Top 5 Cheap Travel Stroller UK of 2021- [Guide & Reviews]

Travel stroller is quite popular in the market and has a complete set of accessories due to its high technology features. They have different types according to your needs, we would give a read about some of the cheap travel stroller UK market is offering by checking our recommendations below:

These strollers come with a suitable solution for you, varying in the weight of your babies, they have different features in the strollers. The frames of these strollers come in varieties from aluminium to stainless steel to plastic material. Some of the strollers come with dual-purpose as an infant car seat and as a stroller. While the infant car seat is detachable and mounted easily on the frame or use without it. 

Most of the strollers have a weight limit of the capacity of 20+kg and due to its durability, you could use it for a long time. All the important features are in it which you would recommend taking your baby outside, whether in the car or just around the corner of your street, park.

Now, we would give a read on some of the best travel strollers, one would go for it considering their features and safety precautions.

Top 5 Pick up Cheap Travel Stroller UK in 2021

Cheap travel Stroller Key features Recommended weight Price

Graco Breaze Lite i-size Travel Stroller
Strong Aluminium frameLightweight StrollerMulti-position recline

For babies up to 15kg

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Hauck Citi Neo Stroller
5 points safety harnessEasy to foldLarge hood with the viewer window

For babies up to 25kg

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Familidoo Air lightweight baby Stroller
Carbon fibre frameSun canopy and carry bagFront and rear suspension

For babies up to 15kg

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Lionelo Elia Buggy  small folding Stroller
Simple folding systemMosquito net Rain cover and spacious basket

For babies up to 15kg

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Kinderkraft Lightweight Stroller Adjustable footrestCupholder5 point harness 
For babies up to 15kg

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1. Graco Breaze lite i-size Travel Stroller

Graco Breaze Travel Stroller has 2 in 1 feature that works as a baby stroller and as an i-size infant car seat weighs about only 6.5 kg. This decent stroller has come up with quite eye-catching features one would expect in a full-size Stroller.

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What makes it durable is that the frame is made up of aluminium and the other material is made up of pure polyester. Although, its handle is not adjustable considering someone’s height and its comfortability. It has easy release front wheel swivel-lock wheels, which is a plus point for taking it in rough terrain and its shock absorption systems make it quite comfortable for the baby without feeling anything going out around the park or going for a walk. 

Its removable bumper bar makes it easy to convert it into an i-size infant car seat which would be feasible if you are travelling in the car with your baby let’s go with Cheap Travel Stroller UK.

It has a 5 point safety harness for your baby, which makes it quite reliable and safe for the baby to travel in the stroller with you. A large basket is provided for the storage of the important accessories you want to take with you while going outside.

2. Hauck Citi Neo Stroller

This Hauck Citi Neo Stroller frame is made up of Aluminium. With its innovative folding technology, it can be folded with one hand while your other hand is free for your child, so one could comfortably carry it or store it in your car.

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The lightweight Stroller has an impressively large shopping basket which would be used if you go out shopping Cheap Travel Stroller UK. It has locking front wheels, making it manoeuvrable in congested pedestrianized zones. You could keep an eye on your little one through the net fabric in the canopy which also provides ventilation.

There is a pocket provided in the canopy which could be useful for the small items to be stored in it. To ensure the safety of your baby, there is a 5 point belt and front bar placed in it. While you are taking a break there is a dual handbrake system that works on both sides so that your stroller doesn’t go anywhere.

3. Familidoo Air lightweight baby Stroller

This Familidoo air lightweight baby Stroller has a carbon fibre frame which makes it durable. It is quite simple in design and easy to use Cheap Travel Stroller UK. One could simply fold it using one hand thanks to compact fold technology. 

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As it is mentioned in the name lightweight it only weighs around 7.2kg which is a plus point because one would not want the stroller to be too heavy. It is ideal for newborn babies to toddlers with multi-position backrest. To ensure the safety of your baby, there is a 5 point belt harness and front bar placed in it, A good-sized sun canopy to prevent the sun rays from falling directly on your child.

This stroller also includes a shopping basket to make sure of the accessories you want to take with you while going outside. It’s front and rear wheel suspension provides quite good comfortability for your child while going through any rough Terrains.

Customer Verdicts

Although The Familidoo Air lightweight Baby Stroller is yet quite simple in designing, its features are quite easy to use. It has all the features one would want in the stroller considering safety, easy to fold, Shock absorbing technology. The sun canopy to provide shade from sun rays to your child. 

Users are well satisfied with the additional features; thanks to its large basket that ensures storage for a set of accessories to take with you while going outside is a plus point. That’s why it is quite popular around the people who want to purchase a simple Stroller.


If you are looking for a quite simple design and easy-to-use Stroller then Cheap Travel Stroller UK are the ones you would go for, with its complete set of accessories provided and ensuring your child’s safety with its 5 point harness. One would also go for it because they would not want to take a separate storage accessory while going out that is why one goes for the Travel Stroller.

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