How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet

In this post, I will be answering your question of how long should a baby sleep in a bassinet so read on..

Bassinets have been the first choice when it comes to sleeping beds for newborns. It is a bed smaller in size than a crib, which is made especially for newborns. In light of a recommendation by all infant experts, parents get a separate sleeping space for their honey pie. AAP also suggests that parents should share a room with the newborn but should never share the bed for the safety of the little one.

So most babies start their sleep cycle from the bassinet. But newbie parents often wonder what the right time to transition their baby from the bassinet to a crib is? Also, how should you transition your baby from the bassinet to a crib?

If you’re one of those parents who don’t know about it, don’t worry! Just keep reading this article till the end to get your questions answered.

How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

It’s important to move your baby to a crib at the right time for his safety. If you don’t switch to a crib timely, this may result in serious consequences. According to AAP and infant health experts all over the world, parents should use a bassinet to keep their babies for four months only.

The obvious reason for this is that a healthy baby is very likely to outgrow the bassinet by four months. Of course, once he outgrows the bassinet, keeping him anymore in it would be a mumbo jumbo. So transition your baby when he reaches four months.

We recommend transitioning your baby before your baby outgrows it. This is because your baby will get comfortable with each day passed. If you do it too late, your baby will take a few days to get settled in the new environment. 

Some parents don’t buy a bassinet for their baby. They skip it and move on to the crib directly, where their baby gets his first sleep. Particularly, the parents having thin wallets are skeptical about buying a bassinet. They think that buying a bassinet even when knowing that it’ll only be used for a few months is nothing but shelling out the hard-earned cash. Well, there’s no problem with doing that.

If you have a tight budget, you can save your money by skipping the bassinet. Bassinet or crib, whatever you choose for your little angel, make sure it’s safe for your baby. Before buying it, make sure it complies with the guidelines by CPSC.

So what to do with the bassinet after four months? Well, you can use it with a stroller to carry your baby. If you attach the bassinet with a stroller, you’d be able to carry your baby anywhere you want, be it a walk in the park or a birthday party at your friend’s house. In this way, your baby will be able to sleep even outside your home.

Imagine you have to visit your grandma’s home with your baby. It’s time to leave, but your cutie pie is sleeping. What to do in such situations? Well, a bassinet stroller is an ideal option in those situations. They come in handy as you can just put your baby in it while he’s sleeping.

Carrying him yourself is not a viable option as your baby would most probably wake up prematurely. You can rest assured knowing that if your baby is sleeping, he will keep sleeping. You can only use a bassinet on a stroller for a few months. After that, you can take it off and use the stroller to carry your baby.

How to Move Your Baby to a Crib?

Now that we have discussed when to move your baby to a crib let’s not discuss how to do it safely. Be mindful that it’s important for you to know this. If not carried out properly, this sudden transition can disturb your little one’s sleep cycle. It goes without saying that proper sleep holds paramount importance for the proper growth of your baby. A sleep-deprived baby is a slow learner and doesn’t look fresh either.

So make sure to transition your baby in a proper manner so that you don’t end up disturbing your little one’s sleep cycle. Here is how you should move your baby from a bassinet to the crib.

Choose a Safe and Comfortable Crib

The most important thing is choosing a crib that feels comfortable for your little sweetheart. Thankfully, there is a myriad of cribs available in the market, and you can buy a safe and comfortable one even on a tight budget. Make sure the crib is spacious so that your baby doesn’t outgrow it soon.

Your baby should also start rolling over soon, and if the crib is not spacious, he won’t be comfortable.

A firm mattress is another important thing to look out for when buying a crib. Make sure that the crib has a firm mattress as it ensures your baby’s safety.

While rolling over, a baby can turn over. If the mattress is soft, it’d be difficult for a baby to get back into a normal position. Furthermore, make sure that the sheet is not cool, as your baby will have a hard time when sleeping on a cool sheet.

Swaddle Your Baby in a Baby Sack

Swaddling your baby in a baby sack is also a great idea. The crib may feel too big for your little one. Moving your baby from a small bassinet to a big crib suddenly can startle your baby.

A baby sack will make him feel comfortable. It will also keep him warm. However, keep checking on him every now and then as swaddling unsafely can sometimes result in suffocation.

Help Your Baby Sleep Independently

As a parent, you should help your baby develop the habit of sleeping independently. For this purpose, you can spend some time with him until he falls asleep. You can shorten this time little by little until your baby doesn’t need you to sleep anymore. If your baby is not able to sleep on time, you can do a number of things that he can associate with his bedtime.

You can kiss him, give him a bath, talk to him, and swaddle him every night. And yes, don’t reach out to your baby every time he cries while sleeping. Otherwise, it will become normal for him. Infant sleep experts suggest that babies cry at night for several seconds. Give him some time to resettle. However, it’s better to consult your doctor if he keeps crying.

How Long Should a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet

Lay Your Baby on His Back

The best position for your baby to sleep in is on his back. We can’t stress this enough that laying the baby on his chest can result in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

AAP recommends parents put their baby on his back as it reduces the chances of SIDS.


Can a newborn sleep in a crib?

In light of a recommendation by AAP and doctors, parents keep their baby in a separate sleeping bed. That sleeping bed can either be a bassinet or a crib. The crib is also safe for a newborn as long as it complies with the CPSC guidelines.


Doctors recommend a special sleeping bed for newborns. That special bed is either a bassinet or a crib. When it comes to keeping newborns safely, the bassinet is the best of both worlds. You can keep your baby in a bassinet for four months. Before buying a crib for your baby, make sure it’s spacious and has a firm mattress. Always put your baby on his back as it reduces the chances of SIDS.

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