How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair? [Complete Guide & Tips]

How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair

It is an undeniable fact that babies grow up very fast. They quickly grow out of their clothes, shoes and even strollers. You may spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end stroller but before you know it, your baby is already too big for it!

However, this does take a bit of knowledge so make sure that you know how to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair. It is actually not that hard. Just read our easy to follow guide and you will be good to go!

This is why you should invest in a stroller than can grow with your baby; one in which you can convert the pram (used for new borns) into a pushchair (used for toddlers) as your baby grows up. We recommend choosing a Bugaboo Pram as they are the best in the market and can easily be converted into pushchairs. 

Before we get into how to convert a Bugaboo pram into a pushchair, let’s talk about what are prams and pushchairs and what are the fundamental differences between them. 

What is a Pram?What is a Pram

Prams are used for new born babies. They consist of a four wheeled stroller which has a bassinet attachment or a pram seat instead of a seat. They allow your baby to lie flat which is essential for healthy development of your baby. The flat position also helps them to breath better. Additionally, new borns feel safer and more comfortable in prams as they do not have the muscles to hold their head and neck upright. Prams also allow your baby to face you which makes them feel safer and prevents them from crying. 

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What is a Pushchair?What is a Pushchair

Pushchairs are meant for slightly older babies . They are basically a chair on wheels! How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair They help your baby sit upright which is good for older babies as they help in better muscle development. Your baby will be ready to sit in a pushchair when they begin sitting upright and can support their head. 

What are the major differences between a pram and a pushchair? 

The primary differences between a pram and a let’s know about How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair:

  • Prams are meant for babies that are younger than 6 months old while pushchairs are meant for babies that are older than 6 months. However, in some cases, babies are able to support themselves by the time they are three months old. In such scenarios, you can make the shift from a pram to a pushchair sooner.
  • Prams allow your baby to lay flat while pushchairs allow your baby to sit upright.
  • Pushchairs are collapsible; they can easily be folded up. Prams on the other hand cannot be folded up.

Why should you invest in a Bugaboo Pram?

Bugaboo is a brand we love and trust. Its pushchairs and prams are made using the highest quality material which makes them our favourite. Infant, the company offers a three year warranty because they highly believe in the durability of their products! 

All frames are sturdy, and wheels are of top-notch quality which makes steering so much more convenient. They are lightweight and come with canopies for sun protection. 

The best part is that Bugaboo Prams can be converted into pushchairs by simply switching up the fabric! Their prams are also overnight safe so you can also use them instead of a cot! A product that can serve as a sleeping bed, a pram, and a pushchair! What more can you ask possibly ask for How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair?!

Honestly, you can invest in a Bugaboo pram for your first child and use it for your second and third one too! You do get a pretty good resale value if you decide on selling the product, so it is a win-win situation. 

How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair? 

Bugaboo prams consist of a bassinet fabric and a pushchair fabric. You can simply change the fabric to turn the pram into a pushchair.

Mentioned below are the steps How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair like a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair.

  1. Pop the canopy of the bassinet. The canopy is attached to the bassinet via brackets which easily pop off.
  2. Velcro fasteners hold the bassinet fabric to the pram’s frame. Remove them to unattach the bassinet from the frame.
  3. Safely store away the bassinet fabric.
  4. Keep in mind that the curved part of the frame is the top whereas the square part is the bottom. Thus, the curved part of the seat fabric is put over the curved top. It easily slides on. Then, attach the bottom square part of the seat fabric to the square bottom of the frame using the velcro fasteners. 
  5. There are buckles on the backside of the seat fabric. Once you slide on the fabric and fasten the velcro fasteners, join the buckles to make the seat nice and tight.
  6. Pop the canopy back in and the pushchair is ready to be used!


There are some minor differences between the different types of Bugaboo Prams. However, these are usually very minor and easy to figure out. The main procedure of converting the pram into a pushchair is the same. For example, in some Bugaboo Prams, buttons are used in velcro fasteners. Simply slide the fabric off the buttons to take it out. 

BugaBoo Prams are one of our most recommended strollers that are ideal for babies. They are a good investment, and you should definitely get one for your young one. How to convert a Bugaboo Pram into a Pushchair Premium designs, frames, and comfort, Bugaboo Prams are the solution to all your stroller issues.

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