine. Silver Cross made sure the seat top of the class. The mesh on the back of the seat ensures that the seat provides the most comfortable experience for the children. 

Instead of strap reclines, this stroller includes a simple one-hand recline. The seat reclines all the way horizontal. You can also raise the legs-support, providing 82 cm of bed length which could be enough for the babies. 


The Reflex comes with an impressive hood. At first sight, you will see a hood providing good coverage. But there is a water-resistant zip which can be undone and the hood will become even bigger. It almost covers all of the seat providing extra cover from the sun, even the legs of your baby will be protected. And do not worry about the airflow inside the hood because extended hood exposes the mesh panels designed for better airflow on hot days. 


A five-point harness is the most reliable option and comes standard with most strollers. It secures your baby at or above the shoulders, at the waist, and between the legs, and keeps her from sliding or falling out if the stroller tips, or from climbing out when you’re not looking. Check to make sure the buckles are easy for you to operate but difficult for small hands to unfasten. The straps should be adjustable for proper fit and securely anchored.

Bonus Feature 

Silver Cross has added a very cool and handy feature in the shape of LED safety lights which are not very common. When you unpack the stroller, you find 2 LED lights along with the instruction on how to assemble them. You just have to snap them at the pivot point of the frame and when you need them, press the centre of each for four seconds and they emit cool white lights. You can press twice more for two different patterns and press once again to switch off. A pretty useful feature if you like to go on a walk with your little one in dark evenings.

What we like 

From the seat to the LED, hood to its ability to fold, we liked every bit of this stroller. The high-quality material used to build this beautiful stroller adds extra value to the purchase. UPF50+ sun hood is a great type of hood to protect your baby from the scorching heat while a good amount of airflow can be passed through it. The shopping basket under the seat is a little but very helpful feature for you if you plan to shop with the baby and the stroller (you can not use a trolly and stroller at the same time). 5-point padded safety harness to provide extra safety without compromising comfort. 

What we don’t like 

The mechanism of the stroller could have been better than what is provided. Shame that the company missed the flaw in the hood which makes noise while opening the hood. Although this flaw could have been avoided, the stroller is very much likely to meet all your needs.

Key Features 

  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 25 Kilograms
  • Harness type: 5 Point padded harness
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • 2 LED lights included
  • UPF50+ sun hood


  • Extremely comfortable for the babies.
  • Extra security with a 5-point comfortable harness.
  • Easy to fold and stored.
  • Robust materials used to build frames and wheels. 
  • Big hood to fully protect from the sun.


  • Hood folding mechanisms produce noise while opening and closing which can be irritating for babies.

SONARIN Lightweight Stroller

Compactness and lightweight are what matters most for some parents when looking for a stroller. Well, you can get both of them with other impressive features as well in this Sonarin stroller. It is suitable for newborns to 15 kg of the babies with the weight of just 7 kgs. Chassis build with high-quality aluminium alloy ensures the durable and sturdy product. 


The handle of this stroller is just like the handrail with the leather finish. It feels good to touch the handle while it provides a firm and non-slipping grip. The handle is not adjustable but the height of the handle from the ground is 98 cm so it would be easy for an average-sized person to use it. 


The wheels are found to be very impressive in terms of their sturdiness. Front wheels can freely rotate at 360 degrees which allow a walk without a stop to unlock the wheels. The wheels are also made shock-absorbing with built-in bearings in it for a smoother and quieter experience. 

The rear wheels are connected with a metal rolling shaft which increases its sturdiness but at the same time, it can cause problems like threads getting stuck in the shaft. After using it for some time, be sure to add lubricant to the bearings of the four wheels to prevent the wheels from being damaged by force.


We liked the brake system of this stroller because it is not a traditional brake which has to be operated with the push of the toes one by one. Rather these brakes are operated with the sole of your shoes. The one-button brake system makes it easy for you to operate the brake with just one gentle push with your shoe sole. 


Seating space is not as spacious as the other strollers but due to its compact size, sitting space has been lowered by some. It is suitable from birth to 15 kgs of babies which means 2 years. 

The seat size is 36CM*81cm (including footrest). The stroller allows three angle adjustments just by pulling the strap behind the seat. 105 degrees for sitting, 135 degrees for half lying and 170 degrees for lying down. 

If your baby is older than 2 years and yet she is not 15kgs, you can go for this stroller but keep in mind that baby will grow and after some time she will not fit in the stroller. 


