When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes in 2021? [Guide & Tips]

When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes_

One of the best ways to do this is through cycling, and with the arrival of balance bikes, this has become easier than ever. So the real question is, when can kids use balance bikes? Before we answer that, let’s talk about what exactly are balance bikes. 

In a world where kids are addicted to tablets and TVs, parents often worry about getting their children to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Being out and about has several benefits for kids, including getting some much-needed Vitamin D to strengthen those bones.

What are balance bikes? 

Balance bikes are pedal-less bikes. They are training bikes that help children learn skills like coordination and balancing. This makes riding two-wheelers (with pedals) easier and safer. There are no chains, no gears, or any of those complex bike parts on these bikes. Their essential purpose is to safely prepare children to ride pedal bikes which are far more complex.

While your parents might have taught you to ride a two wheels’ bike using training wheels, studies have proven that balance bikes are far more superior in helping children develop balancing skills. If you use training wheels, your child will learn how to pedal instead of balancing.

On the other hand When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes, using balance bikes will teach your kids how to balance the bike first, which is far more difficult than pedalling. 

When can kids use balance bikes?

Honestly, it all depends on your child’s height. This is because when using balance bikes, your child’s feet should be firmly planted on the ground to allow them to balance the bike. As they walk and move forward, the bike will move with them. Balance bikes are actually much lighter than ordinary bikes, so your child will easily be able to propel it forward!

The low weight combined with the easy build gives children a major boost of confidence, making learning more fun. 

In most cases, your child can start using a balance bike anywhere between the ages of 1.5 years (18 months) to 5 years. If your child can walk, then chances are they can easily use a balance bike. Just make sure that your child’s leg is long enough to comfortably rest on the ground when they sit on a balance bike.

Balance bikes come in different sizes. So Make sure When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes to measure your child’s inside leg to get one that is perfect for their fit. You can do this by standing them against the wall and sliding a book between their legs. Then, move the book up gently until it cannot go any further. Mark, the point where the top of the book is. Now measure the length from this mark to the ground. This is your child’s inside leg length.

Compare this length with the seat length of the bike. You essentially want your child’s feet to be firmly planted on the ground while their legs are straight. You can also skip the whole measuring process, make your child sit on a few bikes, and choose the most comfortable one!

A correct sized balance bike can differentiate between a fun bike riding experience or a tough and uneasy one. 

We also recommend getting your child a balance bike before the age of 4. This is because children who begin to learn cycling too late (i.e. 4 or greater than 4 years) often face more difficulties with balancing and pedalling. 

Our best advice is just to let things run their natural course. Please do not push your child too much or work them too hard. Keep in mind that each child is different, and each one will learn things at a different pace. Your young one will eventually get the hang of riding balance bikes like a pro! 

When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes

How to teach your child to ride a balance bike? 

When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes? Balance bikes are super simple and easy to use. Thus, your toddler is most likely just going to grab the bike and go without waiting for instructions. Since pedaling is out of the mix, your young one can solely focus on balancing himself and prevent the bike from toppling over. The bike will also be closer to the ground than ordinary bikes, so balancing it will not be as difficult.

However, ensure that your child is in a free open space that does not have any obstacles to prevent your child from running into something and getting injured. Additionally, please make use of a helmet and knee pads for extra safety. We also recommend giving your child a gentle push to boost their confidence further and get them going! 


In conclusion When Can Kids Use Balance Bikes, balance bikes are great for toddlers. They will not only help your child in learning the basic skill of cycling but will also help in developing motor and coordination skills. Your toddler will have complete freedom; they can walk as fast as they want or even sprint freely. 

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