How Long Should My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

How Long Should My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet

It is exciting to bring home a new addition to your family. It is a dream of many couples to bring up a baby with all love and care in the world. Parents get to learn about things like diapers, bottles, and bathing a baby in the hospital, but where should your infant be sleeping? Do they have to be put in a crib right away? Are bassinets worth the cost? So many questions arise once you start thinking about your newborn’s sleep. 

How Long Should My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet 

As soon as you bring your little one home from the hospital, you should put the baby in a bassinet that lies near your own bed. This is helpful and convenient, especially for mothers who have gone through C-section and the ones who have to breastfeed the kid. It should also be noted that how long a baby can sleep in a bassinet. The latter isn’t necessarily tiny, but they are not huge either. Babies outgrow the space of a bassinet as soon as they are six months old or more. 

Parents with a sensitive child are usually concerned, and they do not know what the perfect time to make the changes is. They must know that acclimating their infant to reasonable shifts will let the child grow into a confident and resilient young man. You can take a look at the following factors and see for yourself how long a baby can sleep in a bassinet and what are the best ways to make the transition from bassinet to crib smooth for your family. 

Babies change a lot in the first year, and you have to think about their sleeping arrangements all over again because they outgrow the bassinet. Don’t lose any sleep over making a transition from bassinet to crib. Infants start their sleeping lives in a bassinet beside their parents’ bed in their room. This is convenient as babies can be comforted and fed in the middle of the night without any hassle. 

Making a transition to crib doesn’t follow any hard-and-fast rule. It depends on two factors: the child’s development and the weight limit of your particular bassinet. 

How Long Should My Baby Sleep In A Bassinet

Is there a bassinet age limit 

Regarding a bassinet age limit, there are no such hard guidelines. It is highly dependent on whenever it is appropriate and comfortable for your baby and your family. Most parents are more than happy to keep their infant nearby until they are physically unable to do so. However, some parents are worried about keeping their baby in a crib in their room.  

Weight limit of the bassinet

Sturdy bassinets can carry as much as 20 pounds. It provides you the flexibility about when to make the transition of your newborn to a crib. Depending on how quickly the baby is growing, you should shift your child to a crib if the age limit of the bassinet is 10 pounds. The growing pace of every child is different, but if they are developing quickly, your bassinet might not be of use anymore. 

The size of baby 

If your baby is still small after getting to six months of age, you should let her be in the bassinet for a little longer. As soon as the infant learns to roll over, they can get trapped into the walls of their basket, and it can be a safety risk. It’s time to move them to a crib once they are mobile. 

The baby tries to sit up

It is exciting to see your little one new milestone skills like rolling over or sitting up. Infants growing up and learning to use their bodies independently is very charming. Their mobility is directly dependent on their shifting to the crib. They are more suited to a crib once they are older than six months. 

The walls of a bassinet are shallow. An infant able to sit up and roll over can potentially flip herself over the edge. The pieces of sides of the bassinet can break off and can become a choking hazard to the kid. It is important that you keep an eye on the baby’s movement in regards to their sleeping arrangement. 

The transition from bassinet to crib 

You might need the help of following guidelines in making the transition because some babies face difficulty with the switch. 

Make the switch in stages 

Let the infant sleep in the crib during the daytime for a week or two until she gets used to it. She will be sleeping in her crib all the time when you complete the transition. 

Create a bedtime routine 

Now is the time to establish some nighttime rituals. Babies will get used to their crib when they thrive on a solid bedtime routine. They will signal to their crib when you repeat such bedtime activities each eve. 

Same room, different bed 

Moving your baby to a crib is easier if only one switch at a time is involved. It is better if you consider moving her crib into your own room for some weeks. As soon as she is adjusted to sleeping in a bigger space, you can move her crib to a proper location. 

Sleep in infant’s room 

You must bunk a few nights with your baby. You can sleep on an air mattress, couch, or bed. This way, it would be easy for the baby to get used to new space. 

Linger for some time 

Let your baby be comfortable and settle down while you are in the room. Sit on the floor next to the crib. Keep moving away from her until you are out of the door and she is happy and settled on her own. 

Add some comfort

Get rid of stuffed animals, pillows, and blankets into the crib. This stuff should be avoided anywhere near the baby’s space until she is 18 months old. You can add niceties like dimming the lights to add more comfort to the room. 


Can baby suffocate on the side of bassinet? 

It is important for babies to sleep alone in their own sleeping space with four sides around them. Make sure the sides of the bassinet are not made of soft material because the baby could strangle herself against those sides. The sides should allow air to circulate appropriately to use. 

Is a crib or bassinet better for a newborn? 

Besides some differences, both the crib and bassinet can be safe sleep choices for a newborn. You can keep a bassinet in a smaller house while crip is giant, so it demands more space. You can easily take a bassinet with you because it is light and portable. So, you can comfortably travel to your friends or family with a bassinet. However, you can’t take a crib with you on the route. 

How do I cover my newborn at night? 

It is safest to make a simple arrangement. Your baby should be put in a base layer like a one-piece sleeper. Get rid of any other accessories, including socks and hats, etc. You should use a sleep sack or swaddle instead of a blanket. This way, the baby can stay warm but not too warm. 

How do I stop my baby from rolling in the bassinet? 

The bassinet should be gotten rid of all kinds of decorations and bedding, including bumpers. Infants should not be left sleeping on a couch or any other surface which they could roll-off. Swaddling makes moving harder, so you should avoid that. It is advised to parents to avoid using sleep aids or heavy blankets. 


The time period of babies being in the bassinet varies from three to six months. Do notice that the baby is sleeping peacefully in the bassinet. If so, do not rush in moving her to the crib. The infant is safe to stay in a bassinet a little longer if she is not rolling over yet.

As soon as they get too big for bassinet, you can make the transition to the crib. You can know the time to give your baby more space in the crib when her head or feet are bumping into the ends of the bassinet. She waking up more often or very suddenly is also a sign that she is no longer comfortable in a bassinet. 

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