The hood of this stroller is not so deep or you can say it does not cover the baby fully. It just keeps the baby’s head covered from sunlight. The hood can be okay if you are using the stroller in normal weather conditions but if there is a cold and chilly breeze outside, the hood will not help much. 

The part which we liked the most is the ventilation window at the back of the seat. It allows the flow of air through the stroller for the comfort of your child. 


With the five-point seat harness, this stroller is up to the same level as all the other strollers in terms of safety. The harness is height adjustable so there won’t be any problem regarding the fit.  


We liked its compactness, which is the core feature of this stroller. It’s very lightweight and takes small space while folded. So it will be easy to carry it or fit into your car boot or even take it to the aeroplane.  

Bonus Features 

There has to be something different in a stroller than all the other ones available at the market, right? Well, this one has some features too that distinguishes it from the others. 

It comes with a storage bag and the stroller can fit into the bag easily (while folded) to make portability easy and simple. So if you want to travel by road or by air, this is a great option. It also includes a cooling mat for your little one to give a comfortable and cool experience in hot weather. Mosquito net and saliva towel comes as a real bonus and adds great value to the stroller. 

What we like 

The feature we liked most, was the compactness of the stroller and how much less space it takes while storing. After folding the dimensions are 60CM*48CM*26CM. The sturdy wheels are also an impressive part of the stroller which are also shock absorbent. The wheels offer a smooth and quiet experience for the baby as well as parents.  

It is always nice to get little extra accessories with the purchase and Sonarin provides the same. Storage bag, cooling mat, mosquito net, seat liner and saliva towel adds great value to the stroller. 

What we don’t like 

The one part which we consider to be a major flaw in this stroller is its seat. The seat has very small space (36 cm) and an average-sized baby won’t fit in the seat. If she gets fit, she will keep sliding. This is a complaint from most of the parents who used this stroller. 

Another concerning thing is that the hood is not so deep and could have been made bigger for fully protecting the child. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Seat Width: 36 cm
  • Harness type: 5 Point
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 15 Kilograms
  • Shock-absorbing wheels


  • Very reasonable price 
  • Compactly designed folding takes very less space
  • Sturdy aluminium alloy chassis provides extra strength 
  • Shock-absorbing wheels 
  •  Comes with a storage bag, mosquito net, cooling mat, seat liner, and saliva towel.


  • The seat is not very spacious.
  • The hood of the stroller does not fully cover the baby. 

Silver Cross Zest Stroller

This is a very lightweight, easy to use and portable with many features. The Zest is a sturdy, front-facing pushchair which only weighs 5.8 kgs. This is an extremely lightweight yet very comfortable stroller and can carry children up to 25 kgs. Big spacious seat with a tall back with multiple reclining positions, it is an ideal pushchair for your little one.


It has squishy, soft handles, which are excellent for gripping and provide you control over the wheels. They are also adjustable according to your desired length which gives a feeling of more control.


This 8-wheeler pushchair has solid and big wheels and they can be rotated 360 degrees. So you won’t be facing the problem of wheels getting locked on turns. The breaks are in the usual place; back of both rear wheels. A firm push on the brake will apply the breaks and a gentle kick to release. 


A very comfortable seat with 100% polyester used, will keep your baby feel cosy and safe. The hood is big enough with UPF50+ sun protection to protect your little munchkin from harmful sunlight. You can lock the hood on both sides by using the brackets placed on each of them. 

The unique part is that the flap has a transparent strip, with a mesh panel which makes you able to keep an eye on the baby all the time without sunlight penetrating. This is a clever piece of design to keep your child in front of your eyes. The Zest also comes with a rain cover top, in case it starts raining when you are out. 

The multiple-reclining feature allows you to recline the backrest down to horizontal. It can also be reclined up to 45 degrees as well. Reclining the backrest is very easy by using the bracket that stops the backrest at your desired angle. 

Silver Cross designs the strollers keeping in mind what is best for the child as well as meeting all the needs of parents. They have added a footrest which can be angled to 60 degrees if your baby does not need it. And when your child becomes big, they can rest their foot on the flexible footrest.  


The Zest provides a five-point harness which is available in usually all the strollers. It is a pretty great option when you are looking for a secure and reliable stroller. But the flaw which we noticed in this harness is that it is not padded with any kind of soft material and it’s just a strap. A padded harness would be a good option to protect the baby from unexpected shocks, which is in this case, would be doubtful. 


