How To Carry Baby While Shopping?

How To Carry Baby While Shopping

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The purpose of this post is to share tips with parents on how to carry baby while shopping.

It is always a challenge for any parent to go shopping with a baby. Of course, you cannot leave your baby at home and affording a babysitter is expensive. The best option is to carry your baby along while you shop, and there are different ways to do this.

First-time mothers especially find it difficult to go for grocery shopping due to various reasons. With a newborn, mothers often find it tiring and difficult to go out and do the shopping. It takes a lot of energy for a first-time mother to go out and shop, let alone also carry their newborn babies along with them.

Finding the right way to carry your baby while shopping and still doing all the stuff you want to accomplish requires a little bit of creativity and tricks. Here are some of the ways you can carry your baby while shopping:

How To Carry Baby While Shopping

How To Carry Baby While Shopping

There are two ways we can discuss or understand this question of carrying a baby while shopping. One, we can assume that we are using some buggy or pushchair or anything mechanical in nature or physically carrying the baby. You can choose any mode, and we will be discussing both ways of doing the same thing.

Here are some effective and inexpensive tips to go on shopping while carrying your baby:

Use a Baby Carrier

The first preference for any parent is to use a baby carrier. Baby carriers are something which will probably never go out of fashion and will be used by parents for the foreseeable future to come.

I have seen and discussed with many parents who love to use baby carriers because using a baby carrier gives them more loving feelings while carrying their babies.

Whether you are a new mother, or first-time parent, using baby carrier during the shopping is probably the easiest and most affordable option for you.

It is not necessary to buy an expensive carrier as one can make it at home too. But if you want more security and assurance, you may have to invest a little in a good quality baby carrier.

Using a Pushchair

While the obvious and a bit expensive choice is to use a pushchair, unlike anything else, a pushchair is an easy option if you have your own car and you are planning to do shopping at a bigger supermarket like Asda and Tesco.

Using strollers is also helpful for mothers who like to do grocery or general shopping once a month or so. This is because when you do bulk buying, it becomes difficult to handle/carry the baby also while carrying heavy shopping bags.

Most good quality strollers also have underneath baskets which you can use for groceries and other stuff. Using a basket may prompt superstore to search also. So, If you are using strollers with underneath baskets, you need to use the basket with caution.

Using pushchair in smaller stores can be problematic as it becomes hard to move around with a pram while the place is already filled with other shoppers.

Using Cart

Most shopping malls and superstores provide carts for shopping. Wheeled carts are most effective to carry the baby while shopping though they are more prone to the germs and other allergic material.

If you want to use a cart, make sure you have your own cart cover to help avoid the baby touching the sides or handle of the cart.

Using a cart can be the easiest way to carry the baby while shopping because you will not have to carry any other stuff with you.

But carts may not be available in smaller superstores or street stores so you may need to make some other arrangement.

Some tips on Using Carts Properly

If you are carrying baby in cart, here are some tips for you to effectively manage your stuff:

  • Put smaller items around the baby
  • Heavier items should go to the bottom of the cart
  • You can also place some other smaller items in the front section of the cart.
  • Always use crossbody purse
  • Put light stuff in bags wrapped around your shoulders

Using babywear

A lot of mothers use babywear to carry the child around and pushing the carts etc. It is considered as the easiest method as it allows mothers to have a little bit of freedom actually to move around easily. Babywear mostly includes baby wrap slings.

Mothers like this method because experience suggests that babies normally sleep while in the wrap sling. It makes it easier for mothers to actually do a lot of things while still managing to carry baby safely.

One thing you should note is that using the babywear may not be suitable if your baby’s umbilical stump has not fallen off yet. Another nuisance mothers have to face is that people usually touch their babies and make them vulnerable due to their weak immune system.

Using Car Seat in the Basket

A relatively safer method used by many parents is to carry the baby in the car seat and place that car seat in the cart or the basket.

But it would help if you found the car seat which is of the right size to fit in most of the shopping carts or baskets. If you buy a car seat which is bigger than a normal basket, it may not help you if you are planning to use it for shopping also.

A lot of mothers use baby wraps and slings to carry their babies around while doing shopping. A majority of parents also use car seats and place them in shopping baskets as their preferred way of carrying the baby while shopping.

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