Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List? [Complete Guide & Tips]

Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List

Doesn’t matter, if you are a newbie in parenting or well experienced Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List, you get tensed and excited to make a list for newborn baby shopping. The joy and zeal of welcoming a child are beyond the words and phrases of any language and excitement makes you a bit unfocused on things such as shopping and making a list of groceries. Among so many varieties on the market, choosing what to get and what not could simply be overwhelming. However, to make things easy for you, we have created a list for you which includes all the things you will need to welcome your baby.

Which is Perfect time to start shopping?

To be honest, We started shopping the day we were told to expect a baby boy, It can be different in every case as that might be overexcitement or pre-planning Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List. Many start shopping without knowing the gender, but preferably one should start in the third trimester when you know the gender of the baby, that makes many things clear and simple. I would suggest you start shopping for baby items right in the first month of the third trimester, just to make sure it is all completed before your expected date. And if your baby boy arrives a bit early, you are well equipped and prepared. 

From Where you Should Buy Baby Items?

In times of covid, you might go straight online and that’s a great advantage if you are a single parent or have a hectic routine. The online market, compared to the conventional shops, offers huge variety but you might not feel well satisfied by the colors, sizes of the items on the website, etc. 

So what’s next for Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List? If you don’t feel threatened by outside environments such as these days the covid- then you can go shopping with a baby bump and make some memories for the rest of your life. No? In either case, you need to fulfill every column of items that you need for your baby. 

Let’s enlist all the items that your baby boy would need from you. 

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BreastFeeding Items

The bond that a mother makes with her offspring is nurtured by breastfeeding, Not only that but a child’s health is determined by the mother’s health. Breastfeeding needs a lot of gears and precautions. 

Following are the basic supplies and Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List that you should tick mark for your baby shopping list.

Nursing clothes
Breast Pads
Nursing Pillow
Protective shield
Nursing cover
Breast Milk Pump
Breast Milk storage container
Baby Bottle
Nipple cream 

Key Tips in Breastfeeding items:

  • Use nipple cream with harmless ingredients
  • Do check out the pump properly. Rusty, muddled. Rotten, broken or sticky parts may result in a loss of milk or pump wreckage. 
  • Use a nursing pillow properly and don’t compromise on quality
  • Avoid buying or using a second hand breast pump

1. Clothing 

Clothing can be determined by the weather and gender, both of which, you will be well aware of Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List. Normally what mothers ignore is the kimonos on the top of the umbilical cord top to avoid irritation in case of dressing and diapering. 

Baby Clothing 

In winters, make sure you are well equipped with head to toe clothing as newborn babies are very much vulnerable to get cold and pneumonitis. There is no particular rule that has been set as far as baby towels are concerned but you need properly sterilized and soft material made towels. Fluffy enough to not make them feel grainy or broken.

Following is the list of clothing that you would need for your baby boy. 

Bodysuits / Onesies
Pants / Leggings 
Footed bodysuits
Cap (In winter especially) 

2. Diapering 

Looks simple, but more complicated, as the majority of parents think diapering means diapers! And that’s it…No. You need all supporting gears such as wet wipes, changing mat, cotton nappies, rash creams etc. For a newborn baby, you would require zero size diapers and the following items. 

Baby Diapering 

Disposable/Ec0 diapers
Wet Wipes
Rash Cream
Cotton nappies
Changing mat

Disposable diapers tend to increase pollution and you don’t like to give your newborn a bath and polluted place, so what do you think of eco friendly, recyclable diapers? Nonetheless, you would need to use proper sanitization to keep both your baby and yourself safe and healthy. 

3. Baby Bedding 

A newborn baby has a weak homeostasis, which means he/she won’t be able to regulate body temp. Here comes Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List, bedding that is very crucial and should be according to weather. A zippered blanket or footwear sleeper that fits the baby’s body would make him more comfortable, compared to a loose bag/zippered. With time, as they grow, you can make them more relaxed. 

Baby Bedding 

The following are key items in baby bedding. 

Baby monitor
Mosquito net 

4. Cleaning and Bathing Gears

Newborn babies are very sensitive and can get infections quite repeatedly as their immune system is not well developed. We agree that proper cleaning is required to have a healthy baby, but sometimes it is exaggerated that might cause more trouble, such as you shouldn’t give a newborn baby daily bath, nor he should get any tub bath if he is circumcised. The best way to give initial few baths is just a foam bath. 

Cleaning and Bathing Gears

Similarly, don’t expose him to outside air more often in the first few weeks. Make sure you don’t use lotions that contain potentially harmful ingredients. 

Baby massage and hair Oil
Baby shampoo
Baby cream
Baby Lotion

5. Winter essentials 

Just in case, you are expecting your baby boy in winters, here are the items that you would need to add to your Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List. 

Baby Winter essentials 

Baby gloves
Moisturizer cream 
Woollen cap
Petroleum jelly


Newborns’ arrival is exciting Newborn Baby Boy Shopping List, so is the shopping list. A wise man once said, you get prepared early to avoid panic on the first day. We have compiled a list of all essential items that you would need for your baby boy. We wish you good luck!

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