The Zest has a standard umbrella fold. You can fold it both ways, vertically and horizontally. Lift the rear lock with the help of your shoe and press down the safety catch above the right wheel. After that, a little push on the handles and the pushchair will fold itself. After folding, apply a little pressure on the top to make sure that the clips are in the right place. 

As it is marketed as a “one-handed fold system”, it requires a bit of effort and not very easy to do it with one hand. However, you can always practice and master the art. You can always carry the stroller while folded either with the handle or use the carry strap. With its lightweight, you can carry the stroller easily. 

What we like

The most likeable feature of this stroller is its lightweight. 5.8 kgs of weight can be carried easily after folding by the handles or strap that comes along with it. It is also suitable for newborns as well as the baby grows but I am not sure if you would want to use the stroller for the baby so small. 

There are a bunch of features which have to be mentioned like a built-in waterproof hood to protect the child from sunlight, a painless harness with high security and comfort and it’s easy to assemble the stroller. 

What we don’t like 

Well, there are many features we like about this stroller but still, the negatives are also there to be discussed for the utmost comfort for your little one. 

The foot brakes and fold up mechanism are prone to becoming damaged. It means the brakes go free and will click on and as when it likes. It can be a little dangerous while you are crossing a road and the brakes click on. 

Another flaw that can be a bit annoying is that the basket under the seat is so small that it can not even store the rain cover which comes with the stroller. If you can fold a rain cover and fit it into the basket, you would have to take it out before folding the stroller because you can not fold it having anything in the basket. 

Key Features 

  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Harness type: 5 Point
  • Material composition: 100% Polyester
  • UPF50+ sun protection hood
  • Orientation: Forward Facing
  • Handy carry strap


  • Suitable from birth
  • Secured with a five-point harness
  • Easy foldability with one hand
  • Waterproof hood with mesh to keep the baby in front of your eyes


  • Basket is very small to store rain cover.
  • Brakes and folding mechanism is flimsy and prone to damage.

Kinderkraft Lightweight Stroller Grande

If you are looking for a stroller which is stylish to look at and yet comfortable for the baby to sleep or sit while exploring the world, this Kinderkraft stroller is the best you can find. The sturdy build of this stroller makes it a little heavier than other options but it can be shadowed by its other features. Let’s start the detailed review of this beauty.


Unlike the other strollers which we have reviewed above, it has a handle like a trolly with a leather covering the far sides of the handle. The brown leather finish gives an elegant design while making the touch softer and grippy. 

Sadly the handles are not adjustable but it is compatible with parents taller up to 6 feet. 


This stroller comes with 4 wheels with rear wheels a little bigger than the front ones. It provides stability and control to you on different terrains. EVA foam material is used to build the wheels which ensure the smooth manoeuvrability without making any sound. 

Shock absorbing technology used in the wheels makes sure the baby does not experience any abrupt shocks as they get scared with anything like that. 

EVA foam provides a smooth experience but at the same time, we are not sure about its durability on rough surfaces. As long as you are using the stroller on paved surfaces, you are better off. 


The deep and wide seating space provides your child with all the comfort and safety in all kinds of weather. The seat is designed in a way that it does not let the baby get all sweaty and let the airflow through. So the long walks won’t disturb your little one. 

Multi-stage adjustments of the backrest are allowed for sitting and lying positions. Just pull the strap on the back of the seat and recline the seat horizontally and lift the footrest and the perfect sleeping place is ready if the little one fell asleep during the walk. 


A very deep and extendable hood comes with the stroller which protects your child from the sun as well as cold and rain. The basic hood can be extended by unzipping the hood to cover the baby from head to toe. The fabric used in the hood is capable of protecting from cold breezes as well as rain and offers good ventilation at the same time. 


Like all the strollers this one has also a five-point harness which protects the baby as well as keeps her in a comfortable position. The harness is padded with very soft material on the shoulders but it would have been great if all straps of the harness were padded. 


One-hand folding mechanism is another feature of this stroller which is not unique but it helps a lot while folding the stroller. Folding with one hand is not very easy but if you are an expert, you won’t find any difficulty. 

When the stroller is folded, it can be stored vertically or horizontally. It takes very less space in the boot of your car because of its compact size. Dimensions of the pushchair when folded is only 78 x 53 x 28 (cm).

Bonus Feature 

This stroller comes with a footmuff which protects your child from cold. If you live in an area where the weather remains cold then you might want to consider this product. The footmuff is easy to install and come with the guide so there won’t be any problem installing it. This is a feature we have not found in any of the strollers yet.

