Best Travel Pushchair For Newborn

Best Travel Pushchair for newborn

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With new-born babies, travelling is a hassle. There are so many things that need to be taken along at all times for emergencies. Not only that, carrying a baby in your arms or a carrier can be tiring. Hence, the idea of travel pushchairs not only helps in carrying personal belongings but ensures that your baby has a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Considering this, check out our recommendations for best travel pushchair for newborn babies:

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The following are some of the best travel pushchair for newborn:

Maxi-Cosi Lila Luxe Pushchair·   Adjustable·   Rain cover·   Storage basket·   Memory foam padded seat·   Foldable·   Compact0-3.5yearsCheck Price here
Graco Evo Trio Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Foldable.·   Adjustable.·   Compact.·   Storage basket.·   Rain cover.0-3yearsCheck Price here
Baby Sportive Travel System Pushchair·   Lightweight.·   Compact.·   Foldable.·   Reversible seats.·   Added security.·   Storage basket.·   Rain cover.0-3yearsCheck Price here
Kinderkraft Travel System Pushchair·   Extendable hood·   Durable·   Adjustable·   Added security·   Sun visor·   Multipurpose·   Storage basket0-3yearsCheck Price here
Maclaren Techno Pushchair·   Streamlined Wheels·   Lifetime warranty·   UPF50+ Sunroof·   Water-resistant·   Storage basket·   Added security0-5yearsCheck Price here

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Best Travel Pushchair for newborn

Best Travel Pushchair For Newborn

Our Top-Pick

Maxi-Cosi Lila Luxe Pushchair

Maxi-Cosi has helped many parents with making tasks easier and more convenient. They focus on safety and comfort.


The comfortable pushchair with an exceptional memory foam padding, giving the most comfortable spot to your little one after your arms. Joining convenience and comfort, the Maxi-Cosi Lila Luxe has a pushchair seat that changes into a lie-flat level bassinet.

Effectively lean back into a lie-level position utilizing one hand. Lila’s pushchair seat has an extraordinary adaptive padding trim that straps your child, offering a superior resting position for babies. Ideal for comfortable snoozes in a hurry!

At the point when your little one grows out of the pram, you can begin utilizing the reversible bedding. The sleeping cushion is thermo-managed and has 2 reversible sides, including material to direct your little one’s internal heat level.

One side has a breathable 3D mesh texture for sweltering summer days while the opposite side has a delicate wool texture for colder days. Advantageously breakdown and store the Maxi-Cosi Lila Luxe, because of the simple folding system. Essentially fold the Lila Luxe pushchair utilizing one hand. The stroller features a 5-point harness and a handlebar for added security.

There is a rain cover for protection against different weathers and a storage basket for personal belongings.


Graco Evo Trio Pushchair

A company dedicated to customer satisfaction and high-quality. It ensures that all its products are tested, are durable, safe, and comfortable for both the parent and the child.


This set is designed for busy parents. The travel system has a reversible pushchair that has multiple reclining seat positions and can completely lie-down flat for newborn babies and toddlers to be able to take a nap even when out and about.

It has an adjustable handle that allows the parent to set the height of the handle according to their height and comfort. The calf support is also adjustable according to the height and needs of the child.

Moreover, this travel system is easy to fold and is quite compact. It is lightweight and easy to travel with. It has a sunshade on all its parts and has a rain cover as well to protect from rain, heavy winds, or harsh sun rays.

It also includes a storage basket on the stroller for personal belongings and a removable bumper bar for added security.

Baby Sportive Travel System Pushchair

The baby travel system is a light and handy pushchair system for busy parents. This advanced design has a basic foldable system and offers a quick installation of the various attachments.


The 3-in-1 travel system includes a pram, car seat, and sports buggy. The travel system also includes a carrier pack, rain protection, mosquito net, changing mat, removable cup holder, and removable tray for your youngster’s snacks a lot.

Reasonable from birth and an easy quick folding system ensures easy traveling and storage in a car or plane. A large storage basket is included for the storage of personal belongings or shopping bags. The removable handlebar adds security and also permits you to face or rear the drive direction. Its quick delivery back tires for simple cleaning after sloppy walks.

The front lockable 360 turn wheels are added for smooth driving. The stroller becomes compact when collapsed, finds a way into numerous little vehicle trunks. The stroller can be carried and covered with a removable hood. Reflective elements are also added to ensure better visibility.  Removable and reversible seat allows the parent to turn the seat facing them or to the world so the child can enjoy both views.

The leg cover helps keep your child warm during chilly days. A 5-point security harness is added to ensure that your child remains strapped-in and secure. The adjustable backrest and leg are for added comfort.  

Customer Verdict

When looking for a travel system, parents focus on products that are economical, lightweight yet still sturdy and robust. They also look for a stroller that will help ease their experience rather than make travelling a nightmare for them.

With the products reviewed above, and reviews from previous customers, we have concluded that parents tend to go for high-quality, sturdy, and durable products. They also focus on travel systems that have multiple accommodating products.

Compact and foldable abilities are appreciated along with padded comfortable seats and added security. However, what parents seem to want that these products lack is trays to keep the child’s snacks, adjustable push-handles, shock-resistant strollers, all-terrain wheels, mosquito nets, and cup holders.


Travelling is supposed to be fun for the parent and child. And an uncomfortable experience can make it hard for that to happen. These travel systems ensure that the parents have the required product for each occasion.

Whether it is a walk through the city, a day full of exploring new places, or a relaxing day at the beach or park, there is a product meant to help with it all. 

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