Top 5 Best Travel Stroller Uk of 2021- [Guide & Reviews]

If you were leaving for a trip and at the last moment the stroller wouldn’t fit in the luggage compartment of the plane, you will understand the importance of a good-quality lightweight Best Travel Stroller Uk. Of course, the bigger strollers have some features that you won’t find in a travel stroller but what good do they do if you can’t travel with them? 

So, if you don’t have a stroller yet and are looking for one, go for the travel strollers because you don’t know when you are going on a surprise trip. And if you have a big bulky stroller already and you think it won’t fit for travelling, you are at the right place too. 

The travel strollers are lightweight and small in size so they are not only used specifically for travel or but are also suitable for public transport or elevators. So if you are confused because of so many travel strollers in the market, worry not. We have compiled a list of the best travel strollers in the UK which have all the amazing features at an affordable price too. 

Check out the following table for our top 5 best travel strollers in the UK.

Top 5 Pick up Best Travel Stroller Uk in 2021

Travel Strollers Key features Recommended weight/age  Price 

Summer 3Dlite
Aluminium frame 4-position reclineWeight: 5.9 kg
From birth to 22.6 kg

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Allis Lightweight Stroller 
Light aluminium frame with steel elements4-wheel suspension Weight: 6.7 kg

From birth to 15 kg

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Sweety Fox Urban Stroller 5-Point HarnessTraction rodWeight: 8.4 kg
From birth to 15kg
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Bébé Confor Lara2
Automatic closureBreathable fabricWeight: 6.4 kg
From birth to 6.4 kg
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Safety 1st Teeny
Carrying bag included5-point safety harnessWeight: 5.62 kg
From birth to 15 kg

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1. Summer 3Dlite

Summer 3Dlite is an extremely lightweight Best Travel Stroller Uk that you can carry with ease anywhere you want, whether you are carrying it to put it in your car’s boot or luggage compartment of a plane. It just weighs 5.9 kg which you don’t get with most of the strollers. 

Summer 3Dlite

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Its frame is made with a durable aluminium which makes it lightweight and even after having your baby in it, it won’t weigh that much and will be easy to steer. It has a large and cosy seat for your baby to be comfortable and a 5-point safety harness for safety purposes. The seat can be reclined into 4 positions so if your baby needs to sleep, she can take a good nap in the buggy. 

The other feature that makes a good travel stroller is the compactness. This travel stroller becomes very compact when folded. You can also use the handles to manoeuvre the stroller when folded. However, if you have a small car boot, do consider the dimensions of the stroller when folded. 

The stroller, with a maximum weight limit of 22.6 kg, has anti-shock front wheels, lockable rear wheels, the adjustable and removable canopy with added sun visor is perfect if you are travelling or just going to run everyday errands. 

2. Allis Lightweight Stroller 

It is a perfect combination of strong , durable and lightweight Best Travel Stroller Uk. It has an elegant design with all the amazing functions. With its adjustable seat, suspension wheels, extended canopy and a compact folding design, it is one of the best travel strollers to get for your little one.  

Allis Lightweight Stroller 

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The frame built out of high-quality light aluminium along with steel elements makes this stroller extremely durable and you will be using it for a long time. It can hold the weight up to 15 kg and is suitable for babies up to 6 months. 

It has a fully reclinable seat to let your little one sleep whenever he is in the mood along with the adjustable canopy to protect him from sun and rain. The independent four-wheel suspension is ideal for manoeuvrability and comfort of the baby. And the central brakes on the rear wheels are easy to use rather than applying brakes on both wheels separately.

The folding mechanism is its most likeable part as you just have to lift a strap with one hand and the plume stroller folds in no time. Not only that, it has a self-stand feature that allows it to stand in an upright position which is convenient for storing.

A peek-A-boo window for parents, adjustable footrest and seat recline, removable front bumper and ample storage under the stroller makes this travel stroller the best choice.  

3. Sweety Fox Urban Stroller

The Urban Stroller pushchair is not only perfect for travel but also for walking around town or in a park with your little tot. It offers an extremely comfortable seat for your baby and XL shopping basket for you to keep your baby’s toys and shopping. 

Sweety Fox Urban Stroller

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This travel stroller is designed with keeping the comfort of the child as well as the parents. The spacious and comfortable seat can be reclined into a flat position if the baby is sleeping or in an upright position if not. The cushion, backrest and the footrest are also adjustable while the safety bumper on the front is detachable. 

This travel stroller is as easy to fold as it gets Best Travel Stroller Uk. When the stroller is folded, it becomes so small that it can easily fit in almost all car boots. And with the additional feature of traction rod, you won’t have to carry the weight of the stroller and instead, you can just take it anywhere with the rod. 

A robust design with all the amazing features added, this travel stroller is one of the best among all the travel strollers. So if you still haven’t decided which one to choose, this might be the one you were looking for all along. 

Customer Verdicts

The customers who were looking for a stroller specifically for travelling and those who were for everyday use, both were looking for a lightweight stroller. These travel strollers are not only lightweight but also incredibly sturdy. 

Easy folding of the strollers is an important aspect when it comes to travelling. The customers were pretty satisfied with the compactness of these travel strollers and shared their experiences of how easy it was to travel with one of them. 


The option you choose depends upon your use of the Best Travel Stroller Uk. If you are buying one for just travelling purposes, then it comes down to the way of travelling. You are either flying or using a car. In short, the best travel stroller for you depends on your use and preference and all of these travel strollers mentioned above have the potential to be the best for you. 

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