What we like 

The most likeable part of this stroller, at least for us, was its beautiful design which makes it look like a very expensive pushchair. But the price it comes with is very reasonable as compared to other options. 

Another very impressive thing is that all the polyester material can be removed and washed separately. 

What we don’t like 

There are not many flaws in this product but nothing can be perfect. In this case, the weight of the stroller is a bit heavier than other available options. If you do not have to carry it often, then there is not any problem. But if you have to carry it to some distance now and then, it could be tiring. 

Key Features

  • Product weight: 10.2 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 0-15 kg
  • Safety belts: 5-Point Safety belts
  • Wheels material: Wheels by EVA Foam
  • Accessories: Raincover, Footmuff, Handle by eco-leather


  • Comfortable seat
  • Beautiful design 
  • Big deep hood to avoid the sunlight 
  • Footmuff included for extra protection from cold
  • EVA foam wheels are shock absorbing and provide a smooth experience


  • The weight of the stroller is higher and you can face difficulty to move it. 
  • EVA foam wheels can wear off if used on rough surfaces.

Britax Römer B-Agile M Stroller

The Britax B-Agile stroller is a compact and robust product which will be with you for a long time. Easy to push and fold this stroller, can be stored in a car or anywhere with ease. 

The basket is a great size and very accessible, breaks are really good along with wheels and suspension. The hood is great, it’s so protective with lots of clever features. This stroller is quite expensive but surely fits the bill. 


The handle of the stroller is covered with squishy foam which is good for a comfortable grip but at the same time, if your palms get sweaty, the handle will be all wet. But you can always keep changing the hand to avoid sweat. 

The cup holder on the right side of the handle is a very clever and useful feature. You can keep the coffee cup or anything you are drinking in the cup holder to avoid spillage. But we would not recommend keeping any hot beverage in the cupholder. 


The stroller comes with four puncture-free wheels with front wheels smaller than rear ones. The wheels look very sturdy and gripping at the same time. They provide an extra bit of grip because of the pimples designed on them. 

The wheels are very smooth and quiet during use and can withstand the rough terrain as well. But we recommend not to use it off the track for a long time as it will damage the wheels sooner than they should. 


Two lock system is used in this stroller and you have to lock both of the wheels separately. Usually, the wheels have a metal rod connecting each other, in that case, one lock system is used. But that system has its flaws. 


The big spacious seat is designed to keep the baby comfortable during a long journey. It is ideal for babies from 3 months to 3 years. But it still depends upon the weight of the baby as this stroller can bear 22 kgs of weight. 

The seat is cosy and well padded to ensure excellent comfort for your little one. Reclining positions of the seat are spot on. Sat up for the nosy babies, the middle setting is great for napping and fully reclined for newborns. 

Unlike all the other strollers, this one does not have any strip to recline the seat but rather pulls off a handle for that purpose. It is more convenient than the strip. 


The large protective hood with UPF50+ sun protection. The hood is extendable to a level where it can cover the baby fully from sunlight with the help of a zipper. Carrycot and infant carriers can be installed separately to make it suitable for newborns. The hood will not only protect the baby from the sun but also different weather conditions. It does feel heavy to push but it is very sturdy. 


A traditional five-point harness is provided with this stroller. But the good thing is, they have padded the straps of the shoulders as well as the strap between the legs. Side straps are not padded as it might make the baby uncomfortable. 

Overall, great security and comfort ensured by the design of the harness. 


The unique design of the stroller makes the folding very easy. It goes down from the handle to give a vertical folding position, unlike other strollers which go down horizontally. It takes very less space in your car boot while folded. The bumper bar serves as a carry handle when folded to avoid lifting the stroller as it is not the lightest one. 

What we like 

The best part of this stroller is its sturdy build and long life. No matter how you use it you won’t be needing a new one very soon. The breaks are also pretty strong and accessible. 

Another feature to look out for is its wheels which are puncture-free and can withstand rough surfaces too. It is a doddle to fold the stroller and stored anywhere. 

What we don’t like 

To be honest, there are not many points that we don’t like but there is always room for improvement. 

This stroller is one of the expensive ones in the market and with big money, people expect extra value. The footmuff should have been added with the product to protect the babies from cold. 

This pushchair is not very heavy but not super light either. So pick this one only if you are willing to carry 10 kgs. 

