What is a Tandem Pushchair?

What is a Tandem Pushchair

Shopping and traveling with young kids have become so much easier since pushchairs came into existence; no more cramps from holding your baby all day long, free sun protection, child trays, and so many more benefits. But what do you do if you are expecting twins? Or perhaps you are expecting a second child while your first one still needs a pushchair. Well, the answer is pretty simple, Tandem Pushchairs. This post will precisely answer your question of what is a tandem pushchair!

What is a Tandem Pushchair?

Tandem Pushchairs are essentially the same as single pushchairs except that they can accommodate two babies instead of one. The seats are arranged one behind the other. One of the seats is usually padded and reclines fully which makes this seat suitable for newborns. On the other hand, the other seat is more upright which makes it ideal for toddlers that are around 2 to 5 years old. Alternatively, you can look for one specially designed for supporting two newborns. Tandem pushchairs also offer a variety of different positions, facing outside, facing you, bassinet on top, bassinet underneath, one on top of the other, etc. You can choose any based on your preferences. 

What is a Tandem Pushchair

Benefits of using a Tandem Pushchair

There are loads of advantages of using a tandem pushchair which have been mentioned below.

  • They are almost as narrow as single pushchairs which means that they will easily fit through your front door, shop doors, buses, etc.  this also means you can easily move them through crowded cafes and hustling streets. 
  • Since both seats are separated from each other, your two young ones will not fight and disturb each other. This means that if one of them falls asleep, the other will not be able to wake him/her up.
  • The seats are wide and offer ample space, so your young ones are comfortable at all times.
  • Some modes can convert into single pushchairs which means that you can remove the other seat when you no longer need it. This means that you can simply remove the second seat when your older child grows bigger. 
  • They can easily fit into public transports and take up less space on footpaths.
  • They offer better safety as it’s really hard to focus on a walking child while also pushing around a pushchair. With both your kids securely strapped in a tandem pushchair, you will not have to worry about one of them running away and getting lost. 
  • They are long lasting and durable so you can use one for a couple of years easily.
  • Most tandem pushchairs can be easily folded and stored away; they will not take up a lot of space in your house. 
  • Tandem pushchairs are cheaper than buying two separate single pushchairs so you can save quite a few bucks.
  • They are super easy to push and manoeuvre. 
  • You can use the second seat for carrying your belongings like diaper bags, purses, coats, etc when only one seat is in use. 
  • Some models offer the option of attaching car seats which means that you will not have disturb your little ones’ sleep if they have fallen asleep during the car ride. 
  • A few tandem pushchairs also offer the option of reversing seats in case you want the babies to face you instead of facing outward. This will make your children feel safer as you will be directly in their line of vision. 

Tips to get a Good Tandem Pushchair

  1. There are a few things that you should consider before buying a tandem pushchair because this is a long-term investment.
  2. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your door and hallway before getting a tandem pushchair. You do not want to get one that is too big to fir through your front door as this will become quite stressful.
  3. Consider buying a second-hand option if you will be using the pushchair for only a little while.
  4. Try out the pushchair before buying it. It’s best to check the steering because you don’t want something that is too hard to move. Remember that pushchairs are meant to make your lives easier, not harder.
  5. Tandem pushchairs have a weight limit. Make sure to check the limit on your favorite model before buying it.
  6. If both your children are of different ages, look for a tandem pushchair in which both seats recline independently.
  7. Not all tandem pushchairs can accommodate two newborn twins. Thus, if you want one for them, you need to look at the pushchair’s features and see whether it is suitable for two newborns. 
  8. We also recommend buying a tandem pushchair if you have one newborn baby and plan on having another one in the next 1-3 years. This is because tandem pushchairs are cheaper and more convenient than having to push around two single pushchairs. 
  9. Look for a pushchair that offers canopies for sun protection; especially if you live in a hot sunny city. 
  10. You also need to consider whether you would like a car seat to fit on the chassis, how small or large you want the basket to be, and how compact the pushchair is when folded up. 

Twin Pushchairs vs Tandem Pushchairs

While buying a pushchair for two kids, you might also consider twin pushchairs. There offer two seats that are side by side; like two single pushchairs joined to each other by their sides. They are a lot wider than tandem pushchairs which makes it hard for them to fit through doors. Since the seats are side by side, there is a high risk of your children fighting with each other or waking each other up if one falls asleep. They also have some advantages over tandem pushchairs as they have better storage options and are slightly lighter. However, we do recommend getting a tandem one because they are way less exhausting.


Tandem pushchairs are practical and cost-effective. You also have the option of choosing between hundreds of options so you can easily find one that ticks all your boxes.

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