How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller in 2021 [Guide & Tips]

How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller

Most parents prefer to use bassinet strollers to travel safely with newborn babies when they need to take their young bundle of joy for a quick stroll in the park or they just cannot find a nanny in time to look after him/her. Bassinet strollers have numerous advantages over traditionally inclined strollers because they are specifically designed for newborns. However, babies quickly grow out of their bassinet strollers and require a stroller with an inclined seat. Thus, as a parent, you might find it confusing about how long do you use a bassinet stroller. But before we answer that, let us talk about what bassinet strollers are and why they are better than strollers with seats for your newborn.

What are Bassinet Strollers?

A bassinet stroller basically consists of a bassinet attached to the stroller frame instead of a conventional seat. Now what are bassinets you ask? Bassinets are small beds for your baby; they are usually oval shaped and have high sides to comfortably contain your new born. So bassinet strollers are essentially portable beds! 

Why are Bassinet Strollers better than Conventional Seat Strollers for newborns?

Mentioned below are a few features of How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller that make them superior.

  • New born babies mostly just sleep. They cannot sleep comfortably in seat strollers because they can’t support their necks. Thus, bassinet strollers your babies to sleep in the ideal sleeping position. 
  • Additionally, the high sides make it safer for your baby. Moreover, newborn babies often get disturbed by constantly moving scenery. The high sides in bassinet strollers provide your baby with a comfortable environment that makes them feel at ease and thus, your baby will not cry as much.
  • Bassinet strollers come with sun protection hoods to keep your baby safe from the harmful sun rays.
  • The lie-flat position is better for your baby’s breathing than an upright sitting position. Studies have shown that babies oxygen saturation level gets affected when they are not lying flat. 
  • Lying flat is essential for the correct development of your newborn’s spine. Thus, you can let your baby lay in the bassinet stroller for hours on end and this will actually be beneficial for them. 
  • They provide far more support for infants. Newborns have underdeveloped muscles and cannot sit upright. Thus, bassinet strollers are ideal for them as they can just lay down comfortably as you push them around.
  • They are less bulky. This makes them easier to carry around. 
  • You can use your stroller bassinet overnight instead of buying a separate bedroom bassinet. 
  • Since these strollers do not have straps or any of those complex snaps and levers, they are extremely easy to use. It will barely take you a few seconds to unfold it when you take it out of your car trunk. 

How long do you use a bassinet stroller?

You should use a bassinet stroller for your newborn until he/she starts rolling over and can support their own head. This will typically be 4 to 5 months after your baby is born. Thus, you can use a bassinet stroller till your baby is 6 months old. 

However, there is no fixed age as all babies are different. Some develop their muscles by their third month and can thus, use a seat stroller from the third month itself. It all just depends on your baby and how fast he/she grows. Some develop slower and some develop faster. 

How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller If you want to keep using your stroller for a long period of time, consider investing in one where you can take out the bassinet and attach a seat when your baby grows up. This sort of stroller essentially grows with your baby so you will not have to keep repurchasing a stroller to accommodate your growing baby. 

What to look for when buying a bassinet stroller?

Look for the following features in your stroller when buying it.

  • It should be lightweight so that you can easily carry it around.
  • Look for a compact one that does not take up a lot of your car trunk space so that you can also store other items in it.
  • How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller that comes with rain shields and bug shields are extremely useful things to look for in your baby’s stroller.
  • If the bassinet liner is attached with a zipper, you will find it extremely easy to clean spills and stains. This is important because babies are really messy; they might spill their milk or vomit in the stroller. The zipper will make it easy to remove and wash the bassinet cloth.
  • One foot operated breaks make it easier to mobilize and immobilize the stroller and will make it easier to push the stroller around.
  • Test your strollers’ wheels to make sure they are easy to move. You do not want to end up buying one that requires a lot of effort to push around. It is also a good idea to look for all terrain wheels in a stroller as you can easily push such strollers on wet, dry, or snow-covered roads. 
  • Strollers that are easy to fold up are a win and something that you should look for in your baby’s stroller.
  • Strollers that are outfitted with shocks allow for an extremely smooth experience. This is important for newborns as you do not want your baby to wake up due to a sudden bump or two. 


How Long Do You Use A Bassinet Stroller is trendy, comfortable, and extremely easy to use . They check all the boxes that you need in a stroller for a newborn baby.

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