Key Features

  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Tire diameter: 23.5
  • Handlebar height range: 102 Centimetres
  • Harness type: five points harness
  • Forward-facing 
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 22 kgs


  • Very sturdy and durable build 
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Robust and puncture-free wheels 
  • Large protective hood with viewing window 


  • It is a little heavy to lift.
  • Footmuff is not provided with the stroller for the cold weather. 

Hauck Shopper Neo II

After all the expensive strollers, we have a budget-friendly stroller if you are in search of one. This lightweight (at least lighter than others) can be used for children up to 4 years. Let’s get to the detailed review without further ado. 


The handles are covered with foam with the patch of plastic in the middle. It is a shame that the handle is not adjustable and parents with comparatively short height would face difficulties pushing the stroller. But it depends on your preference what makes you comfortable. 

There is also a possibility that the handle gets bent after some time leaving the stroller useless. 


The stroller comes with 6 wheels, four on front and 2 rear wheels. The front wheels are also lockable and provide shock-absorbing use. The soft material used on the wheels makes it noiseless and smooth.

All of that being said, many parents complain about the facing difficulties regarding steering of this stroller as the wheels get stuck and feel like they are locked when they are not. The front wheels are not ideally designed and may cause problems for you. 


The seat of this stroller is quite spacious and has plenty of space to fit a baby up to 4 years. The seat is cosy and comforting and becomes more comfortable, thanks to backrest and the adjustable footrest which can be turned into a flat position if your little one gets tired. 

It has a large hood with a viewing patch above it to keep an eye on the baby if you want. The canopy is not one of the biggest but it can protect your child up to some extent. 

The shopping basket is also given under the seat which can be useful if you want to carry your child’s luggage but not for the heavy stuff. 


This pushchair also has a five-point harness and a bumper bar. It is pretty satisfying in terms of security as it is approved by the European safety standard EN 1888. 


Easy folding of this stroller is a feature which is a reason for many of the parents to buy it. The pushchair folds down with one action and one hand. Thanks to its compact size (when folded) it can be transported in a car boot with ease. 

What we like 

We like this pushchair’s lightweight and compact design and its ability to fit in a car boot easily. Also, the cup holders are provided not just for the baby but for you as well. 

The main part to like is its price, which is very reasonable and affordable for many. 

What we don’t like 

Well, there are more than one things in this pushchair which we, as well as parents, do not like. 

First one is the handle which is not very sturdy and might get bent after some time. Another point which makes us concerned is that front wheels of the stroller are not built technically correct as there are many complaints about the front wheel getting stuck and making steering very problematic. 

Key Features   

  • Weight: 8.8 kg 
  • Tire diameter: 17.5
  • Folded size: 38 x 92 x 54 cm
  • Harness type: five-point 
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 15 Kilograms


  • Very compact 
  • Easy to fold 
  • Viewing window on top of the hood to keep an eye on baby 
  • Shock-absorbing wheels 


  • Front wheels get stuck and problematic to steer 
  • The handle is prone to get damaged 

Best Stroller Buying Guide 

Which is the best car in the world? There can not be one answer to this question. It wholly depends on one’s choices, likes, budget and many more factors. Even your personality influences the car you buy. 

Same is the case with strollers. There can not be the only type of stroller which is fit for all. The best stroller for you is the one that fits your and your baby’s lifestyle. A stroller might be the first and the most important purchase you will make for your baby. Keeping in mind that you are going to use the stroller every day, finding a perfect stroller which meets all your needs can be a tricky task. 

You can get one for less than $100 or you can spend well over $1000, you will get what you pay for. Style, safety, weight, accessories and other bonus features add the extra value, hence the price. 

To find a stroller that serves you best, either you have to go shop by shop and test the strollers (even then it would be difficult to assess the stroller) or you read numbers of reviews and articles on different strollers and why they are the best. But what if we provide you with some kind of a “Formula” which you can apply on any stroller and figure out if it eases your daily life or not? 

We will guide you through all the process of what to look for and what to consider before you choose a stroller which serves you best. 

Some Important Stroller Features To Know About 

Five-Point Harness

A five-point harness is the safest and the most widely used safety option in the strollers. It comes with almost all the strollers. So you should not worry about the safety of the baby unless the stroller provides a five-point harness.

Now coming to how it works, it secures your little one from shoulders, waist and between the legs, keeping the baby from sliding, falling or from climbing out of the stroller. Just check that the buckles are easy to operate and the button is not very tight. Adjustable and padded straps should be preferred for the ultimate comfort of the baby.   


