Why Get a Balance Bike? 9 Reasons You Should Buy One

Balance Bike

A balance bike is an excellent first bike for your kid to learn a lot of new skills. It helps your child to improve mobility, build leg muscles, gain confidence and improve balance. So, if you are thinking of why get a balance bike, here are nine reasons, you should buy a balance bike for your child.

Why Get a Balance Bike?

A simple one-liner explanation of balance bike is that it is a bike without pedals, but it is much more than this. It is the first bike you can get for your kid and help her improve various skills. We have developed a list of top 9 reasons as to why get a balance bike:

It is the fastest way to learn riding a pedal bike

Using a balance bike is probably the fastest way to help your kid to learn using pedal bikes. You can easily make a balance bike by removing the pedals from the regular cycle. Once a child gets a pedal bike and power it through her legs, she can learn how to ride on such bikes. This whole training also helps a child to learn riding pedal bikes rapidly.

So, if you want your child to learn pedal biking quickly and effectively, a balance bike is the first and fastest method to do so.

They are Easy & Simple

Probably the best thing about the balance bikes is that they are simple and easy to assemble. They do not have pedals, and the seat and the steering are comfortable to maintain balance during the ride.

A balance bike is easy and straightforward in the sense that a child can easily use it. It does not involve any complicated steering mechanism or cycle chains or break wires. It is quite simple to operate and do not need anything to ride it. This simplification of riding this bike and using it makes it a superior choice over stabilisers or other regular bikes.

Makes your Child Physically Active

The best reason you should get a balance bike for your child is to help her become physically active. If you read the official guidelines of NHS, they recommend 60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity for kids aged between 5 to 18. The habit of exercise can only be inculcated in a child’s routine if you help your child to learn and develop this habit right from the beginning.

A balance bike can be an excellent entertainment and exercise tool for your child to be physically active. What is more important to understand that balance bike is not the end itself; instead, it is the first stepping stone to a more active life in future. It is just the first tool your child should use to be physically active.

Child Builds Skills

More important than physical skills, a child builds confidence and balance. Riding the bike on different terrains train a child to be more confident. When your child rides on balance bikes, he gains the trust of handling the cycle on his own and also learn to navigate/find ways to manoeuvre the bicycle around.

This helps build the confidence skills of the child at a very young age.

Balance Bikes are Safe

Unlike the common myth, balance bikes are safe to ride. The in-built security mechanism in balance bikes makes them comfortable and safe to ride. It would help if you did not worry that your child will get hurt or injured while riding the bike at a very young age.

Most balance bike models have limited steering angles making it difficult for kids to fall. They also contain three wheels which create all the balance required to maintain on any terrain or ground where you kid can ride the bike.

why get a balance bike
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It is good for sports activities at School

Many schools arrange the balance bike riding races and other events for the younger children. These events are organised to reinforce the spirit of physical activity within the kids. If your child already has a balance bike at home, he will be better able to participate in school activities and perform well. This again boosts the confidence of the child and provide a sense of new challenge to meet.

Balance Bikes are Convinient

As a parent, my first pain point solved by the balance bike was that it was convenient. It does not require any assembling, storage is easy, and above all, it is ultralight in weight. Most balance bikes are lightweight and can even be carried by the kids. This makes balance bikes a straightforward and effective option for parents to buy them as compared to training wheels or pedal bikes.

They can help you by-pass the Stabilisers

Usually, parents add stabilisers to the pedal-based bikes to help their children train. Using balance bikes can reduce this dependency and kids can easily use the balance bikes instead of having the stabilisers attached to their rear wheels.

Balance bikes help your child to learn how to balance so once this skill is developed, a child can quickly move to the regular cycle without having another bike with stabilisers. Balance bikes make this transition easy and inexpensive.

They are Lightweight

Heavier bikes are challenging to master and manage. Young kids find it extremely difficult to master them and take longer than average time to learn cycling on heavier bikes.

Balance Bikes are, however, lightweight and straightforward. They are easy to carry, and kids can easily use their legs to pedal them.

In the old days, kids used the heavier bikes with stabilisers attached, but balance bikes have made it super easy for the kids to learn biking without relying on the heavy bikes. Teaching your kids how to cycle can be a lot easier for parents if they use balance bikes. Any good quality model of balance bike will be sufficient to allow your child to learn balance and quickly transitioned to pedal-based bikes.

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