When to Start Shopping for Baby?

When to Start Shopping for Baby

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One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is finding out that they are pregnant. Of course, once you find out, your first instinct is to run out and shop as much as you can to celebrate the arrival of your family’s newest member. So naturally, a question of when to start shopping for baby also arises.

But it is important to rein yourself in until the time is right because shopping for babies is quite a delicate task. You must consider a billion things before you shop; how much space is available for storing the baby’s things? What things will you receive as gifts?

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What is the baby’s sex? So the real question is, when to start shopping for baby?

Shopping During the First Three Months

Most miscarriages take place during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. According to stats, one in four pregnancies terminated in miscarriages due to various reasons (mostly underlying health issues). Thus, it is best to avoid all shopping until you are at least in your pregnancy’s fourth month.

If you began shopping too early and the worst does happen, you will have a constant physical reminder, which can be quite overwhelming.

We recommend just planning out your budget during the first trimester instead of buying anything. Sit down with your partner and write down all your expenses. Then, wisely decide how much you would like to save and how much you would like to spend on the baby’s things.

The next step is to do proper research and make a list of all the things that your newborn baby will need.

However, if you really can not stop yourself from buying baby stuff, get the small basic stuff like a baby journal to record your journey, bottles, napkins, etc. You can also buy a pregnancy planner to make your checklists on and get some healthy tips.

Put off buying any maternity wear and extra comfortable pillows for sleeping until you are at a later stage in your pregnancy.

When to Start Shopping for Baby

When to Start Shopping for Baby?

We recommend beginning shopping after your 20 week scan (approximately your 5th month of pregnancy).

However, if you plan on having a baby shower, you should wait for it to be over before buying anything, as you’ll get plenty of useful baby items as gifts. Getting something that you have already bought as a gift is just going to waste your purchase, so wait for the shower to be over and tick the things that you got off your checklist.

Then, head over to the stores and get the remaining items on your list.

Consider getting a baby registry list that has all the essentials to avoid getting duplicates. Track all your purchases using the registry!

Middle of the Third Trimester

The third trimester (lasts from the 7th to the 9th month) is where you should really be checking off things from your list. By the 8th month, you should already have the following items:

  • A cot and a mattress
  • Sheets for the mattress
  • Warm baby blankets
  • Push-chair
  • Car seat
  • Approximately 8 baby outfits
  • Muslins
  • Baby care essentials like diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, moisturizer, etc. However, do not stock up on the items as they might not suit your baby, and you might have to shift to a different brand.
  • As far as the nursery decor goes, you should start preparing the nursery as soon as you find out the gender of the baby! Do not wait until your baby comes into this world to start decorating the nursery, as you will be too busy taking care of the newborn.

What to do if you can’t stop yourself from buying things for your baby before the time the fifth month?

If you really can’t hold yourself back, buy the basics. Stick to gender-neutral clothes when you go shopping for the baby, like yellow, white, and beige clothes. Honestly, if you really want to buy things during your early months, keep an eye out for sales as you can literally save up hundreds! Great offers pop up from time to time, especially on pushchairs and car seats.

Having a baby is expensive, so these sales can literally be life-saving! Remember to snag what you need before you splurge on cute-looking expensive items; we know how hard it is to resist those overly expensive cute baby clothes and baby gear.

Having a baby is a miraculous time for any person so remember to thoroughly enjoy the experience, even on the days that you feel down. Therefore, our best advice is to just take things slowly and know that you will be ready for the baby when it comes.

Good luck with your pregnancy and the wonderful adventures that await you.

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