Easy to fold strollers are very crucial when you are holding your baby in one hand. There are many strollers which come with the feature of “one-handed folding”. They are easy and quick to fold within seconds. Keep in mind that not all the strollers are one-hand-operated, so, make sure the mentioned feature is available in the one you are buying. 

A standing stroller, which stands vertically when folded, is handy while storing the stroller. 


Baby’s skin is very soft and vulnerable and protecting it from glaring sunlight is very essential. A hood or a canopy does that job while your baby is in the stroller. They come in different sizes and coverage. Some covers just the upper part of the baby and some of them are extendable and go all the way down to cover almost the entire front of the stroller. 

Ventilation, through mesh fabric or panel used in the hood, becomes very crucial in hot and humid summer to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Some of the canopies have a little sneak-peek kind of window on the top so you can keep an eye on the apple of your eye. 

You can also buy a rain cover if not available with the purchase (many of the strollers come with it). Anti-mosquito net can be attached too for protecting the baby from mosquitoes. 

Wheels And Shock Absorbing Technology 

The larger wheels make the stroller easier to handle on rough and uneven surfaces. Some wheels are air-filled and some are foam-filled. Air-filled wheels need to be maintained and air to be checked now and then. On the other hand, foam-filled tyres provide a smooth and swivel ride. Although foam-filled wheels are not ideal for rough and rocky terrains we doubt that strollers will be used on such surfaces. 

Coming down to the shock-absorbing feature, many strollers have shock absorbers near the wheel mechanisms. It protects the stroller from abrupt shocks, for example, if you hit a bump that you did not anticipate, it will absorb the shock produced by it. 


A spacious storage basket is essential with the stroller to make errands easier. Holding baby’s gear and a grocery bag in hand while pushing a stroller can be very difficult and hectic. So make sure the stroller you are going for has a big basket underneath it.

Some of the strollers have a fold-down subdivider while others have a zipped compartment to keep small things like wallet and keys. But make sure the basket is also accessible when the backrest is fully reclined as some of the strollers give up at this stage. The basket should be sturdy and able to withstand the weight of the thing you put in without dragging it along the surface. 

A cup holder for you and your baby also comes with some strollers, which is a very handy feature but we recommend to not use it for hot beverages. Keep in mind that all the baby’s gear and the shopping bags will go in the basket because hanging them with the stroller’s handle can result in a damaged handle. So make sure to check the basket of a stroller before buying. 


Brakes are key to a safe journey for your baby in a stroller. Almost all the strollers have foot-operated brakes.  

Some of them are linked and activated with a single push with your toe situated on the bar at the rear of the stroller frame, while others have separate brakes behind each wheel and have to be activated separately. One-touch brakes linked with each other, tend to be more convenient if you are wearing open-toed shoes. 

Just make sure that the brakes are not very rigid and hard to be activated or deactivated as it will be uncomfortable if you are wearing open-toed shoes. 


If you live in an area where the weather remains cold and chilly most of the year, then you should look for a stroller which comes with a footmuff or at least compatible with one. It keeps your baby’s feet and legs warm and cosy. 

If your stroller does not support a footmuff and you buy one, then make sure it does not interfere with the harness, footrest, folding or any other function of a stroller.  


The stroller handles are usually covered with foam. Adjustable handles are more convenient as they can be extended to your desired position. Although some of the strollers do not provide extendable handles they are made to support average height parents.  

A few strollers have a reversible handle that goes over the top of the stroller to change the facing direction of the baby. Umbrella strollers usually have 2 separate handles rather than a hand bar which can be less easy to manoeuvre or depends upon your preference. 

What are you looking for in a stroller?

This will tell you to recognize which type of stroller you need for your baby. The market will offer differently engineered designs of baby strollers, we will review a few of them in the following lines. 

Traditionally constructed stroller

If you are searching for a stroller that can last for a long and accompany your toddler for more than 3-4 years, a standard or traditionally constructed stroller is the right choice for you. These strollers are compatible with roads, sidewalks, in the garden lawn and on paved ways. The seats are easy to recline/fold and offer much comfort at the seat for the baby ride. 

They are bigger in space and are strong by wheels and handles. In addition to that, it comes with a complete set of additional accessories which would help you in most of the circumstances when needed. 

Car seat?

