What is a Bassinet Stroller?

What is a Bassinet Stroller

Bassinet strollers have been around for quite some time now and for good reasons. They offer convenience like never before. Parents can now take their babies out for a walk without being concerned about their babies’ safety. This is one of the many reasons why bassinet strollers are a must for every baby.

In this blog, we’d discuss what is a bassinet stroller and all the reasons why they are an important part of everyone’s childhood. We’d also tell you how long you can use a bassinet stroller. But first, let’s discuss what a bassinet stroller actually is.

What is a Bassinet Stroller?

A bassinet stroller is actually a combination of two words, i.e., bassinet and stroller. A bassinet is a specific bed that is used to keep newborns for four months. The main structure of a bassinet remains pretty much the same in most of the bassinets, which are fixed legs and a small comfortable bed.

This ensures their safety, as every doctor recommends a separate sleeping space for newborns.

Sleeping on the same bed with parents can be a big safety hazard for newborns, which is why they are kept in a special bed which is made for this purpose. It is a smaller bed that is used till the baby outgrows it and starts rolling over.

There are two main types of bassinets, i.e., portable bassinets and stationary bassinets. 

Talking about strollers, a stroller is a hand-pushed vehicle used to carry babies. Also known as a child carrier or simply a pram, it has a foldable chair and wheels. Different kinds of strollers include standard strollers, jogging strollers, travel strollers, double strollers, umbrella strollers, and side-by-side strollers. It is used to carry infants. 

Bassinet strollers, as you would have guessed, is actually a stroller having a removable bassinet attached to it. As opposed to regular strollers, it has a bassinet rather than a conventional seat. It is designed in a specific way that enables you to carry your baby when he is lying.

It is the safest and the most convenient way of carrying babies as they have enclosed sides to contain kids safely.

You can just put your baby in a bassinet stroller and push it by your hands. You can now go for a walk on your lawn, attend your friend’s birthday party, or visit your gramma, all with your little one. Seriously, it has made carrying a baby so hassle-free and easy. 

Some parents, however, consider bassinet an unnecessary luxury and use their car sets as an alternative to it. We don’t recommend this as it can put your baby’s health a great risk. It goes without saying that a car seat is not meant to be used for this purpose.

If your newborn sits on the car seat for a long time, it can result in some serious consequences. This is because car seats are curved, and when an infant sits on them, of course, it makes their back to be a bit curved too. 

The elephant in the room here is that this puts them in a very disturbing sitting posture where the head may lean forward too much and may not be able to breathe properly as the head is not completely developed yet. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case when you use a bassinet. The major part of the reason why bassinets are safe for babies is that they enable you to put your baby on their back.

Not only does this allow them to sleep in an ideal position, but it also reduces the risk of SIDS to a great extent. So car seats should never be used in place of bassinets till the baby is able to support his head. 

For How Long Can You Use a Bassinet Stroller?

One of the reasons why some parents are skeptical about buying a bassinet stroller is that they think that it’s only a matter of time before their baby outgrows the stroller. They think that it would only be used for a couple of months and hence, they don’t buy one for their baby. However, as a matter of fact, a bassinet stroller is the only safe option when it comes to spending time outside your sweet home. If you’re the kind of person who likes outings, a bassinet stroller is a must for your baby. Be mindful that this is a crucial period for your baby, so not buying it won’t be a good idea.

What is a Bassinet Stroller

Benefits of a Bassinet Stroller

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a bassinet stroller for your baby. Let’s discuss them briefly.


The cool thing about stroller bassinets is that they are versatile. The attached bassinets are easily removable. You can use one to carry your baby for months and then convert it to a toddler seat. If you become a parent ever again, you can use the same bassinet stroller. So you can use a bassinet stroller for different purposes with different attachments. 


Needless to say that the most obvious benefit of a bassinet stroller is safety. When it comes to taking an infant out safely, nothing does it better than a bassinet stroller. It has enclosed sides for your baby’s safety. You can just put your baby on his back and rest assured knowing that your baby is safe.

For extra safety, some of them feature a rain shield and sun shield. You want to give your baby exposure to sunlight, well and good! If you don’t, cover your baby with the shield. They can’t fall down or slip while sleeping either.


Another reason why you should buy a bassinet for your baby is that it would keep him comfortable. If it’s cold, you can use a blanket to keep your little one warm. But bear in mind that you should never leave your baby unattended when he is swaddled for safety concerns. Monitor your baby every now and then to see if everything is fine. 


Do you really need a bassinet for your stroller?

If you like going on outings and have an infant, a bassinet stroller is a must for your baby. It would enable you to take your baby for a walk, visit your friend, attend a party, all while your baby is sleeping. 

Can a baby sleep in a bassinet stroller?

Bassinet strollers are an ideal option when it comes to taking your baby out while he is sleeping. If your baby is sleeping, they will stay asleep. You can use a blanket to keep them warm, but it’s important to check on them every now and then when swaddling them.

How long can a baby use a bassinet stroller?

Bassinet strollers can be used till the baby outgrows the bassinet. Generally, it is used to keep a baby for six months. After six months, you can remove the bassinet and use the stroller as it’s generally used. 


Using a bassinet stroller is a convenient way of carrying a baby. It is actually a hand-pushed vehicle in which there is a stroller with a removable bassinet. It is next to the safest, thanks to the enclosed sides. You can lay down your baby, and if he falls asleep, he will stay asleep. You can use a bassinet stroller to keep the baby for four months, and when he outgrows the bassinet, you can remove the bassinet and attach other attachments. 

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