How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller? [Complete Guide & Tips]

How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

Are you an athletic person that just cannot miss out on your daily dose of running? Or perhaps morning jogs are just an everyday ritual for you that brings you peace and serenity. Fortunately, you do not have to skip out How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller? on your running workout once you have a baby. Just get a fixed wheel jogging stroller and enjoy hours of carefree jogging with your young one. However, with fixed wheel jogging strollers, you might find it hard to turn it in the beginning. But once you get a hang of it, you will realize that nothing could be easier! Carry on reading to find out how to turn a fixed wheel jogging stroller. 

What are Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers? 

Wheel Jogging Strollers

Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers are the strollers of choice for parents who love to jog and run. They are specially designed to accommodate running; they have a fixed front wheel that stays forward in a direction. They come equipped with three wheels instead of four, they are lightweight and have shock absorbers along with five point safety harnesses. This means that even on uneven, bumpy surfaces, your baby will have a smooth comfortable ride. 

Thus, your stroller will not wobble from side to side when you push it while running. Additionally, since the front wheel always stays in the same direction, pushing the stroller around will take minimal energy and you will not get tired quickly (running and pushing a heavy stroller would be an absolute nightmare). You can now run for longer hours and burn off a couple of calories! 

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Benefits of using a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

Fixed wheel jogging strollers have numerous advantages over the more traditional strollers for the following reasons How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller?

  • Since the front wheel is locked in a specific direction, your stroller will remain stable instead of wobbling all over the place. It will not turn suddenly and result in a crash!
  • You can safely run on a road or rocky area with a fixed wheel jogging stroller as they will not veer off to one side upon hitting a rock or two.
  • They have larger wheels which makes the ride so much smoother for your baby and will make him/her feel more comfortable. 
  • Their long front to back length provides better stability and smoother rides. 
  • You only need one hand to push the stroller! Honestly, running with babies has become so much easier and safer since the invention of fixed wheel jogging strollers.
  • The increased safety of fixed wheel strollers is obviously something that you need to run with your baby while ensuring that they are safe at all times. 
  • A superior jogging experience is guaranteed when using these strollers. Run further and faster with these superior strollers.

How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller?

Now, this is where things get in touch with How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller; turning a fixed wheel jogging stroller does take some getting used to. Turning at corners can get a bit awkward because these strollers do not just spin around on their wheels like swivel front wheel joggers.

Most people tend to turn these strollers by pushing them in their desired direction. This is okay if you are making a small change in your direction to avoid an obstacle but if you use this method for larger turns, it will take a lot of effort and you will have to strain a lot. This is because fixed front wheel strollers have a specialized turning mechanism and if you follow this mechanism, you will find it so much easier to turn them.

The right way to turn a fixed wheel jogging stroller is to press down on the handlebar using your upper body strength and slightly life the front wheel. Then, simply turn the stroller on its rear wheel to steer the stroller in the direction you want. You probably will not find doing this comfortable in the beginning but once you have done this a few times, it will feel like the easiest thing in the world. 

Fixed Wheel Strollers vs Swivel Wheel Strollers

Fixed Wheel Strollers vs Swivel Wheel Strollers

Swivel Wheel Strollers are your ordinary strollers that are extremely easy to maneuver because they do not have fixed wheels. Thus, all you need to do is change the direction of the wheels to move the stroller in your desired direction; no lifting and pushing needed. However, they are not as safe when running because if you come across a single rock while running, the stroller will veer off in a different direction and result in a crash landing. It will also wobble a lot so running is going to be extremely uncomfortable for your baby and you. Smaller wheel size and greater pushing force are two other things on How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller?  that make swivel front wheel jogging strollers inferior to fixed front wheel jogging strollers. 

Tips for buying a Fixed Jogging Stroller

Here’s a few things to consider when buying a fixed or How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller.

  • Make sure your baby is at least 6 months old before you get this sort of a stroller. Or if you want to run with your new born, you can get a jogging stroller that can temporarily host a car seat. This way you can safely run with your new born!
  • Opt for a lighter stroller. This will make it easier to lift when you need to turn it.
  • Consider getting one with handbrakes. This will make it easier to run downhill.
  • A hand strap is essential to ensure that the stroller will not accidentally get away from you.
  • Look for a stroller with abundant storage space. You can keep your running essentials like water bottle and the baby’s diaper bag in it.
  • Another important thing to consider is that how easily can the stroller collapse. You need something that will easily fold and unfold. 
  • Sunshade is an essential that you cannot compromise on! Get a stroller that will protect your baby from the harmful rays of the Sun.

Our Verdict: 

Let’s Fixed How do you turn a Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller allow for a comfortable running experience for both you and your baby. Invest in a quality one and you can use it for years to enjoy running with your baby.

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