If you are a kind of parent who needs to travel with your baby on a daily basis, then you can’t swipe right or left but hit the car-built seated stroller. It can easily fit your car seat and you can slide it either way without any disturbance in your baby’s sleep. 

The liking part of these strollers is the adjustability with age. For example, for a baby 4-6 months, it can be as flat as you want and fit the seat while after a year when your baby can sit easily you can adjust it to the sitting position so you don’t need any extra effort to make the adjustment on any level.  

Lightweight and easy to carry?

We recommend umbrella strollers to those who are looking for a lightweight and easy to carry stroller but don’t forget that it is not a good option for newborns. However, if your baby is 6 months plus, it can be used easily, especially in the summer to save the baby from scorching heat and sunlight. 

Usually, umbrella strollers weigh around 5-7 kg and are easy to carry and operate. The folding is even more on the lighter side, so you can carry them in the buses and aeroplanes easily. The modern umbrella strollers have all the necessary accessories as well. 

Walking with a baby in the evening?

You can use a walking-stroller which allows you to walk or jog and at the same time give the baby a nice ride in the evening.  

The innovative construction allows you to walk or jog with the baby taking all the joy of a nice ride on a comfortable seat of a stroller. These walking- strollers are equipped with three wheels, two rears back and one on the frontal lobe, which can swivel and can also be adjusted for stability and motion.  Furthermore, features like telescopic handles, basket for storage, dual seats, and adjustability with car seat make these strollers more 

What Should You Consider When Buying A Stroller? 

A safe, smooth, easy-to-use, compact to store and a durable stroller is what every parent wants for their baby but as the strollers come in a range of $40 to $1000+, there are a lot more than these basic features you have to consider. To make sure you are getting the best option within your budget, these questions might help.

How will you use it? 

Many of the traditional strollers are bulky and heavyweight, making them unideal if you are walking through narrow streets or stairs. Umbrella strollers can be a good option in this case but it will also not be suitable if you need a big basket to carry baby’s gear and other essentials. 

Keep in mind where you will go with your stroller, it will make the decision easier. 

Is it suitable for a newborn? 

Some of the strollers offer a flat recline or a bassinet mode, which means you can use it for your newborn from day one, without any extra purchases. On the other hand, many of the strollers are only suitable for infants who have developed some neck control or can sit by themselves without any support. And that usually does not happen before four to six months. So make sure to check the details of the stroller before you buy. 

While you invest more upfront for certain models, make sure they support newborn through toddler stages that can save you some cash in the long run as you won’t be needing a separate stroller for the grown baby. Also if you are looking for a long-term friend for your baby, look out for the durable and sturdy model with car seat and other accessories included.

This type of stroller is a somewhat expensive but one-time investment. So you have to choose carefully. 

How long do you want to use it?

Is it easy to use?

Once you are done with theoretical research, it is time to test run the stroller. So you can see if it is also ideal to use or not as per your desire. The smooth and shiny floor of the store may deceive you so try on the sidewalk if you get a chance to get a better idea. Does it move straight? Can it be steered with one hand? These are the questions you should keep in your mind while testing. 

Is folding and unfolding easy? 

Most of the time when you are folding the stroller, you will be carrying your baby in one hand. There are strollers which offer one-handed folding which is easier to fold. All one-handed folding strollers are not always easy to fold, so test it before going for one. 

Is it heavy or lightweight?

Well, lightweight is always better and easy to carry or lift and put in the boot of the car. But don’t get deceived by the description of the stroller because some of them call a 25 pounds stroller “Lightweight” while strollers weighing 12 pounds are also available. That makes a big difference while you are carrying a baby, gear bag and stroller on the local transport. 

Are two better than one?

If you take your baby with you to your work while using the subway and also in the neighbourhood. You might need a lightweight and smaller umbrella stroller for travel and a full-sized traditional stroller for home. Investing in two strollers rather than going for one expensive stroller would be a great option.

Is it suitable for rough terrain?

If you like to jog or walk and the surface is rough but you still want to take your baby with you, you should consider jogging strollers. With its air-cushioned wheels and unique suspension specifically designed for rough terrains, it will keep your baby comfortable while you enjoy your jog. 

The wheels design offer a smooth and comfortable ride on rough terrain even with high speed. Just keep the wheels checked before going for a jog as the air-cushioned wheels tend to wear out especially on rough terrain. 

Is the canopy big enough? 

In cheaper models, mostly umbrella strollers, canopies are not very big and are not extendable either. So if you have a hot summer coming up, we recommend to not go for the umbrella stroller despite it being lightweight and compact.

On the other hand, many of the models provide a huge canopy that covers almost the whole seat and protects your baby from the blazing sun. Mesh panels or fabrics are used for efficient ventilation so don’t worry about that. 

FAQ about Best Baby Stroller

Which brand of the stroller is best?

There are many brands in the market but few of the most highly-rated brands in the stroller category are as following:

  • Silver cross
  • Britax
  • Babyhome
  • Hauck

It would be tough to declare winner or runner in these brands but the silver cross has products which show great variety and high quality of the material while Britax is famous for its innovative and attractive construction/design of the stroller. 

What is the best stroller for walking?

The best stroller is a stroller that offers all the features such as balanced wheeling, telescopic handles, seat adjustability and comfortable harness overall. We recommend Britax M stroller and Silver cross reflex stroller and that’s what we consider two of the few best strollers for walking available in the UK. 

Why are strollers so expensive?

There is a huge variety when it comes to the prices. You can have a stroller in the range of just 50$ and the prices can go beyond 300$, averaging 100-150$. The expensive strollers are made up of high quality imported material and offer additional features such as basket, holder, shock absorber and many more features as the prices climb up. 

If you are looking for a cheap yet durable baby stroller, we recommend Hauck Shopper NeoII. High-quality stuff, yet very affordable and easy to operate and store. 

Are 3 wheel or 4 wheel strollers better? 

The three-wheel stroller is considered better for jogging and walking. The suspension is better when it comes to the three-wheel stroller which makes it easy for them to ride on tough terrains. The manoeuvrability is even better.  On the downside, three wheels are costly, heavy in weight and less variety in choices. 

Four-wheel strollers offer better stability, affordable price range, lightweight material and great variety in choices. They are super easy to fold and store.  Things that you may dislike about them is their inability to cope with rough terrains. Also, not a great choice as a jogging-stroller.  

Can newborns go in a stroller?

Yes, if the stroller reclines easily. If you are planning to buy a stroller for your newborn baby, make sure you are buying the right stroller, the stroller which reclines completely or the one with a bassinet attachment because newborns are unable to sit up in the stroller. 

Moreover, you should avoid jogging-walkers if you are buying it for a newborn baby. 

Things to consider for baby safety when he/she is in a stroller?

First and foremost, you should buy a stroller that can be adaptive in nature e.g when it’s in a car, it should easily fix the car seat and when riding on rough terrain the suspension and shock absorbing feature should quickly express its support to ensure the safety of the baby. That being said, there are some things to consider for the safety of a baby in the stroller. 

  • Make sure the harness or belt is well buckled before you start your ride or a drive.
  • Don’t add additional toys to the stroller, especially no hanging toys at all. 
  • Always stay near to your baby, a slight break of going away may end up on serious consequences as the movement of the baby can imbalance the stroller and he/she may fall. 
  • Keep your stroller away from sunlight, as the plastic and fabric part may deteriorate and cause skin burn and rashes. 

What is the difference bw Pram and Stroller?

Both are interchangeable terms so Pram mostly refers to the stroller. However, traditionally strollers are considered the set/design of an upright seating for the baby while a pram has a bassinet or flat system of seating. Nonetheless, both are considered the same nowadays. 

How long should a baby be in a bassinet stroller?

Four months, if not six months at last. When a baby crosses 4-6 month of age try to shift them to a seating position. Babies at this stage have a high level of energy and stay restless all the time. Also, the curiosity to see beyond the curtains grow in them which pushes them to seat up or head up. If you feel your baby is not ready in 4 months, make sure you give them the seat in 6 months so that their muscles can grow. 


A best stroller can provide immense comfort to the baby and decrease your leverage and mental exhaustion but what constitutes the best stroller? Combo stroller? Jogger? Umbrella? Travel system?

Not really. The best stroller is the one that can cope with the challenges that your baby will face, e.g nature of your work (gardening or office? Driving or walking, rough or plain surfaces).

The best stroller can be hunted by you if you recognize your needs and understand the features of a particular stroller. 

In the beginning, we have discussed the types of strollers to give you a brief insight into the baby strollers. The best baby strollers in the UK market were then reviewed and dissected from every angle possible.

The Buyer’s guide elaborated the strollers like never before and we hope this article was helpful for you in terms of understanding the baby strollers and their different aspects. We wish you good luck with buying. 

Happy Parenting!

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